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Traditional Breast Binder


Traditional Breast Binder by Expand-a-Band
Our Expand-a-Band Traditional Binders are durable, attractive, and machine-washable compression garments that help reduce bruising, swelling, and the incidences of hematomas following invasive chest procedures. Our binders are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and more appealing than ace wraps or other available post-op compression dressings. They come with adjustable and removable shoulder straps. Expand-a-Band Binders are ideal for recovery after mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast augmentation, reconstruction, and reduction surgeries as well as radiation therapy and biopsies.
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This product has 24 reviews.
Compression Bra
 The Traditional Breast Binder expands and closes with velcro easy to use on and off. Yes I would recommend product. 
- Mrs Phyllis A Anderson
 Thank you for a great product and price! It's awesome that you sell a compression camisole that is feminine and attractive! Thanks. Oh plus I had received in my email a promotional code that was very appreciated and I utilized it immediately ! 
- Cheryl Johnstone
 love it, will be ordering more in the near future. 
- Anna M Llora Llora
 Works perfectly and is comfortable. 
- Angela M Roberts
 I love it. It gives me confidence to go out in public.with this under my clothes. It's tough when you only have one breast and I'm not healed enough for prostetic. 
- Deborah A Cortright
 This product provides good and comfortable support when I can't wear a bra. It's good quality and reasonably priced. Ordering was easy and payment was convenient. Delivery was quick. Highly recommended. 
- Deborah Bonnar
 It appears to be a good product 
- Ms Donna King
 If you have trumkial lymphadema, this may be life changing. 
- Dori Morrill
 Perfectly comfortable and dressy too. 
- Mrs Ifueko O Thomas
 Excellent fix, true to size and comfortable for all day wear. 
- Jodi L Hatcher
 Very comfortable and easy to use. 
- Kay Broihahn
 Quality product 
- Kathleen Sarvis
 Fits perfectly and does the job I expected it to do. Thanks. 
- Dr. Jacqueline T Taylor
 I really like my binder bra, it's very comfortable and holds very well while sleeping too. If I ever need products from here I definitely will return. 
- Maria L Richardson
 The product is great, very good quality true to size. I ordered 1 and liked how it fit so I ordered a second one. 
- Maria L Richardson
 I love the binders. I am 5 months out from mastectomy. I use the binders. Yo do my workouts in. My only problem with my last order is that I got 1 binder one size to small. 
- Vivian Wike
 I bought this binder because I work out and being 4 months post surgery, have not felt comfortable in my prosthetic. The binder fills in my insecurities and leaves me confident to be at the gym again 
- Vivian Wike
 I switched onto your product 4 days after my mastectomy as the binder that the physician put me in created sores. These are comfortable and easy to use. Thank you 
- Sherrill B Sienicki Sienicki
 I have found this to be the most comfortable option post surgery. The different sports bras didn't provide the same comfort. 
- Ellen Mcdonald Mcdonald
 i had a brest cancer the only thing I've found that relives the pain 
- Joann Parsons
 If it fit it would have been a great product. It was too high under the arm for me and I and to return it. The ruffles are not necessary in my opinion. Otherwise I would recommend it. Like other reviewers I had a mastectomy and was planning on using it post surgery. 
- Belinda Friedrich
 Excellent for after masectomy. Still use it for sleeping after 15 years. 
- Terri L Ping
 Works very well. And is lovely to look at. 
- Roger Mcbride
 4 yr breast cancer survivor was giving a binder after my lumpectomy and have been trying to find one ever since!!! This one is even more perfect because it holds things just right!! 
- Windy Faison
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