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Rosidal Soft by Lohmann & Rauscher
This washable, non-slip padding helps provide even pressure distribution of compression bandages over the extremities. As a result, Rosidal Soft is ideally-suited for padding under lymphedema and venous edema compression bandage applications. This latex-free, skin-friendly padding is made from polyurethane foam which is highly breathable and permeable to moisture. The interlocking open pores provide slip-resistant assurance and can help prevent the compression bandages from sliding. Durable and tear resistant, Rosidal Soft can be a cost-effective padding due to its ability to withstand repeated washings and not lose its elasticity.
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Individual Pieces
10cm x 2.5m x 0.3cm 
10cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm 
12cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm 
15cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm 
10cm x 2.5m x 0.3cm - case (30 pieces)
10cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm - case (24 pieces)
12cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm - case (16 pieces)
15cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm - case (14 pieces)
 Good product. Tape sticks to it and rips so you have to be careful or find some other means to keep it down. Received a reorder due to use email but did not start using product till recently. Good to know this product has to be reordered in an months time. 
- Rebecca L Habermann Johnson
 This product has been a favorite for over 10 years of use, when replaced as needed, after six to 12 months of use. It makes the short stretch bandages so much more comfortable and effective when used between my inner stockinette liner and outer short stretch bandage layers. Love this Rosidal Soft's thickness (0.4 cm) compared to other frequently thinner brands. Though they are less white after laundering, these Rosidal Soft rolls also stand up well to and remain effective after frequent use and regular laundering. Excellent product! 
- Colleen Foust
 Great foam, it last a long time. 
- Kimberly Lawrence
 very good 
- Alfredo Geiger
 I love the Form wraps-I've been really happy with everything I bought from there for my legs as I was diagnosed in 2016 with Lymphedema in both legs. Lymphedema products is the very first company that I've been with to buy my Form and Short-Strength wraps whenever I needed any. Thank You very much..I love the books and the roller wrap as well. Sincerely, Sally Deuel 
- Ms. Sally Deuel
 good product 
- Kamal Banoub
 Washes in lingerie bag, warm water, gentle cycle. When wash cycle is complete, the soft wrap is somewhat tangled on itself so I hand smooth and stretch them out about six inches at a time. I never put these in the dryer, but drape the wet ones (which have been somewhat smoothed out) from a cardboard pants hanger on the insulated hot water heater. Each of these wraps dries by the next day due to AC which runs day or night in Florida. I don't recommend washing more than one at a time due to the likelihood they will totally tangle each other. 
- Mrs Arlene V Mckechnie
 Great base layer for underneath compression wraps. 
- Barbara Wertz
 comfortable and easy to use-cozy first layer-washes well 
- Brenda L Brugger
 This product was very good. 
- Mr. Anthony J. Centore Sr.
- Mrs. Christine R. Davis
 This is perfect 
- Mrs. Christine R. Davis
 This product is great soft washes great 
- Cindy A Shade
- Pedro Luis Martinez Rosa
- Pedro Luis Martinez Rosa
 Excellent ¬¨¬•product. 
- Pedro Luis Martinez Rosa
 Great price, great value. Does what it is suppose to do. I will be ordering more. 
- Andrew Cotterman
- Dean Shrum
 Haven't received it yet 
- Dyonne Philpott Philpott
 This is a very nice product that helps in making the wraps firm and no more sliding down 
- Basilia E Okolie
 Excellent foam product. I like that all products come in a timely fashion. 
- Janet E Enck
 Worked great bought 2 and both have held up 
- Kara D Fallenbeck
 This is very good quality foam wrap. It seems sturdy and should hold up well. 
- Mrs Lori Gratke
 It was recommended by our lymphedema therapist. It works very well for our need. 
- Lee A. Harmon
 It helped my with my lymphedema and I use them everyday. 
- Jayne A Flynn
 Works well 
- Marilyn K. Pearl
 Due to other issues I had to stop using your products. No fault of the product or your company. 
- Ms Jo A Black
 My PT uses it to wrap my hand/arm for lymphodema. I find it helps the wrap stay longer, and provides a bit more compression. 
- J M Spataford
 Used it for 12 years 
- Judi A Fitch
 I gave used this product a number of times and re-ordered as needed. Holds up well. 
- Joyce Mcmahon
 Excellent results with this product. 
- Ms Kathy Cahill Cahill
 Good product. 
- Kalestine E Butler
 just starting the lymphatic raps on legs so what they are used for they are working ok. 
- Kathryn S Keightley
 Love this brand. Last better than others. 
- Maggie Kirk Maggie Kirk
 Comfortable and easy to use 
- Mrs Lori M Rooney
- Mildred Nieves Alvarez
 Products have always been a great deal of help tp me 
- Ms Mary A Suozzi Suozzi
 Always found this to be perfect. Soft and washes well. I use the product every day. Keeps skin soft and wound free 
- Ms Mary Suozzi
 Excellent! Recommended by therapist and has been the most effective product saving the skin condition of my leg thus aiding the prevention of cellulitis. Will be ordering again. Wonderful service, very quick! Also, excellent pricing. Thank you. Retired R.N. 
- R.n. Mary Jo Leeder
 very good 
- Mrs Mariaelena Duarte Bozzo
 Very good product 
- Marie Farinacci
 When I first started getting wrapped, they used cotton. This stuff is so much better. You can overlap it without hurting the skin, so you can tuck a corner back into an earlier section to hold it in place; you can wash it (it does discolor), so it lasts awhile if you're careful and don't leak fluid on it too much (if you do, try putting water on it to help you unwind without tearing it); and its about a million times more comfortable than cotton. 
- Carolyn K Montgomery
 I use Rosidal Soft for all my lymphedema patients and works perfect , especially if patient washed them after each use. 
- Nader Ibrahim
 exactly what I wanted. the rolls that we use at our wound care facility were shorter. these longer rolls work great. glad I had the choices as far as length and width. 
- Michael R Lyon Lyon
 Works great! 
- Janet R Allen
- Billie Adams
 Does all it should and lasts. 
- Beth J Bateman
 Good Stuff. Rosidal Soft was just what I needed for the occasional bandage wrap. 
- Lance J. Cullen Mr.
 Rood Stuff.osidal Soft was just what I needed for the occasional bandage wrap. 
- Lance J. Cullen Mr.
 Works great legs lot smaller 
- Mr Richard S Franklin
 It works well. Can be gently washed and reused which is important for homeuse with cost savings needed. 
- Sally Oman
 I have had lymphodema in one leg for 19 years and have used Rosidal Soft for the last 17 years. It is comfortable while maintaining the pressure to keep my leg from becoming too large. 
- Sharon K Foss Foss
 Part of my 3 layer compression dressing. Holds up to its strength with multiple uses. 
- Ms Delane Ward
 The bandages performed as specified. 
- Mr Earl C Johns
- Linda Mcclew
 We received our order, and they worked perfectly because it was the exact foam wrap that the hospital lymphedema department used on my mom. Your product was very good. 
- W Tartt
 washes & wears well 
- Deborah Williams
 therapist very happy with it 
- Viola C Heath
 Another great product. 
- James M Long
 Another great product. 
- James M Long
 These are excellent products, high quality. 
- James M Long
 I've used this product for several years. Very happy with it as well as ability to order on line and receive the product quickly. 
- Winfred W Dewey
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