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Mediven Forte by Medi
Mediven Forte stockings are manufactured from a special heavyweight fabric designed to address the specific needs of vigorous compression therapy. They incorporate the popular open-toe feature and are extra durable to help resist pilling, friction, or fraying, but are machine washable and dryable for quick and easy care.
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This product has 32 reviews.
30-40 mmHg Compression
Thigh-High Stockings w/Beaded Silicone Top Band (Open Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Thigh-High Stockings Petite w/Beaded Silicone Top Band (Open Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
40-50 mmHg Compression
Thigh-High Stockings w/Beaded Silicone Top Band (Open Toe)
Compression: 40-50 mmHg
Thigh-High Stockings Petite w/Beaded Silicone Top Band (Open Toe)
Compression: 40-50 mmHg
 The hose have worked well for Lymphedema and will order additional pairs in the future. 
- Ava S Lanford
 I have been wearing these socks for about ten years after wearing custom made Jobst for fourty years and find them to be very comfortable and long wearing 
- James M M Wingren Sr
 Good product, well made, fit well 
- James M Wingren Sr
 Loving my stockings 
- April Watkins
 Wearing Medi Forte compressive stockings for over 6 years and always had good results. Have had silicon beads fall off in minor amount of recent, but still holds up. 
- Mr Brian Scanlon
 I have worn these support hose for 8 years and find they do an excellent job. I love the open toe and the quality of the material is top of the line. 
- Mrs. Barbara Crewell
 Very well made 
- Mr Kenneth M Bishop
 They are cheaper then going through your insurance and you can buy as many as you want and they don't take that long for delivery them 
- Denise L Metzger
 Great product . Comfortable and does the job well. 
- Susan Allen Thomas
 Very comfortable after getting them on. I really like open toe style as they tend to be cooler as the material is heavy and warming but certainly does what is intended. They are very comfortable and feel great on. 
- Susan Allen Thomas
- Cecil E Edwards
 These thigh high stockings are working great for a patient of mine with long term severe lymphedema! I am very impressed with how this stocking not only maintained what we had gained in complete decongestive therapy but improved his fluid volume reduction. Excellent product! 
- Heidi Canosa
 I was a Juzo customer for 15 years until the durability of their product plummeted. These Mediven Forte are everything I need in compression and with impressive quality. 
- Mr Tim Yerks
 For long flights to Europe and beyond I have decided to try these to relieve the pressure on my toes which are sensitive. They are comfortable and seem to do the job. Now for the airplane trial ... 
- Joan S. Golub
 A great product holds up to daily wearing 
- Debbie S Eaves Eaves
 A great hose one the works best for my legs 
- Debbie Eaves
 Great fitting support 
- Carolyn E Chavis
 Order my compression stockings. They fit very well. No problems at all. 
- Latelle Palmer
 New at this. So far so good. Once on feel great. 
- Linda Hussey
 This pair seems to be tighter in my foot than in the past other than that no problems 
- Marie Sanford
 Excellent product. Stockings stay up and do not creep downward very much over the course of the day. This is thanks to the nice wide silicone band at the top. I have purchased several pairs of these stockings and they retain their compression properties longer than any of the other stockings I have purchased. 
- Mr. Nevin G Macnary Macnary
 Great product. Holds up well and does a great job at reducing fluid. 
- Theresa V Raymondo
 The 40-50 product is great. The top silicone band stretches easily and the will not stay in place for me. My only solution is to take a ‚Äútuck‚Äù in the band. I've tried the adhesives but no luck. Does Medi have a better solution? 
- Elliott G Regan
 Amazing product 
- Mrs Rikki A Morales
 Great support 
- Mrs. Rikki Morales Morales
 Very comfortable and good support. 
- Mrs Patricia A Roozeboom
 Medi stockings sure helped me. 
- Rudy Schasel
 Great for summer wear with sandals!! 
- Sarabeth K Lemoine
 I find this product very durable and helpful. I just wish the top part stayed up better. 
- Mrs Suzanne D Phelps
 Great service and product 
- Tom Brink
 I ve been using them for 3 years now and love them 
- Mr. Terrance L. Feimster
 while I hate these reviews I'm doing one here as I'm surprised and very happy with my new Mediven Forte,as it reaches the top of my thigh, which I need and the compression is perfect for my leg. I'm beyond happy with this compression stocking. 
- Diane Merkel
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