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ReadyWrap Gauntlet


ReadyWrap Gauntlet by Solaris
The ReadyWrap Gauntlet provides coverage from the wrist to the metacarpophalangeal joints (MCP). It is designed to overlap the ReadyWrap Arm. The ReadyWrap Gauntlet features a right- or left-specific design to contour more naturally to the hand. It has built-in padding for the palm and dorsum to help provide consistent compression over bony prominences.
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Adjustable Compression
Medical Binder
Compression: Adjustable
 I do find it helpful and I use it at night. 
- Ava Charne
 This is the best thing I have tried. I'm really pleased. 
- Claudia M Galup
 love it 
- Karen Knapik
 Easy to adjust and wear. 
- Mrs Linda Crutchfield
 I use this product with my Caresia glove at night to eliminate the need to wrap. It works great! 
- Barbara J Lucas
 I used every night and I love it. 
- Mrs Tamara Rivera
 The ready wrap gauntlet works great. Just wish there was one that included the fingers for all day use. 
- Pamela S Gogue
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