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Arm Lymphedema Bandaging Kit by Lymphedema Products
This Arm kit provides all the bandages required during the clinical phase of treatment. The kit includes two complete sets allowing daily rotation of soiled or overstretched bandages while minimizing the requirement for daily re-washing and drying before each treatment.

The kit includes:

Norton Compression Solutions NORTube Tubular Gauze: 7cm x 20m (1 unit)
Norton Compression Solutions NORWrap Finger and Toe Wrap: 6cm x 4m (10 units)
Norton Compression Solutions NORPad Padding Bandage: 10cm x 3m (2 units)
Norton Compression Solutions NORFix Foam Affixing Bandage: 10cm x 5m (4 units)
Norton Compression Solutions NORBand Short Stretch Bandage: 6cm x 5m (2 units)
Norton Compression Solutions NORBand Short Stretch Bandage: 8cm x 5m (2 units)
Norton Compression Solutions NORBand Short Stretch Bandage: 10cm x 5m (4 units)
This product has 23 reviews.
Arm Kit 
 This is exactly what I needed. Quick delivery. What I really loved, is I received a personal email asking if I had any questions regarding how to use the bandage kit and that if I had any questions or needed further assistance to contact them. Yes, I recommend this product. 
- Milyn Kukon
 Perfect for wrapping my arm to get the swelling down. Great products!! 
- Beverly A Martin
 Excellent--very convenient! 
- Barbara M Swiatek
 Love having new and clean bandages. 
- Chris E Rhodes
 This is a very good product and helps when used as instructed. 
- Mr Bruce D Fender
 I love the Lymphedema bandaging kit 
- Ruby M Brunson
 it's great 
- Jeri Kimbrough
 I love this kit it had most everything I needed to rap my arm. I had to add some foam. But it is nice to have the rest available in a kit. 
- Joanna Brown Brown
 the kit was complete and just what the therapist needed to begin my treatment. Customer Service even had a nice follow up note letting me know about the blog. 
- Sue Bray
 The kit has everything I need and more. 
- Karen Schreiber
 The arm kit came with a good supply of everything needed for bandaging the arm. 
- Linda V. Goossen
 used correctly worked very well. One irritation was the small clips holding the bandages together. They didn't hold well under movement which I did as part of the treatment. 
- Linette A Murray
 Bandages have been washed twice. Hold their shape nicely. Thanks! 
- Philip T Gentilcore
 I received exactly what I ordered faster than what I expected. I will use this company in the future for my Lymphedema needs. 
- Ms Rose A Liggett
 Most definitely helps with the swelling... 
- Melissa K Smith Smith
 I love the fact that I can get the complete package of all the items I need. I have been dealing with Lymphedema since 2013. 
- Sharon A Montgomery
 I was so pleased with the quality of this kit. It had everything in it that I needed for the wrapping of my arm. I have suffered with Lymphodema since 2013. I am trying to maintain it the best that I can. I Praise God for all He has done to help me. 
- Sharon A Montgomery
 Very happy with products 
- Judy Savage
 Excelent product is exactly what I need. 
- Maria Siuraneta Izaguirre
 Perfect - exactly what my PT dr ordered. All in one kit! We are pleased 
- Sandra J Zimmer
 These are exactly what my physical therapist used. My wraps were quite old. Will be nice to have new wraps available when I need them. 
- Debbie A Wilson
 Excellent product 
- Isabel C Escobar
 I love the arm wrap compression It help me to remove the fluid in my arm. 
- Ruby M Brunson
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