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Silver Wave Active Massage Bilateral Arm Sleeve


Silver Wave Active Massage Bilateral Arm Sleeve by Solidea
Exceptionally comfortable, the Solidea Silver Wave Active Massage Bilateral Arm Sleeve combines patented Micro Massage 3D wave knit technology and lighter graduated compression to encourage microcirculation and enhance the body's natural ability to uptake and transport excess fluid. Unparalleled for effectiveness and ease of use, this silhouette smoothing bilateral compression sleeve stays in place with our signature soft, seamless dorsal support band. The breathable, moisture wicking fabric contains silver microfibers to reduce bacteria, the chance of infection and odor. Compression-free cuffs enable pairing with our Micro Massage gauntlet. This Solidea garment is made in Italy with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, is latex free, and is part of the Active Massage Collection.
Available Colors
This product has 38 reviews.
15-21 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 15-21 mmHg
Product Options: X-Large ONLY Available in Black
 Recently went back for my one week pre-op. Surgeon and his nurse commented on my bilateral arm sleeves. Nurse wanted to know where I got them as she is usually first to give patients ideas of where to buy sleeves for after surgery. Ps…I should probably receive a commission on all sleeves purchased from Gundersen patients in WI! 
- Patti C Vlasak
 Very comfortable. I can do activities requiring bending the elbow without feeling like my arm is in a bind. I don't have the urge to rip it off at the end of the day. It is much softer than another type sleeve I used. 
- Alethea H O'quinn O'quinn
 I love this bilateral sleeve and use it at night as a nighttime garment and it works great. It is especially good for the tops and backs of my arms. Highly recommend, extremely comfortable. 
- Margaret Altizer
 These are made of the same texture as the leggings, shorts, and all Silver Wave Products. I would not try any other brand. I will always use this product as well as the whole Silver Wave Product Line 
- Bonnie E Bell Downs
 This is the best lyphedema compression sleeve I've ever used. It's comfortable, and it really pushes the fluid out of my arm. I really like the fact that it looks like one garment. However, I wish it came in multiple colors, as I work in a professional office, and the white one that I have looks like thermal underware. 
- Lori Burgess
 This garment comforts my arms. It also balances out both arms in aiding the lymphedema fluid to exit my body. 
- Sally J. Hanson
 Wish I had found this product sooner. 
- Ms Dannette Rosner
 So far, so good. I have not worn this extensively, but so far, it is comfortable. 
- Terri Dolorico
 I love it!!! keep my lymphedema controlled and comfortable to use. 
- Ena M Orantes
 Love it ! Comfortable ,stylish and easy to wear. Most people don't know it's a compression garment. I have 2 and will absolutely be looking at more. Thank you! B Noble 
- Elixabeth H Noble
 Very comfortable. Fits to size. 
- Ms Crystal Ferguson Ferguson
 i love this bilateral sleeve its effective & well thought out. I have a fold of skin in my axilla. There is a stretchy area on the sleeve to accomodate it,unlike my previous sleeves they ended just short of the extra flap of skin it was uncomfortable would swell. This a thoughtful design that I will order it again as needed,I have two. 
- Mrs Pauline F Arciniega
 Have "graduated" to this sleeve. Love it. Now have both arms and shoulders involved and wearing two sleeves was helping, but two separate sleeves made sores where the arm bands ended and also caused back up of fluid up my shoulders and neck. This is the best solution so far. Would appreciate some other color options, I have to wear every day. 
- Ingrid S Farrell I
 I really like this sleeve, it is light and comfortable. 
- Ivana S. Trecroce
 This is an excellent compression sleeve. I had been wearing other brands, but this is, by far, the most effective and comfortable sleeve out there. It would be nice if they came in colors other than black or beige, but the black one looks fine. 
- Jill Glauber
 Solidea makes a wonderful product. 
- Jill Glauber
 Luv luv 
- Mj Fryer
 This product is great, the size chart is very accurate. The sleeve actually feel cool on your arms even in extreme heat. I bought it in black also. 
- Jody Edgar Edgar
 Best product for easing pain from blocked lymphatic flow! Highly recommend. 
- Mrs Julia A Wertepny
 I have had chronic lymphedema for many years after breast cancer.i have tried so many garments and treatment.Even though my upper arm is huge I am able to wear this sleeve. It is not too tight or restrictive.Cooler than other sleeves I've tried.thankyou! 
- Mrs Kathryn M Utzig
 I love this sleeve. It does not roll down at the top like other brands do. It stays put and is comfortable. The ones that roll down at the top cut off circulation and hurt so I end up not wearing them. This one does the job of compression while feeling good. I'm going to recommend this product to the medical supply store in our small town. I'm certain others would appreciate its comfort. 
- Karen G Broeckel
 Very comfortable and especially good for the tops and backs of my arms. 
- Barbara-jean Wilkinson
 Excellent product that washes well. 
- Leigh Y Vosler
 Very comfortable. A little hard to make sure you put it on straight. 
- Lori J Bauer
 Light, comfortable and effective as make I the transition from medical grade compression sleeves for lymphedema. Easy to wear.....definitely recommend. Would like to see more color options such as smoke and something between champagne and camel. 
- Deirdre Desantis
 Very comfortable ( because of the shoulder wrap , does not slip down your arm holds in place 
- Mrs Lynda J Touchet
 Only thing that has made any real difference in my lymphedema. I recommend it to anyone who will listen. I do my massage with it on sometimes and I think it makes it more effective. No one notices my arm is slightly larger as lymphedemais unnoticeable. Miracle fabric. 
- Marlyse Timmins
 I love it, doesn't cut into your upper arm , feels great very comfortable , I will be buying the other two colors ! 
- Maritza Garcia
 These are absolutely the easiest tin use and most comfortable. 
- Janna Moore
 This is amazing. The compression is os great and the design keeps the sleeves in place. Easy on easy off. All day comfort. 
- Janna Moore
 They are extremely comfortable and easy to put on. I wish I would have found them sooner. And the people are very very helpful and friendly. Thanks again for all your help. 
- Janette Moore Moore
 They are extremely comfortable and easy to put on. I wish I would have found them sooner. And the people are very very helpful and friendly. Thanks again for all your help. 
- Janette Moore Moore
 Most comfortable sleeves I have ever worn. 
- Nancy Gail Dabrosca
 I have some swelling off and on in both arms and this product has been so helpful. I thought it would be hard to put on and uncomfortable but I was wrong on both counts. 
- Nia Chester
 It's the most comfortable compression garment I have ever worn! It is easy to put on, and stays in place all day. Far more comfortable than any sleeves with bands at the top. 
- Betheny Moseley
 Very nice, much easier to put on then I thought it would be. 
- Margaret A Betlyon
 Could really feel improvement when wearing this 
- Della Tilley
 Good product Easy to Don Easy to wash maintains compression 
- Dr Geeta Narula
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