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Mediven Dual Layer Stocking System


Mediven Dual Layer Stocking System by Medi
The Mediven Dual Layer Stocking System satisfies the demands of physicians, therapists, and patients for medical effectiveness of ulcer treatment and prevention of ulcer recurrence. The system contains two (2) white closed-toe stocking liners, two (2) beige open-toe outer stockings, and an Easy-On Foot Slipper to facilitate donning the outer layers over the liners. The Dual Layer Stocking System combines the softness and ease of application of the liner with the accurate graduated compression of the outer stocking to create an ideal self-management system for ulcer treatment. The Dual Layer Stocking System features: (1) a dual layer system for accurate graduated compression; (2) an easy to don layer system; (3) ClimaFresh protection to prevent bacterial growth and odor; (4) a design to work with a primary dressing; (5) an ideal system for self management of ulcer treatment
Available Colors
30-40 mmHg Compression
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
40-50 mmHg Compression
Compression: 40-50 mmHg
Dual Layer Refill Liners
Knee-High Liner (Closed Toe) - pair
Compression: 10-12 mmHg
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