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Rosidal K by Lohmann & Rauscher
This 100% cotton, breathable, short stretch bandage provides strong compression support of the extremities for the treatment of acute and chronic lymphedema, venous edema, and post-traumatic swelling. Rosidal K clings and conforms to help prevent slipping and the firm grip fabric texture provides added support to ensure that the bandage layers hold securely. Rosidal K is machine washable and reusable.
This product has 155 reviews.
Individual Pieces
4cm x 5m 
6cm x 5m 
8cm x 5m 
10cm x 5m 
12cm x 5m 
10cm x 10m 
12cm x 10m 
4cm x 5m - minicase (20 pieces)
6cm x 5m - minicase (20 pieces)
8cm x 5m - minicase (20 pieces)
10cm x 5m - minicase (20 pieces)
12cm x 5m - minicase (20 pieces)
10cm x 10m - minicase (20 pieces)
12cm x 10m - minicase (20 pieces)
4cm x 5m - case (125 pieces)
6cm x 5m - case (108 pieces)
8cm x 5m - case (108 pieces)
10cm x 5m - case (90 pieces)
12cm x 5m - case (54 pieces)
10cm x 10m - case (60 pieces)
12cm x 10m - case (40 pieces)
 I've been using compression wraps to manage my lymphedema in my calfs for at least the last 8 years. I use 4 widths (6, 8, 10,12 cm widths X 5m long) per set and rotate 2 sets of these low stretch bandages. I exercise at least twice a week in the pool and change sets every 2 or 3 days. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reroll a set. I overlap 1/2 the banger width as I wrap from ankle to knee and back down, and use a strip of 4"long Scotch (because of the ease removing strips off the roll and because it does not leave a residue when removed.) 1"wide masking tape to hold the ends of each width, under tension before applying the next width, two pieces on the final wrap end. I machine wash and air dry each set after 2 uses. (The 50 wash cycles claim is conservative.) Over the years, I've tried at least 3 different brands and the Rosidal K bandages are my choice due number of wash cycles and retention of stretch provided. 
- Douglas Henderson
 Very good product 
- Mrs Barbara J Schleis
 Service very good. Fast and accurate. 
- Arleen Iverson
 Mailing was prompt. Doing a good job in wrapping. Thanks! 
- Jerry A Phillips
 I already knew the products I've bought and I bought them because they're the best. And the products arrived here in Brazil on time and well packed. Many thanks 
- Alfredo Geiger
 My wife has lymphedema and requires massage and wrapping every night. these wraps are working well for us. Thank you 
- Elaine J Horsley
 We use these wraps every day and find them of high quality. The price was much better than buying them locally. 
- Mr. James W. Larsen
 These were the bandages that my Therapist used on my severe edema legs. They lasted almost 7 months with 2 sets of bandages rotating to compress my legs 23 hours a day. These are excellent quality, and I will purchase again. 
- Charles F Heywood Ii
 I have been using Rosidal K wraps on my legs for lymphedema control for over a decade. I am extremely pleased with the results, and I would definitely buy them from this supplier again. Their price is right. 
- Dr. Stephen W Tobey
 I have been using Rosidal K wrappings on my lower legs to control lymphedema swelling for over a decade. They are uniquely suited to the problem. I recommend this product without reservation of any kind. 
- Stephen W Tobey
 The experience was great. The only issue I needed to know the width of the bandages in INCHS. 
- Tim L Smith
 A great find with a very good price! 
- Albert L Hutchinson
 I am very satisfied with this product. Shipping is unbelievably fast, too! 
- Amy Munson
 Good product. Wash and dry and still strong for a long time. 
- Andrea Weinreb
 works well for doing compression bandaging Thank you 
- Mrs Ann M Reagan
 This wrap helps my lymphedema better than any compression stockings I've tried in the past year 
- Jane A Vaske
 These work great! Don't lose elasticity, easy to wash and a great fit! 
- Amity Ritze
 Too bad they don't last longer--it would be very helpful to have the dimensions listed in inches for dummies like me who are no good at converting millimeters to inches 
- Karen C Swim C.
 yep, use them 
- Rebecca L Habermann Johnson
 Fast shipping,Good wonders when used properly. 
- Mr. Shelton L Barefoot
 Very satisfied with the product. Good quality and washes well. 
- Elizabeth Gairing
 These are the only brand I use. They work well for the lymphedema in my legs. has the best price I can find! 
- Carol Danielson
 This does a wonderful job in keeping my swelling down. They are easy to use and last longer than the other brand that I used before. Always remember to wash them in a laundry bag and air dry them. they will last longer if you do that. 
- Althea Farley
 easy to applt 
- Miss Catherine I Workman
 The ease of using your web site and the speedy delivery is great! 
- Mrs Nannette K Anderson
 I have used Rosidal K for 16 years and am very happy with this product. Tried another brand when this was unavailable and was not happy. Rosidal K compression bandages are very effective. 
- Cheryl D Bendick
 This product seems to do the job that was described and illustrated to me by my therapist. 
- Joyce A Chapman Chapman
 These wraps hold up well, wash well and are long lasting 
- Catherine Gaffney
 I have used this product for several to wrap my lymphedema-affected arm. It is very effective and reasonably priced. Will definitely order it again in the future. 
- Charlotte Harris
 I ordered these so I would have a replacement when my other bandages were soiled. These bandages were reasonably priced and of the highest quality. The bandages wear well, wash well and are just what I needed. The bandages came in record time and were just the sizes that I had ordered. 
- Charlene Henderson Henderson
 Great product and quality 
- Cynthia C Alvarez
 I prefer this brand of short stretch bandaging because it seems to hold up better. I highly recommend it; was very satisfied with it! 
- Claudia E Jardim
 It is just like my physical therapist's shirt stretch bandages. I use them every night over my liner sleeve and glove. 
- Ms Connie S Masser
 great product,excellent service and prices from this company. will definetley order from them again. 
- Liz Muller
 These wraps are always just right for my legs. The price is also the best and keeps me coming back. I do this sites frequent sales and the member discount that I get. The last thing is the speed of delivery, which is excellent. Here's a Thank You 
- Jeannie C C Crouse
 My therapist likes using this product. It washes well and I gently dry it by hanging it on a hanger, without stretching it. 
- Ms Nilda E Salas
 Great fit 
- Marilyn R Dwyer
 I order these frequently. 
- Debbie Robinson
 Been using this product for years. The best company 
- Deborah Mckay
 Does the job! 
- Mrs Katherine R Perkins
 Therapist just started wraping ny leg, so far thigbs appesr ok. 
- Ms. Diedre J Smith Smith
 I was getting this somewhere else and they no longer carry it. , My therapist had suggested the other place for the bandages so I had not looked here for this. It seems to be the same. I need to replace my lymphedema wraps and bandages every six months so I need to have a place where I can find what I need. I appreciate this site for being easy to order and having what I need. 
- Donna J Miller
 I have been using this product for 15 years and wouldn't use any others. 
- Pam Lechner
 Prompt delivery. Excellent product. 
- Ms Patricia A Darby
 I've been using Rosidal K for 6 mos. and my leg swelling is much improved. 
- Mrs Patricia A Darby
 It has been great for bandaging my feet. 
- Mrs Doris B Troyer Troyer
 Therapist preferred. Works great and keeps shape with washing and air drying. 
- Ellen L Molnar
 these bandages work well, as I have experienced with Rosidal in the past. 
- Sylvia O Artmann
 These are the best when I have to bandage my arm or leg. They are easy to clean too and durable. 
- Ms Elizabeth C Davies
 Best bandages I have ever used and I have tried them all. 
- Mrs Emily Biglow
- Eric D Rapier Rapier
 The products are good but the delivery is the Best! 
- Mrs Kathleen J Brisley
 The Rosidal K wraps wash and dry well in the dryer. They seem to last a little longer too. 
- Mrs Kathleen J Brisley
 I have used this product before and have never had a problem with it. 
- Gaynelle Wigley
 It was exactly what I was looking for. I have trying to find a new wrap, the one's I have are old and stretched out. thanks 
- Miss Gail L. Mccarthy
 My old residual wraps were 8 years old and held up pretty well, that's why I ordered the same. I use them every day. 
- Greg Roseland
 very good for wrapping legs 
- Jd Christiansen
 These work really well, very comfortable, don't fall apart or lose their elasticity, easy to clean, over all a very good bandage. 
- Ms Michelle A Belanger
 Excellent product 
- Harriett N Hurt
 We have been using this product for years, and we're very pleased with it. 
- Sharon L. Hancock
 These bandages were very easy for my therapist to wrap my leg. They wash nicely and dry fairly quickly. 
- Cheryl C Weems
- Ms Isabel M Triana Triana
 this is a must to help keep my wraps from sliding down. 
- Jayne A Flynn
 I am using 4 different sizes and they working to help me. 
- Jayne A Flynn
 Works very well for doing compression bandaging. Good results. 
- Mr James M Clarke
 These are same ones they used in care center. They are great. 
- Janet L Pressley
 As expected. During COVID shutdown some suppliers were unable to ship, but LProducts shipped express to make up for the delay. 
- Janice I Barber Doyle
 Super product! Great service. 
- Jean Nealon
 I really like the product but they arrived without any clips. After contacting the company and a small amount of phone tag the problem was corrected. 
- Patric Driscoll Driscoll
 They hold great and keep their stretch for a long time. The wash pretty well 
- Jennifer Fontana
 Very durable and easy to use. However, I do not use the metal fasteners because I use mine daily and it would pick fabric. I use masking tape to close the ends. It works and saves the wraps from picks from metal fasteners. 
- Jerry L Melton
 great product, it has helped improve my healing greatly. 
- Rhea Cermak
 Great service, good product 
- Judde E Golliher
 I've used this product in the past & am satisfied with it 
- Mrs Patricia E Lecompte
 Love this bandage. It wears well, washes easy, retains its short stretch even after several daily uses. 
- Jeffrey N Davis
 Have using this product for a number of years. It has worked great. Wouldn't even think about trying anything else. 
- Mrs Joan Wade
 Working very well. It was out of stock but the order came pretty quickly. Loved getting it at a sale price. 
- Joel Stegner
 Excellent elasticity. Laundries beautifully. 
- Patricia A Johnson
 Excellent, long lasting, reusable product. 
- Director Of Nursing Jacquelyn Overberg
 Quite an excellent product, and I very much appreciate the service! 
- Mr James R Forgy
 I am happy to be able to order the same product as the therapist used. I can now wash the first set while I am using the 2nd set. I will be ordering more in the future. 
- Mrs. Doris J. Schlabach
 Great product! 
- Kalestine E Butler
 Works to keep my Lymphedema under control with nightly wrapping much better than a nighttime garment 
- Kari Formsma
 It does it's job! It washes well! 
- Mrs Karen Veith
 just started the leg wraps going ok 
- Kathryn S Keightley
 Have been using this product for years on my older sister for years with great results. 
- Keith E Peebles
 Have been using this product for years on my older sister for years with great results. 
- Keith E Peebles
 I've been using Rosidal K for three years and I am very happy with it! 
- Keith E Peebles
 This product wears well. I wish there was a way to identify old from new. 
- Kimberly Gaylord
 I really like this product. 
- Kimberly Gaylord
 Found product to be as advertised 
- Mr Michael F Matchael Sr
 does what therapist wants 
- Beryl Swan
 Order was received promptly. 
- Mrs. Lorraine H Adamson
 The bandages are really good, specially when new you can sleep comfortably with them, as we need to for the treatment. But don't expect much from the customer service, at least through email. 
- Oscar Eduardo Gonzalez Perez
 Worked great 
- Annette H Farner
- Mrs Patricia Massie
 Wrap brand recommended by our Rehab Center for Dependent Edema - have been using since 2012 with really good results. 
- Ms Renee E Newberry
 Only been using the bandages for a little over a week but they have already worked to start shrinking my leg. Nice! 
- Mrs Lori M Rooney
 These are working well. 
- Marjorie Anderson
 Very good product 
- Marie Farinacci
 Excellent quality and best price. And the order came really fast. I will be ordering again. 
- Marlene R Conner
 Just the right amount of stretch for ease of use. 
- Mrs. Marlene V Martin
 The Rosidal bandages are exactly what I wanted. The quality is excellent. It was nice to be able to order this product on line. 
- Marsha Myers
 These are the same bandages I get from my therapist for a lot less money. I live on a fixed income and I can't afford $60 for one bandage. Lymphedema products has prices I can afford. That means I can get new bandages more often during the year. I'm so thankful I found your wonderful site. 
- Mrs Maria T Day
 washes easily, dries fast 
- Mrs. Gloria Levine
 they are what I need 
- Mrs. Gloria Levine
 Great product, really prompt delivery. Wouldn't use any other brand. 
- Merlin Christians
 I don't really see much difference between this and Comprilan, but I love the double-length rolls. They make wrapping my legs faster and easier. 
- Carolyn K Montgomery
 Nightly wrapping with proper padding and tension with short-stretch bandaging has helped me control Lympadema for over 15 years. Both Rosidal and Comprilan are both quality products. 
- Karen K Snyder
 Reasonable & fast shipping! 
- Marlene M Smith
 I am very happy with my purchase of Rodidal K. 
- Nancy J Lewis Dr
 great product - have been using for years from this vendor 
- Linda A Latona
 This is a great product. Been using them for years. Don't lose their elasticity when washed. 
- Linda A Latona
 Received item quickly. Works well. Thanks! 
- Diana Farrelly
 Great. Just what I need. 
- Mrs Norma S Riffel
 Very easy to use and comfortable on my leg. 
- Mrs Norma S Riffel
 I have been using Rosidal K for years and would not use anything else. 
- Carol Tabak Ms
 I have been using this product for years and am completely satisfied. I do not use the clips but use masking tape instead. 
- Carol Tabak Carol Tabak
 I have problems with my legs since I've started using these instead of normal ave wraps even the nurses at local hospital have commented on how much better they are looking 
- Patrick Braden
 Have been using these products on my wife's arm for several years with positive results. 
- Thomas S. Nixon
 I like it very much 
- Albert Preston
 Great product. Very good for controlling swelling 
- Pamela Lucas
 Everything was as advertised. Very satisfied. 
- Gregory J Sullivan
 Well made great product. 
- Raymond Hunt
 We have used many brands of bandages but the Residual K bandages are superior. They last longer than other brands. 
- Richard T Buonfigli
 Rosidal is a great product. This sleeving material works great as a barrier for compression wrapping. 
- Richard T Buonfigli
 The quality of this product is outstanding. The order was received quickly without a hitch. I would recommend buying this before wasting your time and money on an inferior product. 
- Regina A Smith
 purchased extra set to use when washing to set given by the clinic 
- Randy Hart
 Handles movement and environment well. Cleans fast and retains features. Works as expected! 
- Richard D Hunter
 Was skeptical about function at first. Now a believer. Rosidal K bandaging has dramatically reduced swelling in lower leg in the past month and half. Easy to care for and quite durable. 
- Richard A Leidig
 great. Fact that it took so long to arrive, not so great! Thank you. 
- Rita A Bailey
 Effective in reducing fluid-induced swelling in my husband's lower legs and ankles. 
- Roxanne F Ezell
 The right product for wrapping! 
- Richard Stuckhardt
 I could not find any elastic wraps in local area so decided to go on line. These are reasonably price and do the job very well. I do have lymphedema in my arm and have wrapped this arm almost every night for approximately 15 years. Yes, this wrap is very good. 
- R B Pfaff
 I have been using this product for years. works great, adds support 
- Sharon Panozzo
 Once I was taught how to wrap leg it works fine. 
- Valerie Scott
 Quality product, good price, fast shipping. 
- Shirley D Davis
 These bandages are great and they last a long time, so you don't have to buy them for a long time! 
- Sandra M Estrada
 Does what it's supposed to do. Great customer service. 
- Shelly Johnson
 Part of my 3 layer compression dressing. Holds up to its strength with multiple uses. 
- Ms Delane Ward
 This is just what I wanted and will buy again when I need it. Very satisfied 
- Mary Martin
 Washes well 
- Susan Miguel
 Very happy with these wraps. They function as expected and they wash well too. 
- Sonja Junkins
 I use these wraps on my husband's legs and the swelling is down. I found what I needed and it was so simple to order. Shipping was super fast! 
- Eleanor Wells
 The best! Hold their compression well through many washings. 
- Diane Musick
 The Rosidal K short stretch compression bandages work very well to help control swelling in my husband's legs, due to lymphedema. I buy them often. 
- Diane Musick
 Just what the doctor recommended. The perfect wrap 
- Guy L Shirk Ii
 Good . Works the best for me. 
- Thomas W Drevelus
 Worked great 
- Gordon W Waters
 This wrap does what it should do at a good price. 
- Dena Vineyard
 It did what I expected it to do. 
- Wadene Vineyard
- Wadene Vineyard
 These are great short-stretch bandages. They hold up very well and give me the compression that I need. 
- Kim B Gregory
 What I expected 
- Deborah Pusinelli
 This is the best wrap we have used. 
- Mrs Phyllis West
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