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Mediven Comfort by Medi
If exceptionally sheer is not what is required, the Mediven Comfort guarantees maximum all-day wearing comfort in a durable, discreet, semi-sheer look. With innovative materials and the latest knitting technology, the Comfort's popularity is due to its ease in donning and doffing. The incorporation of Medi's patented Climafresh system adds an anti-microbial feature and prevents odor formation while the Clima-Comfort technology allows for high breathability and reliable temperature control.
Available Colors
This product has 148 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Knee-High (Closed Toe)
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Knee-High Petite (Closed Toe)
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Knee-High (Open Toe)
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Knee-High Petite (Open Toe)
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
20-30 mmHg Compression
Knee-High (Closed Toe)
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Knee-High Petite (Closed Toe)
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Knee-High Extra-Wide (Closed Toe)
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Knee-High Extra-Wide Petite (Closed Toe)
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Knee-High (Open Toe)
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Knee-High Petite (Open Toe)
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Knee-High Extra-Wide (Open Toe)
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Knee-High Extra-Wide Petite (Open Toe)
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
30-40 mmHg Compression
Knee-High (Closed Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Knee-High Petite (Closed Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Knee-High Extra-Wide (Closed Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Knee-High Extra-Wide Petite (Closed Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Knee-High (Open Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Knee-High Petite (Open Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Knee-High Extra-Wide (Open Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Knee-High Extra-Wide Petite (Open Toe)
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
 ok. Poor delivery. No confirmation emails. Had to call and find out were order was 
- Mary Lach
 I think this one is the best. I have tried the sheer but I am to rough on them getting them on and they will have a hole but the comfort are a little tougher and I can pull them on and they will take my pulling. They are comfortable also. Have tried cotton ones. My skin is dry but I still like the comfort the best for wear and comfort. They also do not run as easy. 
- Roberta Davis
 Very comfortable. 
- Ms Joyce Zarnik Zarnik
 These last a good long while without getting torn while putting them on. I also think the price is very reasonable. 
- Tula Wingerson
 I have 3 pairs of this variety, one black and two natural tone, in medium strength. I wear them everyday and find them pretty easy to get on and off. They wash nicely and are ready to go again. I really need them as I have a DVT in one leg and get swelling. I prefer the open toe but think I will sew a piece of elastic to go between my toes so the bottom of the sock doesn't ride up on my foot. Also I prefer the natural top and not the rubber dots around my knee. Tried a Juzo pair but couldn't even get them on, so put them away in frustration and will try again. 
- Barbara Bronson
 I have been wearing this compression stocking for more than 10 years. It works to keep the fluid buildup at my ankles and feet. 
- Stan Lupinski
 excellent compression. very comfortable to wear. Thank You 
- Mary Ozturk
 Mediven stockings give me the best support for my circulation difficulties in my legs. I have been wearing them for 20 years. The stockings with dots inside work best for me. The lace top thigh highs get scratchy on outside after some wear and washing. 
- Ms. Susan A Ammons
 Great compression stockings. Have used the knee and thigh high stockings for years. And great service from Lymphedema Products. They were also effective in reducing swelling when I fell and sprained my ankle! Highly recommend. 
- Kay Westerfield
 Been using this compression stocking since 2006. 
- Stan Lupinski
 Right size Very comfortable 
- Cathy English
 The dot grips work great at holding up the stockings. The nude color looks natural & the material stays cool all day. Very comfortable! 
- Doreen Soucy
 Very good product and top bands really help keep stocking in place 
- Eileen D Brennen
 Love my compression stocking 
- Ms. Averil D Coleman-beaufort
 Great hose but if you are under 5'4‚Äù get petite 
- Alicia Canfield
 Very comfortable and they fit well. I'll be buying additional pairs! 
- Mrs Amy B Murray
 Great product 
- Patricia A Todd
 Excellent compression! Great service 
- Anne M Jones
 I wear 30 - 40 mm hose and find these the most comfortable and stay in place all day with the silicone top band. 
- Ms Ellen Antoniades
 Good compression stocking. They are easy to get on as well. 
- Anita R Strauss
 Terrific, love them. 
- Mrs Barbara A Pianka
 Easy to get on and also look nice . Very comfortable to wear. Much better than wearing wraps for lymphedema. Stays in place better. 
- Betty à Racer
 Mediven is my favorite. I found the open toe easier to put on. 
- Barbara Duigan
 Very effective garment 
- Ms Barbara A Baum
 Nicely made, soft, and long-lasting. Best of all, they do have enough compression to help with swelling. Though, I can't help but wish they weren't quite so pricey, since SS doesn't assist with them. 
- Becky Palmer
 Very comfortable. I was surprised. 
- Maxcine L Lumpkin
 A+ rating. These stockings keep their compression as long or longer than most top brands, and are priced better on line from Lymphedema Products than at any local medical care facility (that is including shipping costs as well). The silicone beads really do keep them up! I wear only open toe, and feel comfortable wearing them with sandals! I would recommend these to anyone needing compression stockings! 
- Barbara K Wright
 Perfect fit! 
- Laurie Kasak
 Perfect fit! Love them. 
- Laurie Kasak
 I bought the 30-40 petite this time. It's a little tighter but it keeps the swelling down and the petite goes right up to the knee not over the knee. I love them. 
- Barbara J J Nucci
 These are the best!! I have tried many others and I say again...these are the best!!! 
- Robert W Price Jr
 Was shipped incredibly fast. I don't have previous experience with this -- got them due to issue with lymphedema. Would not wish this on anyone. 
- Brian Kern
 I've been wearing these stockings since 1992. They are reliable, and I 'm so glad they are made here in the USA. 
- Ms Barbara Rion Title
 Always the best service. Everything arrived on time. 
- Chris Andersonn
 This is the best compression stocking I have ever worn. I've used them for years. I have tried other brands. They always fall short compared to these. I like the way they look, and particularly, the way they feel. I highly recommend them. 
- Chris Andersonn
 Prompt attention. 
- Carol Rice
 They do the intended job; well made product. 
- Robert L Renz
 they fit and wear well. 
- Carleen Kannas
 Have been using Mediven compression stockings for many years. Their petite size is perfect for my 5'3" height. Nothing else I have tried has worked as well as Mediven. 
- Cheryl D Bendick
 This compression sock helps with controlling pain in my ankle. 
- Cindy B. Feldman
 Just what I needed! 
- Mr Robert C Chapman
 nice fit, comfortable, and will not longer purchase knee highs with silicon top. 
- Ms Charlotte M Klassy
 I wear only one on my left leg and my right leg gets a velcro compression device. 
- Christopher S Wyrick
 Very good, But I wish the binding at the top was wider so it doesn't cut into my leg 
- Chrys A. Kulyk
 I like the Mediven comfort, easy to put on. Must use the butler. They are very effective for swelling and comfortable--but durable. 
- Chrys A. Kulyk
 Very comfortable and easy to get on and off. 
- Aubrey Morgan
 very comfortable and great to wear with sandals for the summer months 
- Patricia S Courington
 Material around ankle won't bind like some others I've used have. I like their length, too; not too short and not too long. 
- Caryl Theilgaard Theilgaard
 Perfect fit and comfortable. 
- Mr. Kenneth W Cupp
 The worked‚ĺÔ∏è 
- Mr Dennis R Terry
 I have had no problems or issues with this product. So far they have done fine. 
- Mrs. Delaine N Tucker
 Just the ticket! I get a good 8 months from each pair 
- Teresa L Delano
 I love the hose but fear it's not keeping up with the compression I need as my Lymphedema/ lipedema seems to be worsening and it's not keeping my swelling down. Maybe I need a stronger fabric. 
- Teresa L Delano
 Very comfortable and they work well. 
- Susan Allen Thomas
 Natural looking and great quality! 
- Mrs Dianne B Najar
- Jan M Molter
 Great, very customer oriented. 
- Lisa Litterio
 Purchased these for my mother. She loves them. 
- D. Ross
 Excellent product. Will definitely buy more. 
- Ms Nancy Quackenbos
 I have used this product for several years and have been very satisfied. I do have one problem with it. I have to constantly pull them up. I have learned to live with this because of the comfort they afford. 
- Mr Eugene C Bowden
 Excellent product, superior to the competition! Better color and feel great. 
- Evan Capron
 I won't go a day without them. 
- Eileen S Stevenson
 I was reluctant to try support hose - didn't think they'd make enough of a difference to risk irritating my neuropathy - I was happily proven wrong. This product was extremely comfortable, and my legs haven't felt this good in almost a decade. Make sure you have some baby powder on hand to make putting them on easier! 
- Emily Sanchez
 I have been using these compression stockings for 4 years for lymphedema. They are great 
- Fares N Aris
 The socks work great. They are easier to put on than other products we have used. 
- William H Estep
 The compression stockings are comfortable and help reduce swelling. 
- Ms. Gail Sherman Jones
 Comfortable. Easy on & off. Good product. 
- Mr. Gerald A. Gutman
 These hose have a nice color, natural, that really blends well with my good leg in the summer, I have a small foot, the foot part fits my size 6.5 foot better than other brands. 
- Rebecca S Mckee
 A little hard to get on but are really doing the job getting the fluid out 
- Ms Jeannette Inman
 Very comfortable to wear 
- Mrs Ruth R Zeigler
 Have used this product for years, and couldn't survive without it. 
- Ms Janet R Grossfeld
 Easy to put on and comfortable to wear. 
- David M Hart
 They are very helpful for my venous leg ulcers for compresstion. 
- Linda Hass
 They are great ! But the doffing aid I bought only works half way down,maybe because the stockings are 20-30. 
- Bela J Jakusovszky
 I've been wearing the garment for about a month now and it is exactly what I needed and expected. They've been handwashed several times each and they seem to be retaining their shape. 
- Ms Janet A Lyon
 Thank you for a wonderful product for an annoying condition! Just saying. Not fun! But thank you for a bit of relief! Blessings! 
- Ms Janet R Aanerud Aanerud
 Good quality, comfortable. 
- Ms Janet R Aanerud Aanerud
 After suffering terrible problems from very poor circulation the doctor prescribed these support hose and I can't get along without them. I was so happy to be able to purchase this identical product from your company, and at a much lower cost. The service was great. 
- Carolyn E Winkler
- Peggy L Darnell
 Thank you so much for having a product that actually fits us wider legged people!! Absolutely perfect!! 
- Valerie M Holek
 I've tried several different brands of thigh high stockings. This is my favorite. I agree with a previous comment about getting the petite size if you are under 5'4‚Äù. 
- Mrs. Judith S Headley
 The product I purchased on line was something I was able to get very fast and at a better price than having to go to medical supply to order. I was very sarisfied with the product. 
- Ms Julie Peck
 they help my wife to maintain legs from over many years 
- Mr John W Cheffro
 Gotta order another pair in black and need one in dark brown 
- Mr. Michael Blattenberger
 They fit well and don't irritate the skin and are easy to put on. 
- Carol E Karp
 Very comfortable long lasting and I definitely want to purchase more. 
- Carol E Karp
 Makes my legs feel so good! Wear them when traveling or when I'm going to be on my feet for a long period of time on a hard cement floor. 
- Katherine P Daniels
 Much cheaper than West Coast Brace/Limb for the same product. 
- Richard Temkin
 Very satisfied with product 
- Keith Szmiley
 really helps my problem 
- Kathy Solnosky
 This is a great product. For several years I have used the 30-40 mg hose in a size II (my feet are women's size 101/2-11). They provide comfortable support and the toe area has extra room to help avoid holes. That said, the most recent pair I purchased was flawed and developed a hole after the second wearing, which had never happened before. The company immediately agreed to replace them--good service! 
- Kay Westerfield
 Working well for my father 
- Laurel M Wade
 I wear daily on right Lemphedemia leg. I order special rubber gloves to put socks on. Quality material and good support from the compression socks. 
- Linda L Graves
 as described. Comfortable to wear. Lasts me 6 months. 
- Linda E Scroggin
 Great fitting, wear well, wash well. 
- Ms. Linda Hussey
 Fits well, good compression, holds up thru many washings. Comfortable in 30-40mm compression. 
- Ms. Linda Hussey
 ok under slacks. comfortable. great compression. 
- Linda Hussey
 Great product. 
- Lorna Gartzke
 fit well, and I love how they wear. 
- Linda Morgandale
 My Lymphatic Therapist recommended these and she really knew what she was talking about! They are comfortable and work at reducing the swelling my legs and ankles. 
- Lynn Vanamburgh
 They are comfortable and do not roll down my thighs. These are the one that have the beads at the top. 
- Peggy A Jones
 I am using my first pair and have worn them about 3 weeks. It has kept the swelling down. When I was measured, I'm tall, but I was told to get the standard size. I'm glad because sometimes I feel like even the standard is too long. I have to be careful that I don't pull the sock up too much or it goes up over my knee. I end up with some of the sock bunched around my toes sometimes. It's going to take awhile to figure this all out. 
- Ms Marlene Goodrich
 These are really good compression knee highs. They come in a wide size and are easy to get on and off. 
- Mary Ann Flora
- Michael Jula
 worked as stated 
- Michael Jula
 I should have gotten next size smaller, but this was my error. I really like the wider top band on this product. For patients without fibrosis this is what I recommend as a professional in the clients appropriate compression level. 
- Dr. Michelle Heinrichs
 Great price and easy shopping online 
- Suzanne Schulz
 I find the stockings very comfortable and I find them easier to put on than take off. I will buy again. 
- Nancy Hult
 I can't believe how fast I received my order and the size chart for Mediven was spot on. In fact, I recommend Mediven for anyone with short calves. 
- Phyllis Sink
 I have been wearing Mediven Products for about 30 years and their quality is excellent. 
- Priscilla J Wood
 This product works great for me. The circumferance of my legs is differrent by a few cm's and I buy a bit larger product to compensate. But even though that is the case, the Mediven Comfort fits the smaller leg nicely. I have used these knee highs for several years and I enjoy them emensely. 
- Priscilla E Thompson
 This is the third pair I've purchased. They last a long time if properly cared for and are comfortable for extended wear on a daily basis. 
- Priscilla E Thompson
 I find this product very good. I get the compression needed and am satisfied with their performance. 
- Jean Jensen
 I like these stockings very much. They stand up a long time. They look good after I put them on. From now on these will be the stockings I ppurchase. 
- Phyllis R Manley/tom Bent
 Excellent compression stockings 
- Raymond Debenedictis
 I've been using Mediven Comfort Stockings for 14 years. They are the best! 
- Mr. Richard F Hazel
 Been using for more than 15 years. Wouldn't consider changing 
- Mr. Richard F Hazel
 I have been using the Mediven Comfort line for the last 5 years. It works great at controlling my lymphedema. 
- Mr. Richard F Hazel
 ‚ù§Ô∏è‚ù§Ô∏è‚ù§Ô∏è. Can't say enough about how perfect theses are. Sheer, durable, comfortable. I've had 1 pair for 4 yrs and decided I would need a few more! 
- Diane Marconi
 Fantastic product! I have already ordered more in another color. 
- Judy Janeck
 I am very pleased with the comfort Medi socks. I have gotten other ones but these seem to be the best and they are easy on my leg. I have very dry skin and can get eczema, but I lotion good before I go to bed and they are off, but with just that time my leg is fine when I wear them. I even bought cotton but these were better. I have bought them for several years. Dont know how many but am very happy with them and the service we get. 
- Roberta Davis
 The comfort seems to be the best stocking for me. Stays tight for the time I need it. I have 2 and I trade off. They are a good stocking to wear also. 
- Roberta Davis Davis
 They wear very well. They are comfortable.. 
- Ms. Roberta J Davis
 I love them very comfortable and easy to put on 
- Mrs. Catherine Roche
 I don't recall having navy blue as an option, but I love them. 
- Richard Stuckhardt
 Good fit. Appreciate reminder when it is time to replace. 
- Richard Stuckhardt
 Thanks for reminding me to re-order! 
- Richard Stuckhardt
 My therapist recommended Medi. The 30/40 knee hi's fit well. 
- Karen Bennett
 When my foot and ankle starts to well I can put the sock on and it immediately starts to fill better. 
- Carol Bargery
 Same great product at a more reasonable price. 
- Ms Susan Gale
 These really keep my toes & leg swelling down 
- Sinnamon M Harris
 I've been wearing these for many years. They never disappointed me. I also highly recommend Lymphedema Products. Their products and customer service are worth praise. 
- Ms Joyce Zarnik Zarnik
 They look great and are very comfortable. 
- Mr Stan R. Hildestad
 I couldn't walk without them. I have used these 30 years now, I like the dot grips, they cling better to my skin than other options. comfortable. I need them all day until I go to bed. Most grateful for these stockings. 
- Ms. Susan A Mcmanus
 The turnaround time is super! The quality of the product is more than what I expected. Excellent products and very affordable. 
- Rita Teschner
 just what I need, in a GREAT color. Comfortable. 
- Ms. Austine L St John
 I ordered these for my husband. He wore one pair and they kept falling down! I realized that I may have ordered the wrong size! Since I ordered two pair I have returned the unworn pair and asked for a smaller size. We are hoping for a better fit! My mistake not yours! 
- Gertrude D Rodin
 Very sturdy and stay up well. I am rough getting them on so the sheer would not do as well. I am not too concerned about the look of the thickness on my feet. It took me a while to get used to them, but now am very comfortable wearing them all day long. 
- Tula Wingerson
 My husband has only worn this brand and only for 3 months. However, they seem to be of good quality, hold their shape (we switch out every 3rd day), and was the brand recommended by his lymphedema therapist. Ask us again in 3 more months. 
- Diane Mccoy-edwards Mccoy-edwa
 These are the most comfortable compression stockings I have worn. I do wish they came in more colors in the higher compression style. 
- Vicki Anderson
 Fit was perfect and stay up 
- Velma Mcmurray
 Excellent material and craftmanship 
- Mary B Askew Askew
 The tops are awesome. Other brands I have used the thigh high an the cuff is a pain. They roll and on the ebony ones they don't do that. I like all the products that I have ordered from you. Thank you. Loraine Baxter. 
- Ms Loraine E Baxter
- Deanna Wise
 The very best hose I have ever had. They are very soft, thin, and wear well. I have tried many, many others but these are my favorite. 
- Mrs Donna Mastroianni
 Great stocking. This is the first time I have gone with an open toe and the experience has been great. Very comfortable and seems to be holding up well. I am very active in my job and I have not slipping or bunching issues at all. The only downside is I wish it came in more color option for my compression without having to go custom. Highly recommend! 
- Jeffrey N Davis
 These are my go-to hose. They are comfortable unless my legs are very swollen. 
- Yolanda Clark
 Love this product! 
- Ms. Pam Young
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