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Available Hand Compression Alternative Manufacturers

Alternate Hand Compression Garment Manufacturers

At Lymphedema Products, we carry an extensive selection of compression garments for a wide variety of needs. Many are from high-profile, well-known manufacturers. In addition to leading, big-name manufacturers, we also carry selections from lesser-known, alternative suppliers, such as BiaCare, CircAid Medical Products, and Peninsula Medical.

When it comes to hand compression for the prevention or treatment of lymphedema, we carry numerous options, from a variety of makers. The MedaHand from BiaCare, for example, is designed to be worn day or night, to address various medical issues, such as lymphedema, post-surgical swelling, chronic venous insufficiency, phlebitis, etc. The MedaHand provides "mild-to-moderate" compression (10-20 mmHg), or add the optional UniStrap for a boost to "firm-to-extra firm" compression (30-40 mmHg).

MedaHand is made with Spandex fabric enhanced with a unique open-cell foam called WaveFoam, which acts to gently massage affected tissues, providing lymphatic drainage support. Machine washable and dryable, this item provides firm overall compression for hands recovering from medical or surgical procedures. Coverage stops at the level of the second knuckle, leaving the forefingers and fingertips free. Another alternative, the MedaGlove, from BiaCare, features extended coverage down to the fingertips. Use with the optional UniStrap to achieve your customized, preferred level of compression, fit, and comfort.

Hand wraps, gloves, gauntlets: we've got them all, and they're supplied by a wide range of manufacturers. CircAid Medical offers the Juxta-Fit Gauntlet, for example, for adjustable coverage of the hand and wrist, excluding the fingers and thumb. Featuring anti-odor/bacteria-suppressing SILVERTec™ lining, and breathable, lightweight Breathe-O-Prene® fabric, this item is easy to don, and easy to doff‒making it all the easier to toss it into the washing machine whenever needed.

Or perhaps your particular condition calls for even more extensive coverage of the hands and digits. The Juxta-Fit Essentials Glove (custom fit only) provides coverage down to the third knuckle, leaving the fingertips exposed. Made with the same breathable, lightweight, odor-resistant fabrics as the Juxta-Fit Gauntlet, this compression glove is made to your precise measurements, for optimal coverage and comfort. Call us for assistance, or click on the Help Me Order button, and we'll get your started.

Other alternative hand-support items include the ReidSleeve Classic Glove, from Peninsula Medical. Using a soft foam insert, this item achieves graduated medical-grade compression for maximized relief of fluid buildup in the healing hand. This high-tech medical marvel features an easy-to-use compression gauge that lets the wearer assess the level of compression being generated at given points, so pressure can be adjusted as needed, to achieve optimal results. Available as a custom-sized garment, we'll be happy to assist you in ordering your custom-tailored glove. Call us for assistance, or click on the Help Me Order button, and we'll get your started.

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