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Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber


Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber by Sigvaris
The Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber Stocking is the original gold standard in compression therapy. The stocking has been proven effective through numerous scientific studies and is ideal for patients with more serious indications or long-term therapy. It is manufactured from double-covered, soft, natural rubber to offer the greatest degree of elasticity and durability. The Natural Rubber Stocking can accommodate larger ankle circumferences up to 18" (46cm) and calf circumferences up to 27" (68cm) as a great alternative to custom stockings. The high-stretch knit construction in combination with double-covered yarns makes the product easy to don and remove. The stocking is made of 70% nylon and 30% natural latex rubber.
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30-40 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings (Open Toe) - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
40-50 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings (Open Toe) - pair
Compression: 40-50 mmHg
50-60 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings (Open Toe) - pair
Compression: 50-60 mmHg
 These are very well made support stockings. The fabric is comfortable and I like that they come with a foot cover to help slide them on. 
- Elizabeth Reinke
 The sigvaris are thes best for my medical needs. A good physical therapist will help help with proper fit, style and brand. Be sure to order the style that is best for you. Reconfirm with company prior to shipment. 
- Brenda Zemo
 socks are working great 
- Margaret L Tomaszek
 One of the most comfortable compression stockings!! 
- Evelyn Dooley
 Nice fitting pair of stockings! Even in the hot weather they stay cool. Feel great on my legs! 
- Glenn Ptacek
 I have used these for years and have not found anything better. They are durable, reasonably comfortable, fit remarkably well and control swelling about as well as can be expected. The ankle is the disappointing part--the rest of the leg is maintained reasonably well but the foot and ankle still swell more than I would hope. But I can't imagine how the stocking can be designed any better to manage that problem. Even custom-fitted hose that I have tried doesn't do any better. 
- Herbert G Geisler
 Very durable and effective garment. I've used them for many years, rotating a set of four to six of them. They hold their compression power quite well even with daily use. Relatively easy to put on and as comfortable as one could hope for, considering the high compression. 
- Herbert G Geisler
 I've used Sigvaris 500 stockings for over 25 years. I started with another type stocking that was thinner and rolled up/bunched terribly. It was also more expensive than the 500s, but did a much poorer job of compression. When I complained to my vascular surgeon, he suggested Sigvaris. I've been very happy with them ever since. If you wash and dry them per instructions they last a LONG time. I buy several pair at a time and rotate them. They typically last 2+ years when doing that. 
- Ken D Kanne
 great product 
- Nader Ghassemi
 Although these are quite warm in the summertime, they are excellent for controlling lymphedema, stay in place very well, and don't bind in the back of the knee and around the ankle like some other products I have used in the past. 
- Patricia A A Dow
 Sigvaris 500 Rubber stockings are the best. They are comfortable and don't work their way into every crease or fold they can find. These are the only stockings I use now. 
- Sandra Mcwhorter
 Been using this product for over a decade. The ease of working directly to order what I need for my swollen left leg is a God-send. Thanks! 
- Gary B. Dodd
 I've been getting this product for years when my insurance wouldn't pay for a heavy compression hose. I have started using them again after a decade b/c I'm on Medicare now & they don't pay for compression hose. The normal Jobst & Mediven heavy duty type that I wear cost about $600 each. Since I am retired and don't have to stand on my leg all day long, as a teacher, these do great for the money. I appreciate them being available. 
- Gary B Dodd
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