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Medi Comfort Cream


Medi Comfort Cream by Medi
Medi Comfort Cream is specially formulated to provide necessary ingredients to the skin for overnight recuperation and regeneration. This soothing cream can be applied to arms or legs every night after compression garments are removed.
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Individual Pieces
50ml Tube 
50ml Tube - case (6 pieces)
 Best cream I have used so far. 
- John Radtke
 Used to heal skin over nite. Worked very well. 
- Mr Charles R Stovall
 This cream is so smoothing after a day in compression stockings... it absorbs into the skin and takes the burning and redness away. Awesome! 
- Ms Charlotte M Klassy
 This a great product it helps so no sores develop. It also feels good. 
- Mrs Margaret Lenkawski
 I use it every night 
- Ms Gloria J Bonnetts
 This does all it claims to do! My legs feel wonderful now both Day & Night treatments are great products! I highly recommend them! 
- Renee Winn
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