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Relax Knee-High Stockings


Relax Knee-High Stockings by Solidea
Exceptionally comfortable, these Solidea Relax Knee-High stockings combine seamless circular knit technology and graduated compression to encourage microcirculation and enhance the body's natural ability to uptake and transport excess fluid. Unparalleled for effectiveness and ease of use, these knee-high socks have a non-constricting top band and toe box. The Relax stockings are soft, lightweight, and breathable and feature moisture-wicking fabric to keep them cool and comfortable all day long. This Solidea garment is made in Italy with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, is latex-free, and is part of the Traditional Compression Collection.
Available Colors
This product has 2 reviews.
25-32 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings (Closed Toe)
Compression: 25-32 mmHg
Knee-High Stockings (Open Toe)
Compression: 25-32 mmHg
 These stockings fit well and give great compression. These by far are the best stockings I have ever worn! 
- Mona L Greening
 The product is very good except I can't wear the stockings because the compression is too high. I didn't see the rating but my doctor says I need something in the 15 range. 
- Vernon L Isaac
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