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Caresia Thigh + Rosidal K Kit


Caresia Thigh + Rosidal K Kit by Solaris
Caresia Bandage Liners simplify complex multi-layered bandaging protocols by providing an alternative to foam liners, stockinette, and gauze. Caresia garments are designed for the active phase of therapy and are manufactured with the same technology as Solaris' custom Tribute garments to maximize therapeutic results. Patients simply donn the Caresia then wrap the recommended series of bandage layers on top of the bandage liner. This liner is now bundled with two rolls of Rosidal K. This 100% cotton, breathable, short stretch bandage provides strong compression support of the extremities for the treatment of acute and chronic lymphedema, venous edema, and post-traumatic swelling. Rosidal K clings and conforms to help prevent slipping and the firm grip fabric texture provides added support to ensure that the bandage layers hold securely. Rosidal K is machine washable and reusable.
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Bandage Liner with 2 Free Bandages
Compression: Not Applicable
 I purchased both the Caresia Thigh and Lower Leg kits. I am a 2x or 3x person. This is the first product that I have been able to find that actually allows my wrapping of my thigh to stay up for an extended time period without falling down. Have never had problems with wrapping from the knee down to my toes - but my thigh wrap has always been an issue and therefore I have not given it the proper attention. I sleep in this at night w/o wraps and am trying to wear it with wraps more during the daytime now. There is no warranty on the product so for the price I hope it holds up to the wear and tear. Washes nicely. 
- Cathy Shelton
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