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Mollelast by Lohmann & Rauscher
Although Mollelast has elastic properties it contains no elastic threading making it safe for applications where vascular or lymphatic compromise is apparent. This firm grip, high stretch bandage is used for all types of dressing retention; the special knitting technique makes Mollelast width-wise stable and breathable. Mollelast is comfortably soft and conforms well to body contours without creasing and reliably secures dressings without cutting in. Ideal uses include: wrapping of fingers, toes, and genitals, as well as securing wound coverings.
This product has 36 reviews.
Individual Pieces
4cm x 4m 
6cm x 4m 
8cm x 4m 
10cm x 4m 
4cm x 4m - box (20 pieces)
6cm x 4m - box (20 pieces)
8cm x 4m - box (20 pieces)
10cm x 4m - box (20 pieces)
4cm x 4m - case (520 pieces)
6cm x 4m - case (360 pieces)
8cm x 4m - case (500 pieces)
10cm x 4m - case (360 pieces)
 My order came very quickly and was correct. I'll but from them again. 
- Ilse Browner
- Mrs. Amy N Lewis
 Mollelast worked fine for use with bandages to relieve edema in the lower and upper arm following surgery to install a plate to connect a broken ulna. 
- Mr Anthony D Carriero
 good product 
- Kamal Banoub
 l fold this product in half and then wrap the hand and fingers. It's very comfortable and goes over the sleeve. 
- Barbara Arum
 Great product. 
- Barbara A Bechtel
 Just what I needed. 
- Linda A Boyd
 Doing business with lymphedema products is easy, fast ,good quality priced right 
- William F Bush
 Perfect size to replace ones in first kit. Very quick shipping. 
- Darlene Davison
 Great product to use on wound 
- Donna Galloway
 Excellent product !!! 
- Evelyn Dooley
 Great product for finger / hand wrapping. 
- Mrs Geraldine J Lazarowitz
 This product is great wrapping over bandaged wounds. It secures them and does not tear delicate skin when unwrapped. It does not fray like gauze does. 
- Beverly A Hair
 It was exactly what we needed. 
- Geraldean Thornton
 Reasonably priced and good quality product. 
- Joan Hoffman
 They help reduce lymphedema swelling in my toes. 
- Juanita Rankin
 I absolutely would recommend this product. It conforms for wrapping so much better than any other product that I have found or used before. A HUGE plus when wrapping over difference size and shapes of bandages and wounds!! 
- Kathleen A Melloon
 This arrived exactly as described and expected. Will order again. 
- Kaya Day
 This is exactly what was needed for student labs. 
- Kaya Day
 I really like this product. 
- Kimberly Gaylord
 Great product, Ships quickly, Please buy with confidence. I've ordered many boxes, can't find a better place to order my lymphedema products. 
- Kimberly R Sumner
 Great product....Love this site.....Fast shipping....Best lymphedema products around. I Have been very satisyfied with all I have bought 
- Kimberly R Sumner
 Great for wrapping toes! 
- Yetta Saltzberg
 Works great to add cushion to joints under foam for short stretch bandage wraps. 
- Brandy Brandon
 Similar to Mollelast that I had previously purchased from a local supplier but not as expensive. 
- Mrs. Martha Blair
 My husband's lymphedema therapist directed us to this site. I have ordered from them with confidence for over 2 years now. Cannot beat the quality, price, ease of website use, speed of shipping and ability to use Flex debit card for payment. 
- Marlisa N Gabianelli
 This is an excellent product for those who suffer from low extremities lymphedema 
- Olga Ware
 I would recommend your company to anyone, who needs these products. Everything came on time and not damaged! A little expensive for some people, and maybe you all can take more insurance companies to help people, who need some assistance. Other than that I would still recommend your company and I will still purchase my products from you!!! 
- Patricia Steen
 can not select rating, your rating options will not accept my selection 
- Roger Echelmeier
- Roger Echelmeier
 This was recommended by a therapist and it works very well. 
- Gary Schwenk
 Rolled gauze of this size is perfect for fingers and hands, and it not available in regular drug stores. The price and service were really good, too. 
- Susan Waddington
 It's what I needed. 
- Tana L Gregston
 Good quality. Unfortunately it arrived in a state that appeared had been dropped on a dirty floor, unraveled and wadded up before returning to the box. I do appreciate the quick response to correct the matter 
- Mrs. Kay E. Sheets
 Good quality, perfect fit for my fingers, great price. 
- Wanda Schwinn Schwinn
 I like the finger gauze . I have been using them for the last six months. The only thing I think the gauze could be a little thicker do you get more than one use out of it. 
- Geri Jurysta
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