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SilverSeal Tubular Component with X-Static


SilverSeal Tubular Component with X-Static by NBM
SILVERSEAL® Tubular Component with X-STATIC® is a flexible, non-adherent fabric dressing that is 1.06 cm thick and consists of 90% cotton or polyester and 10% of a substrate with a metallic silver surface containing approximately 1.5% silver oxide.

SILVERSEAL® Tubular Component with X-STATIC® is used to form the first protective layer (base) when bandaging a limb with lymphedema. It provides the skin with an antimicrobial barrier protecting it against infection which can result in discomfort, odor, and a host of other serious complications related to lymphedema skin care.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is available in individual yard cuts or as a continuous multi-yard piece

Please Note: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

This product has 8 reviews.
 We got very fast service and del to cattanooga Tn thanks 
- Mr Elaine/john Gj Holland Iii
 I wear this under my nighttime Optiflow. It gives me an added protection against infection. It is soft and comfortable. 
- Joan L Flanders
 Recommended by my lymphedema PT to decrease chances of infection. WShes and dries in machines well. 
- Joan L Flanders
 Great, but could it be thicker? 
- John E Mack
- John E Mack
 I really like the way this feels as a base layer under the wraps on my arm. It keeps its shape and doesn't stretch out between washes. I will be ordering more. 
- Pamela Hardy
 I use this as a liner on my arm before I wrap it at night. It is very comfortable and keeps its shape. 
- Sylvia M Addis Addis
 Under layer to my compression dressing. Holds up with multiple washes. Keeps skin from being rubbed or chafted. 
- Ms Delane Ward
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