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Medical Shapewear: Upper Body Wear

Every lymphedema patient's medical needs, body shape, and situation are unique. That's why we stock a broad range of medical shapewear for the upper body, to accommodate a broad array of needs. Trusted compression-wear manufacturer Design Veronique provides a variety of options for situations ranging from post-mastectomy lymphedema accumulation prevention, to abdominal binders to help contour the abdomen and waist.

Breast cancer survivors will appreciate the options available to them for helping speed recovery while helping to limit the buildup of lymphatic fluid in the upper arms and breasts. Fluid accumulation, especially in the upper arms, presents a challenge to many women who undergo mastectomy or lymph node removal procedures.

Gentle medical-grade compression, especially along the length of the arms, can help prevent post-surgical complications due to poor lymphatic drainage, by gently compressing the arms to encourage fluids to migrate out of soft tissues.

Choose from among the Long Arm Sleeve Bolero, the Compression Arm Sleeve with Adjustable Cotton Knit Bra, or the Long Arm Sleeve with Lace, among other options. The lightweight Long Arm Sleeve with Lace, for example, features long compression sleeves, but no bra, for women who wish to wear their own foundation garments while tending to the need for vigilant, continuous upper arm medical-grade compression. Its long design ensures you'll get lymphedema-combatting compression along the full length of the upper arms, elbows, and lower arms. With adjustable hook and loop closures along both front and back, this comfortable garment is made with cool, breathable fabrics, including nylon/spandex and cotton.

Another option includes the Compression Arm Sleeve with Adjustable Bodice. This item provides excellent compression support for the arms and mid- to upper back, leaving the breasts uncovered. Add your favorite bra, if you desire, to complete the ensemble.

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