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Available Thigh-High Compression Garment Manufacturers
BSN Jobst

Compression Thigh Highs

Lymphedema Products carries an extensive line of thigh-high compression garments. Choose from among a wide range of manufacturers, styles, colors, features, and fabrics. Depending on your needs and preferences, we're sure to have the right thigh-high compression hosiery for you. For example, trusted manufacturer Juzo offers a complete line of stockings, with or without thigh-gripping silicone border, in a range of colors from sheer, to neutral, to solid. Featuring exceptionally soft, elastic knit fabric, the Juzo Soft 2000 series draws little attention, as these garments resemble ordinary dress hosiery.

Or perhaps you don't require higher levels of medical-grade compression. Juzo also offers the Attractive line of sheer thigh-high stockings, with lace-design silicone border, so your stockings won't roll or sag. Some customers prefer the Juzo DreamSoft 2000, with silicone border for everyday wear. With a wide range of colors-ranging from fun to frivolous-these stockings will support you every step of the way, whether you're walking into the office, running for exercise, or chasing the kids.

Perhaps your need for compression is more extensive. Respected manufacturer, Solaris, offers the ExoStrong garment for maximum containment and comfort. It features a flat knit construction, and fabrics that provide moisture wicking for coolness and comfort. Available separately, for customers on a budget who may not require a matched set.

Venerable compression garment maker, BSN Jobst, offers a full line of thigh-high compression hosiery to meet every need. You're sure to find the right hosiery to appeal to your sense of practicality and style. For example, the UltraSheer SupportWear line features gradient compression for the relief of tired achy legs, with barely-there sheer fabrics in several tasteful colors.

BSN Jobst even carries several items designed specifically for men, who may require protection against varicose veins, lymphedema, or thrombosis. Items in the forMen line have the appearance of ordinary socks, so you can wear them with confidence. But they provide graduated medical-grade compression to help prevent the buildup of unsightly and uncomfortable fluids in the legs. Microfibers help wick away moisture, and special anti-bacterial treatments help prevent the growth of odor-causing fungi and bacteria.

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