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Sigvaris 710 Patterns


Sigvaris 710 Patterns by Sigvaris
The Sigvaris 710 Patterns Stockings for women features a fashionable diamond-dot pattern which provides beautiful sheer hosiery for professional or dress wear. It promotes leg health and is universally recommended for both the surgical and non-surgical treatment of venous disorders.

Please Note: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Available Patterns and Colors
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 The Sigvaris 710 Allure thigh high compression stockings are attractive and remarkably durable. I am always seeking new products that are as sheer and as fashionable as possible yet meet the stringent criteria for 30-40 mmhg sizing. I work with a population ages 18 through 30 and it's very important that I present myself in the most youthful and flattering way possible. The Sigvaris 710 has been very useful both for managing lymphedema and for contributing to my appearance as a professional. I highly recommend Sigvaris products in general and the 710 Allure stocking in particular. 
- Margaret N Taylor
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