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Transelast Classic

Lohmann & Rauscher

Transelast Classic by Lohmann & Rauscher
Transelast Classic is a white colored, firm grip bandage with a soft, close weave. The special knitting technique yields highly-elastic properties without containing elastic threading. This long-lasting bandage is both breathable and durable conforming well to body contours and is ideal for applications on edematous fingers and toes.

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This product has 27 reviews.
 great for what I needed 
- Mrs. Christine R. Davis
 My therapist loves these wraps better than others. I do too. They are soft and stretchy, allowing me to move my fingers more than the others do. Great product. 
- Ms Claudia E Jardim
 Love this product for the fingers. Very soft and comfortable, and the wraps are washable. 
- Claudia Jardim
 Great product and price... 
- Ms Christina A Amendola
 My therapist likes using this product. It washes well and I gently dry it by hanging it on a hanger, without stretching it. It lasts for at least two wrappings, and then we discard it. 
- Ms Nilda E Salas
 good quality and packaging 
- Debra A Rose
 Exactly what I expected. 
- Diane E Baker
 Great price, great value. Does what it is suppose to do. I will be ordering more. I fold this in half, re roll it, and use it between my toes. 
- Andrew Cotterman
 This item is great for covering wound bandages to keep them in place. I highly recommend this product. 
- Donna Galloway
 this product is exactly as I suspected it to be. 
- Donna Galloway
 Makes bandaging much easier. 
- Elizabeth Sova
 It worked great for me with my toe wraps. It kept the damaged area dry and clean as it healed. each roll was the perfect size and length, the material is very soft and easy to work with. I folded each roll in half as it was applied to the affected area around each toe and across the foot, changing them every three days, and a box with 20 rolls in each lasted a good while. 
- Faborito C Astillero
 Fine product. Works as advertised and that is all you want in a product you just purchased. 
- Cara M Gavin
 Excellent product 
- George Hayworth
 Great quality product & price. 
- Ricardo A Walker
 My favorite finger wrap. It works well and stays in place. 
- Dr. Karin Stromswold
 Nice and soft for fimgers 
- Joni Love
 so soft and has the perfect amount of stretch. 
- Marie Cornine
 4cm x 4cm works great on toes. Easy to use , stays put so does not wad up between wrappings which is a huge plus for the patient. Thanks for an affordable product that actually works! 
- Dianne Dianne Jones
 I have been using Transelast Classic bandages for years to wrap my toes every night before I go to bed. I have to because the Juzo compression garment I wear for my left leg every day has no compression in the toe area and my toes swell quite noticeably by the end of the day. If I didn't use these bandages, I believe my toes would be as big as balloons (slight exaggeration). I fold and roll Transelast Classic bandages every night. They have worked for me and I can sometimes roll and reuse them. Its a good bandage for wrapping toes - the best I have found. 
- Paul Perone
 This is the best product I have tried for finger wrapping. 
- Rachel Rhodes
 Use this product for toe wraps. Easy to use and really works. 
- Roy C Hooper Jr
 I had some swelling in my hand this Summer. I began wrapping my hand with these finger wraps and wearing them under my Tribute sleeve at night. It was effective in returning my hand back to normal. 
- Sandra L. Cerrone
- Mrs Sandra L. Huffman
 Great product worked just as I needed it to !!!! 
- Latina S Hickman
 I really like this product because it is soft and wraps easily. 
- Frances Snodgrass
 Easy to apply to my husband's hand. Maintains needed pressure. 
- Mr. Carol A Green
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