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Donning & Doffing Aids

Lymphedema Products carries a wide range of medical compression wear items and garments for the treatment of conditions related to poor circulation and/or inadequate lymphatic drainage. We take pride in offering this broad array of products, sourced from select trusted manufacturers around the world. Compression wear can be an invaluable aid to anyone suffering from the unpleasant effects of inappropriate lymph fluid buildup in the tissues. Medical compression wear provides relief from the pain and discomfort of lymphedema and other conditions related to venous insufficiency.

But some people may find that properly putting on their compression wear items poses a challenge. Any woman who has ever struggled to squeeze into a girdle, for example, will probably be able to relate to this challenge. Fortunately, we also offer a wide range of donning (putting on) and doffing (taking off) aids.  These items, which are nearly as varied as our selection of compression items, help make the important task of donning and doffing compression wear easier, especially for people who may not have someone else to help.

For example, the Slippie Gator, from leading medical compression wear manufacturer, Juzo, is a simple, ingenious donning/doffing aid that can be used by the wearer to get into and out of lower extremity compression garments in seconds. Even better, its design minimizes the need to bend at the waist to accomplish the task at hand. Even customers who enlist the aid of another person to help with donning/doffing report that the Slippie Gator makes these tasks a cinch.

Another example is the Doff N' Donner from reliable manufacturer, Sigvaris. This soft textured device facilitates the use of compression socks or stockings, and for best results, can be combined with the Doff N' Donner Cone, to facilitate preparing the Doff N' Donner for use with your garment.

Still another example of a doffing aid is the Medi Butler Off. This device serve as an ergonomically designed extension of your hand that makes it easy to remove compression stockings without bending over–a benefit to anyone suffering from back problems.

Another category of donning/doffing aids includes steel-frame devices designed by leading manufacturer, Medi, to facilitate solo donning/doffing. Medi offers the basic Butler, as well as various specialized versions, such as the Travel Butler, Rehab Butler, and Panty Double Butler. BSN Jobst also offers a device called the Stocking Donner. For more information, see our Steel Frame Aids page.

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