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ExoFusion by Solaris
ExoFusion knee-high stockings are designed to simplify the way you wear compression stockings. The sock-like design provides a focused 20-30mmHg compression over the foot and includes a comfortable non-compressive liner. It can be worn alone or in conjunction with bandages, adjustable compression wraps, or layered with another compression garment. ExoFusion knee-high stockings feature: (1) focused compression on the foot that makes donning the garment easier than a standard compression stocking; (2) the look and feel of a regular sock that can be worn with shoes; (3) natural fibers that create a soft, tactile feel with moisture wicking and temperature control

Please Note: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Available Colors
This product has 6 reviews.
 Very happy with my socks! My lymphedema has improved greatly. Love your products. 
- Joann Simpson
 I really like these liners. I wish I could find them in white or beige, is this possible. 
- Thomas G Mcknight
 Excellent stocking for individuals needing foot compression alone. Wears well. Comfortable, 
- Mr John I Miller
 My Lymphedema specialist helped me select the correct size. They so comfortable. 
- Loree Fitzgerald
 This an excellent product. They keeps my feet from swelling all day long. I need to buy more. Sue Teats 
- Edward A. Teats Jr.
 Love these socks! 
- Mrs. Vicci Terry
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