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Mollelast by Lohmann & Rauscher
Although Mollelast has elastic properties it contains no elastic threading making it safe for applications where vascular or lymphatic compromise is apparent. This firm grip, high stretch bandage is used for all types of dressing retention; the special knitting technique makes Mollelast width-wise stable and breathable. Mollelast is comfortably soft and conforms well to body contours without creasing and reliably secures dressings without cutting in. Ideal uses include: wrapping of fingers, toes, and genitals, as well as securing wound coverings.
Individual Pieces
4cm x 4m 
6cm x 4m 
8cm x 4m 
10cm x 4m 
4cm x 4m - box (20 pieces)
6cm x 4m - box (20 pieces)
8cm x 4m - box (20 pieces)
10cm x 4m - box (20 pieces)
4cm x 4m - case (520 pieces)
8cm x 4m - case (500 pieces)
10cm x 4m - case (360 pieces)
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