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Lymphedema Products has the right medical shapewear bra to fit your medical and/or aesthetic needs-and more importantly, to accommodate your body type. From expertly crafted and carefully constructed support bras, to breast wraps for various levels of compression and support after breast surgery, to contouring designs-we've got the shapewear bra you need.

Trusted manufacturer, Design Veronique supplies a broad array of garments tailored to a wide range of needs. There's the Georgette Fully Adjustable Implant Stabilizing Bra, for example, which features a lightweight design that gently supports sensitive breasts while they recover from breast augmentation or post-mastectomy implant procedures. The Versatile Stabilizing Breast Wrap provides comforting stabilization above and below the breasts. It's fully adjustable with hook and loop front closures.

The Yesmina-Z Front Zippered Cotton Medical / Sports Bra is a highly popular model, with contouring compression and wide shoulder straps for greater comfort, and an inner cup support system with contouring cotton knit cups for enhanced support. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the comfort and reassuring compression provided by this well-constructed medical/sports bra.

The Sternum Compression V Panel Bra is another popular option for post-surgical recovery that takes into account the need for firm, yet gentle, support of tender breasts following medical procedures. This unique design features a patented "V" inner panel that diverts compression away from the breasts and towards the sternum, or breastbone. Seamless, lightweight cotton cups support the breasts gently, while adjustable straps ensure proper fit for a range of body types.

Various breast wraps (3" Breast Wrap; 3" Breast Wrap with Cotton Lining; 3" Breast Wrap with Lace; 6" Breast Wrap; and 9" Breast Wrap) are perfectly suited to provide gentle and supportive compression and support of tender upper chest tissues following surgical procedures such as mastectomy or double mastectomy. Adjustable and constructed with comfortable, breathable fabrics, these wraps are just the right approach to reduce lymphedema and provide firm but comfortable support during your recovery period and beyond.

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