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SoftCompress Short Stretch


SoftCompress Short Stretch by Juzo
Juzo SoftCompress Short Stretch Bandages are 100% cotton making them highly breathable. They exert low resting pressure and high working pressure while remaining comfortable on sensitive skin. SoftCompress Short Stretch bandages are machine-washable and reusable.
This product has 6 reviews.
Individual Pieces
6cm x 5m 
8cm x 5m 
10cm x 5m 
12cm x 5m 
6cm x 5m - case (10 pieces)
8cm x 5m - case (10 pieces)
10cm x 5m - case (10 pieces)
12cm x 5m - case (10 pieces)
 Very good feel good on my legs 
- Betty L Vangasbeck Mrs
 Easy to use and care for. 
- Ms Ellen P. Smith
 East to use; great product; will purchase other products. 
- Gail Geddes
 Wonderful product. No complaints 
- Valerie Hensley
 It was just what I needed. Mine were getting tattered. 
- June Koch
 The Soft Compress Short Stretch is working very good. My Arm is coming down very good. The water is coming out fast. 
- Ms Ruth E Miller
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