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Sigvaris 230 Cotton


Sigvaris 230 Cotton by Sigvaris
The Sigvaris 230 Cotton Stocking is constructed so that 100% cotton is against the wearer's skin, making it ideal for those with skin allergies or sensitive skin. It is designed with 25% Supima cotton for optimum wearing comfort. The stocking's integrated pressure release zone with added length and reduced compression in the foot area provides for improved comfort. The high-stretch knit construction in combination with double-covered yarns provides great elasticity and easy donning and removal. The Precise Fit Sizing (PFS) System provides a custom-like fit, superior comfort, and application of accurate compression levels, resulting in superior wearability and medical effectiveness. Double-covered yarns ensure durability and a long product life. The stocking is made of 50% nylon, 25% Spandex, and 25% Supima cotton.
Available Colors
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20-30 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings (Closed Toe) - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Product Options: Silicone Grip-Top ONLY Available in Black and Crispa
Knee-High Stockings (Open Toe) - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
30-40 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings (Closed Toe) - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Product Options: Silicone Grip-Top ONLY Available in Black
Knee-High Stockings (Open Toe) - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
 I love these stocking! The compression is just what I needed and they stayed up all day! These cotton compression stockings are so breathable too!!! Another thing that I love about these stockings is that I have sore knees and the compression made them feel much better! I will be ordering another pair !!!! Thank you!!! 
- Ms Carolyn Frink
 Fit nice and the cottom are lighter and cooler in the summer. (20-30) Just wish they were a little less in price for 20-30. 
- Ms Donna B Larson
 They work 
- Michael Gardner
 They do a great job of controlling leg swelling and the silicon top band maintains their position. 
- Gary Tait
 My absolute favorite compression hose of all time. They are the most comfortable and easy to don of many I’ve tried plus they are cotton against your skin. I love them BUT they seem to snag, get holes much sooner than the 6 months they are supposed to last. I’m gentle with them and wash them after each use so not sure why this is happening. 
- Marlene Huttner
 This does not dig into the back of you knees like others. It does have a small ribbed texture so, not good if trying to keep from looking like wearing garments. Have tried several types and these are the easiest to get on. Have to line dry. I have a 32" inseam and the long are just long enough to reach very top of thigh. 
- Mary Sutton
 Very happy with the cotton blend. It really makes a difference in working outside in the heat. 
- Elaine Cummins
 They were nice very light for summer. 
- Ms Donna B Larson Larson
 Finally a compression sticking I'm not allergic to and was able to wear 72 hours after surgery. Ty 
- Ms Joan A Mason
 These are good quality compression stockings. I would highly recommend them to any of my patients. 
- Ms Donna L Case
 Great product, been using for 5 years. Excellent service. 
- Md Larry K Broadwell
 Excellent product. I am a rheumatologist and I recommend this brand to my patients. 
- Md Larry K Broadwell
 Excellent product. Great service. Thanks 
- Md Larry K Broadwell
 These stockings are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. The compression is pushing the lymph fluid and my legs feel 100% better. I can't bend to massage the lower limbs and these work all day I can get in shoes again. 
- Rev. Lorene E Eldredge
 Great product, very satisfied. 
- Michael Raymond Seniuk
 Cover for the summer 
- Mrs. Nancy Johnson
 I really like the cotton. It is less irritating than the normal compression material. I am 5 feet tall, I ordered the short, but they are not comfortable for me to be that short. I have ordered the Long which are a better fit for me. 
- Linda L Johnson Johnson
 I am very satisfied with the product. 
- Mariya Feist
- Richard Matt Matt
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