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SoftCompress Gauze


SoftCompress Gauze by Juzo
Juzo SoftCompress Gauze consists of 60% polyamide and 40% viscose, making it ideal for sensitive skin, joints, and hard to bandage areas such as genitals, fingers, and toes. Juzo SoftCompress Gauze is non-slip. The high elasticity of the fabric makes application quick and easy.
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Individual Pieces
4cm x 4m 
6cm x 4m 
4cm x 4m - case (20 pieces)
6cm x 4m - case (20 pieces)
 The gauze was ordered so that my lymphedema therapist could wrap the toes on my left foot to help reduce the lymphatic drainage. I fold the gauze in half and roll the gauze from start to finish to facilitate her effort. The gauze is soft and does not irritate between my toes. After that she proceeds to use various cotton, foam and bandages wrapped from the foot to below the knee. My lymphedema is getting controlled. 
- Mrs Arlene V Mckechnie Mckechnie
 as described 
- Dennis J Lawrence
 As a lymphedema patient, I have tried several brands but I find Juno gauze is strong enough to use twice during the day to wrap my hand. Great product. 
- Ms. Janet L. Tretsch
 Worked as described. 
- Thomas E E Conard
 Makes life easier.... 
- Carol Quincey
 Makes life easier.... 
- Carol Quincey
 Easy to order & reasonable. Fast , thx 
- Sandra R. De La Rocha
 My daughter really liked the Short stretch wrap and the toe wrap. Both really helps with the swelling. Excellent quality and price. 
- Sharon E. Carpenter
 Just what the doctor recommended. Pleased 
- Guy L Shirk Ii
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