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Tensoplast by BSN Medical
Tensoplast is a heavyweight elastic adhesive bandage. It is manufactured from 100% cotton. The zinc oxide adhesive gives Tensoplast excellent initial and long-term adhesion. Product benefits incluce: (1) helps control and reduce post injury and post-surgical edema by providing excellent compression and support; (2) water repellent properties protect the bandage from soaking and soiling; (3) high adhesive properties allow the bandage to withstand the stress of sporting activity; (4) high twist chain-link threads woven into the backing material provide elasticity; (5) molds to body contours while stretching without displacement
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Individual Pieces
1" x 5y 
2" x 5y 
3" x 5y 
4" x 5y 
6" x 5y 
1" x 5y - case (36 pieces)
2" x 5y - case (36 pieces)
3" x 5y - case (36 pieces)
4" x 5y - case (36 pieces)
6" x 5y - case (12 pieces)
Individual Pieces
1" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack 
2" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack 
3" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack 
4" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack 
2" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack (6 pack)
3" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack (4 pack)
Athletic Speed Packs Cases
1" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack - case (32 pieces)
2" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack - case (24 pieces)
3" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack - case (16 pieces)
4" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack - case (16 pieces)
2" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack - case (72 pieces)
3" x 5y - Athletic Speed Pack - case (48 pieces)
 great product, I use to tape my feet for exercise issues and swelling, as long as I use this product my feet are fine. the best product of it's kind out there, price is right if you order a case ,around 44 rolls but big bucks if you order 4. 
- Mr Dale L Waters
 excellent service, nothing to say more 
- Jeff Farhat
 This tape is great! Goes on easy and stays. Good stretch and so far no problem with allergic reactions on anyone I have used it on. 
- Wanda L Walker
 The best for taping anything that needs that give while staying on really well. 
- Wanda L Walker
 This is the same tape my Podiatrist used to wrap my foot. I like its flexibility and it's longevity. Also excellent and quick service. 
- Henry Thorne
 I love Tensoplast! I have a hammer toe and use it to tape it down so my toe doesn't get a blister from rubbing the top of my shoes. The stretchy cloth tape is nor restrictive and allows flexibility so my toe is not under pressure. Service from Lymphedema Products is fast and easy. No issues to deal with. 
- Ms Sandra B Satterfield
 This is the only product that holds the bandage/dressing securely on my skin without tearing my skin off when it is taken off. I have scars where the other sterile bandage tape was applied and was pulled off taking my sensitive skin with it. I ordered white and the skin color and both work very well. I will never switch from this product. BTW the pricing is very affordable and shipping was quick. DEC 2016 
- Tina Burnham Burnham
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