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Lenkelast by Lohmann & Rauscher
Lenkelast is a firm support, all purpose bandage with durable elasticity suitable for a wide range of applications including everyday retention bandaging as well as an outer layer in compressive wound care dressings. Lenkelast is of particular value when applied in genital lymphedema, pediatric lymphedema, and as a fixing layer over underlying foam padding supports. The semi-elastic stretch quality of this bandage makes it conform well to all body contours while allowing the dressing to remain in position. The fine fabric is breathable and highly skin-friendly.
Individual Pieces
6cm x 5m 
8cm x 5m 
10cm x 5m 
12cm x 5m 
15cm x 5m 
20cm x 5m 
6cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
8cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
10cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
12cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
15cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
20cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
6cm x 5m - case (250 pieces)
8cm x 5m - case (200 pieces)
10cm x 5m - case (240 pieces)
12cm x 5m - case (200 pieces)
15cm x 5m - case (160 pieces)
20cm x 5m - case (100 pieces)
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