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Lymphoderm Lotion by Therapeutic pH
Lymphoderm is an ideal skincare lotion for lymphedematous limb areas due to its special low PH formulation. Also, with the addition of Citronella as an ingredient, this lotion offers an insect repellant property not found in other lotions. Lymphoderm has a pleasant, mild grapefruit scent making it attractive for daily application.

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This product has 181 reviews.
 Whether or not you have lymphedema, this is a wonderful product. It absorbs nicely and quickly, smells delightful, and I love that it is also an insect repellant! For those with lymphedema, I would highly recommend this product to keep the skin moisturized, and as supple as possible, and free of bug bites! 
- Pam Soule
 This is a great lotion. My thighs are very bumpy and itchy. It seems to be helping. My therapist recommended it. I am very pleased with the results. 
- Donna J Miller
 I have used this lotion twice a day, on my legs for over six months. It is the best I have used and I have tried many brands. Anyone who has lymphedema needs this. Service and shipment from this company is excellent. 
- Mrs Betty L Eskridge
 I finally got this. My lymphedema therapist always uses it and I have always loved the smell and how nice my skin feels after using it. I was wary about the price, but By far has the best pricing, so I went ahead and got the 32 oz bottle, and to my surprise, they included a pump so it is very easy to dispense! This lotion leaves your skin soft and acts as insect repellent which is so important for us people with lymphedema to avoid insect/bug bites. Next I want to try their soap. Thank you lymphedemaproducts for the variety and quality products you carry and for the speedy shipping. 
- Irma Suhail Mattei
 Very good 
- Patricia A Gaffney
 We like it. 
- Adrienne S Salamack
 Lifesaving lotion for dry, itchy skin. I was at wit's end, had tried everything in the drugstores and cosmetic counters but still had very dry, itchy and shedding skin on my legs and feet. Ground a reference to this lotion on a lympedema site and I will never be without it again! 
- Alyce Burke
 It is a wonderful lotion and I want to continue with it. It is cooling and refreshing on the skin, it is good for my legs, thank you for this nice product 
- Angelika Vargas
 This is an excellent refreshing and soothing lotion for tired legs. I highly recommend this lotion. 
- Angelika Vargas
 Great Product. I have Lymphedema in both legs and this lotion absorbs into my skin really well. It is expensive but very nice product. 
- Anita R Strauss
 Really a nice lotion. I use it everyday and it absorbs quickly. I will never be without it. 
- Mrs Anita R Strauss
 Rather pricey, but great stuff! My husband wants it applied all over after every shower, and swears that his skin is much improved. He especially appreciates how smoothly it goes onto his hyper-sensitive lower leg skin, under those compression wrappings. A hater of "perfumey" smells, he actually enjoys the fresh herbal scent of this lotion -- as does his wife. 
- Barbara Hurley
 Yep, great stuff! My husband hates "cosmetic" smells, but loves this product. Is especially greatful for how easily it spreads on his super-sensitive skin. Now if it weren't quite so super-pricey... 
- Barbara Hurley
 This cream has eliminated cellulitis for me. My skin is soft, supple and the bit of fibrotic skin that was beginning to form on the back of my ankles has returned to healthy skin again. For me, lymphoderm has been a miracle! 
- Sarah B Franklin
 Incomparably wonderful lotion. 
- Sarah B Franklin
 A little goes a long way and it really moisturizes my arm. Dry skin from wearing a compression sleeve has been kept under control. My lymphedema therapist recommended it due to cellulitis that resulted in a blood infection. 
- Beverly J Kern
 Great product but pricy. 
- Ms Benta K Gateley
 It protects my skin from rashes and insect bites 
- William Harrison
 I would give it a 10 plus rating. It relieves the horrible itching that is so tormenting. 
- Mrs. Maria V Bruckner
 I must keep my lower legs wrapped close to 100% of the time. Applting this lotion periodically during the 24-48 hour periond the wraps are off and again very liberally just before putting them on for the extended period necessary I believe has been a significant contributor to my leg health and avoiding chronic itching (hence maintaining my mental health 
- Boyd A Tracy
 make's my skin look's better 
- Brenda Kay Hamlett
 Lymphoderm was recommended by my message therapist. I've been applying it daily on my legs that are under continual pressure`caused by edema that recently resulted`in a severe case of Cellulitis. it's too early to assess the improvement, however very good to date.`````````````````` 
- Herbert Cook
 it is very light to use. I need something a little heavier but I also use this lotion. I highly recommend this lotion. 
- Ms. Carole Block
 I love this lotion. The scent is so healthy smelling and I feel good about putting something on my legs that may lower chance of infection. 
- Cheryl Sims
 This lotion is readily absorbed and very soothing. It's great for use under compression items. 
- Charles E E Mclatchy
 I love this lotion I use everyday and that it has Essential Oils a plus for me. My Lymphedema Therapist started me using this product. 
- Irene L Steffen
 Love it! 
- Jan G Treuting
 Besid keeping my skin soft, I've had no mosquito bites 
- Ms. Catherine M Reilly
 I started using this product on my daughter's legs. She has had lymphedema in her legs for several years and going through all the lotions that we have this is the first product that ever really made a difference with the cracking in her feet in the scaling in cracks on her legs. I will continue to use it on her and for myself as well. 
- Deb Cotner
 My husband has lymphedema and his legs get really bad, the skin is rough and thick. This cream really does a great job getting the skin softer and more normal. It is still discolored, but his better leg feels normal just after a few weeks of use. 
- Debra Kastel
 Lovely fragrance and applies smoothly without being heavy on body. 
- Deborah D Lieuallen
 I was in a therapy place for 3 weeks for a double knee replacement I developed water retention in one leg my therapist would use this product. I have used this ever since. I use it for a shin condition. It conditions my skin better than prescription medications. 
- Debbie L Schell
 I was in a therapy place for 3 weeks for a double knee replacement I developed water retention in one leg my therapist would use this product. I have used this ever since. I use it for a shin condition. It conditions my skin better than prescription medications. 
- Debbie L Schell
 Great product. 
- Dennnis G Stenstrom
 I really like how my skin feels when using this lotion. 
- Diana R Inman
 Came quickly and is what I need for my legs. 
- Diane L Moldenhauer
 It is working great. 
- Diane L Moldenhauer
 I love the smell!!! Even more, I love the way it moisturizes without an oily heavy residue! Bottom line: it works!!!!! 
- Deborah L. L Johnson
 A lovely lotion that keeps my skin in great condition. Smells great, too. 
- [email protected] Diana [email protected] Lapp Dmduerr@gmail
- Mrs Donna A Czarnecki
 This lotion is awesome. Not only does it help with the treatment of Lymphedma, but also helps with dry skin and rashes! It makes your skin smooth!! 
- Tawnette Mattison
 I would give this product a ten. Even if a person does not have Lymphedema, Lymphoderm lotion does wonders. Leaves your skin smooth and silky! If your skin is scaly, ashy, peeling, and/or itching, Lymphoderm lotion repairs the texture of your skin and provides relief. Wonderful product!! 
- Tawnette Mattison
 My leg itches after taking the leg wrap off. Lymphoderm relieves the itching. I apply the lotion before putting the wrap on and after taking it off. I started using the lotion on the other leg because it was so ashy and scaly. Regular lotion was not doing the job. Lymphoderm took away the ash and scaling/peeling. I am well pleased!! 
- Tawnette Mattison
 Lymphoderm has helped keep my skin healthy and infection-free. I recommend it for those with lymphedema and also for general use. 
- Ronald Laye
 i apply this lotion on my leg twice a day and it works wonders on my skin. Other products I've tried are not as effective regardless of cost. 
- Edward T O'dwyer
 I have been using this product for four plus years, it absorbs readily, is soothing and works as advertized. 
- Edward T O'dwyer Jr
 Superior cleansing and restorative protection. Nice scent. Economical amounts necessary for a good foamy wash. But the pump mechanism did not work! 
- Dr. Earl R Mandle
 Very nice. Recommended by our PT Assistant. 
- Timothy D Bates
 I use this every day 
- Genoveva Velikova
 On top of 5 Stars, it smells great not only for myself, but my care givers as well. 
- David M Finder
 I won't go back to using anything else since I started this lotion. Non greasy, heals dry skin and a pleasant fragrance. 
- Penny Moulton Moulton
 I ordered this for my 88 year old aunt that lives with us. Her leg stayed swollen all time and would have blisters come up. I looked this product up and ordered. She has been real pleased and so far no blisters from her Lymphedema. 
- Gayla B Taylor
 My therapist used this when I was first diagnosed with lymphadema. It works wonderful. My legs do not break out using this lotion. Get a really good price here too. 
- Miss Gail L. Mccarthy
 My therapist used this product on my legs and it worked beautifully. I continue to use it when putting on my night garments. 
- Miss Gail L. Mccarthy
 I have used this product for several years now and it was great finding it someplace that I can order it and have it delivered to me. The only place in town I can get it is on the other side of town from where I live. 
- Miss Gail L. Mccarthy
 The lotion helps to keep my skin feel great 
- Mr Gordon E Grant
 Great product. I plan to use it for many years. 
- Mr. Graham Snell Snell
 As a seasoned Therapist and Instructor in Manual Lymph Drainage, however retired now, I still recommend Lymphoderm Lotion to Therapists and Patients. It is an excellent product, especially for Lymphedema patients. 
- Martha B Zenger
 Send me another 
- Barron Wilson
 Great product. Good for lymphedema legs 
- Leisa Mcnamee
 The Lymphoderm Lotion has made my legs feel soft and silky after using it. 
- Gertrude Howe
 I have been putting this lotion on both my legs every morning before I put on my compression hose. This lotion keeps my legs smooth and not dry. I reccomend all stocking wearers to use this lotion. 
- Mrs. Susan A Ammons
 I love it. Thank you 
- Ines M Pena
- Ms Isabel M Triana Triana
 great wash 
- Mr Ed Gilchrist
 suggested and purchased prior from my therapist....wanting to prevent skin problems that can occur with is light weight...absorbs well...keeps my skin in excellent condition... 
- Mrs Judyann Forse
 I had ordered this product in the past and I liked it so much that I had to reorder. 
- Judy H. Main
 Very moisturizing without feeling greasy; feels very clean and refreshing! Nice scent. 
- Juanetta Chantler
 I LOVE this lotion!! I have tried many lotions to help with my severely dehydrated skin and just a little of this does the trick. Will be ordering the large bottle soon. 
- Janice Katz
 This product smells terrific and absorbs easily into the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized without feeling greasy. 
- Mrs. Lois Mcauliffe
 Great product. Works well. 
- Jennifer Bridge
 Feels wonderful on my skin and I can actually see and feel the fluid decrease. Thank you. 
- Ms. Joette D Naftel
 Works splendidly after leg muscle cramps and helps soothe tired, aching muscles. I just rub some on after a muscle cramp and it helps soothe the discomfort. Very good to rub on after a bath. 
- Mr. John H Burkhart Jr
 Just get it. Nothing you wouldn't want on your skin, just the opposite. It works! 
- Kara Adanalian Kara Penwell
 Soothing and the insect repellant aspect worked and smelled nice. 
- Ms. Kara A Penwell
 This lotion always soothes the affected area. I feel better once it is applied. 
- Mrs. Kathleen A Catalano
 Non greasy lotion that keeps skin soft. Ingredient list full of a great list of oils. 
- Karen Stewart
 This product has been wonderful for my skin and has improved the softness and elasticity. I also like how the slight citrus scent is a good natural insect repellent. Since I can be prone to infections from bug bites I truly appreciate any help I can get. Garments are still good to get on after application. This is the BEST place to get this product as well as Amazon and other third party sellers are charging ridiculous prices for this! This site really cares about the customers they are servicing. 
- Karyn Procter-wicks
 Excellent product that does a great job of keeping my hisband's skin in good condition despite his lymphedema. 
- Lesley J Lluka
 An excellent moisturising lotion that has transformed my husband's skin on his legs affected by lymphoedema since he started using is every day. the cracks have healed avoiding the entry of bacteria that cause cellulitis. 
- Lesley J Lluka
 Its ingredients help to reduce inflammation. A little goes a long way. Would rather have a body butter than the somewhat watery lotion -- even if it's more expensive. 
- Laura L Espinosa-draper
 Have been using it for years and love it 
- Denise C Mckenna
 Serves it's purpose....thank you 
- Denise C Dilibero
 Love the product .... suitable for my needs....will be an on-going purchase 
- Denise C Dilibero
 Thank you 
- Mrs Denise C Mckenna
 Thank you ! 
- Denise C Dilibero
 Can't say enough great things about this lotion. I suffer from a rash that pops up from time to time that covers much of my body and this is the only thing that relieves the itch until the rash runs it's course. Soothing, cooling, wonderful fragrance. You won't be disappointed. I found customer service to be excellent, solving a minor problem beyond my expectations. I bought the 32 oz bottle so I'll always have it around and saved a few dollars over the 8 oz bottle to boot. Plus the cheapest shipping cost of any seller I've dealt with... and fast. TY 
- Robert Kilpatrick
 Very soothing, wonderful scent 
- Robert Kilpatrick
 This product is the best! It smells great and keeps the skin moist! 
- Mrs. Leola D Wade
 The lotion is excellent- great smelling and soothing. I would definitely recommend this lotion. 
- Mrs. Leola Wade Wade
 The product is excellent, 
- Linda J Brantley Brantley
 Lymphoderm Lotion is an excellent product. This product helps my legs stay hydrated. You can wear the lightly scented lotion all day. 
- Nicole Hollie
 Goes on smoothly, soaks in and has a refreshing pineapple scent. I use it primarily on my right arm where I have mild edema but enjoy it as an overall body lotion too, 
- Lynne Carry
 I have been using this product for several years. It is better for lymphedema than any other product I have tried (and there were many). 
- Marcy A Blackburn
 This product was recommended to a church member for her legs. There was no one local (pharmacy) who would order it for her. They are pleased with the lotion and how fast it is delivered. 
- Monica Chapman
 Great lotion to help hydrate my skin. I have Diabetes and a dry skin problem but this lotion relieves the itch and dryness and has a pleasant smell. Soothes the rough elbows. 
- Marie Denis
 Really like this well, not sticky, and a little goes a long way 
- Jane D Odell
 Soothing and relaxing fragrance as well. Love it! 
- Marguerite Burg
 This lotion is amazing! My skin was in pretty bad shape and now it is back to normal. 
- Maria A Coates
 Lymphoderm Lotion with Therapeutic pH is very creamy. It is soothing as it is applied & provides great balanced moister to my skin. 
- Mark E Adams
 This product has healed my skin. My skin is not as dry and itchy as it was. 
- Marsha A Mcphee
 Love the feel and fragrance of this lotion! 
- Marsha Greiner
 Love both the smell and the feel! 
- Marsha Greiner
 This lotion is the best I love it. 
- Iris Carvo
 Is a very good product. 
- Mayra Parrilla
 Love the lotion and the bright citrus-y smell 
- Christina Poulos
 Use it every day. Feels great! Very effective. 
- Michael F Dolan Jr
 Very good produt. Performs as advertiosed 
- Michael Mcclister
 I have lymphodema in my right lower leg from a surgical infection and your lotion seems to calm and limit swelling when it occurs. Not greasy, smells good, feels like I'm nourishing my leg when I use it 
- Michael Skelly
 i love this product , it makes my legs feel like silk and i also use it on my face and neck for a soft smooth feeling 
- Minnie O Brubaker Brubaker
 My therapist used this product every time I had therapy before putting the compression bandage back on. I finally progressed down to the compression sleeve and she recommended that I get the lotion to use every day at home just before I put the sleeve on in the mornings. It feels invigorating on my arm and I like that it is non greasy and absorbs quickly. It does what it is intended to do. I'm glad I followed my therapists recommendation to purchase this lotion. 
- Kim Moeller
 The lotion works really well my skin is real dry and now its looking like its starting to get better. The texture of the lotion is light and feels good on skin. 
- Marcella C Lafebre
 works very well 
- Gerald J Marz
 I think this lotion is fantastic. It is light and absorbs quickly but still does a great job. Smells good and helps ease the itchies I sometimes get too when removing my compression. Will be buying more for sure. 
- Christine L Lovett
 excellent product would buy again 
- Mrs Connie S Moore
 works very good, nicescent not flowers would buy again 
- Mrs Connie S Moore
 Love this product 
- Monica Dickson
 Love this product! 
- Monica Dickson
 I am a MLD - massage therapist. This lotion is perfect for MLD. I love the smell too. 
- Monica Dickson
 THE BEST lotion to nourish and protect skin! 
- Maryann Parrott
 This lotion was recommended by a wonderful MLD PT. Since an extended hospitalization treating a leg infection several years ago, Lymphoderm Lotion has literally saved my life by protecting my skin. 
- Maryann Parrott
 Best lotion for Lipo-lymphedema! 
- Maryann Parrott
 This lotion maintains healthy skin on my legs and arm. At first the price was off-putting, but it works better for me than any other lotion. More than one MLD therapist has inquired about my skin care method! 
- Maryann Parrott
 Smells great and doesn't cause itching as other lotions did. 
- Ruth A Magee Magee
 I love this lotion! It's very soothing for my leg, especially when it's swollen and sore. 
- Mrs Diane Weisslender
 I have used Lymphoderm lotion for a few years now. It is wonderful -- it is soothing, with a nice light natural scent. It softens skin that is dry or hardened by my lymphedema. I don't even use any scented sprays anymore. This lotion is what I use to smell nice. Love it. 
- Nancy B Shaw
 I love this lotion and I have been using it for years. I put it on at night before I put on my night garments. 
- Ms Nancy Glass
 Nice addition to help with mosquitoes under sleeve... Nice pleasant smell...... 
- Mrs Nancy C Karlson
 I am so glad Lymphedema Products sells this lotion. It is a better price than any other site. This lotion is one of the best lotions for treatment of Lymphedema. It is extremely comforting and has a spa like scent. It contains a citrus oil and is also great for keeping biting insects away which can cause infection in Lymphedema patients. It has a balanced ph so there is no burning, itching or stinging, just comfort and relief. 
- Pamela A La Londe
- Paula Costa
 Good product 
- Mrs Patricia Slagle Slagle
 Great fragrance and heals lymph weep damaged tissues. 
- James L Green
 This is the same lotion used by my therapist, so I bought more on her recommendation. I like using it, it does the job & smells nice. I have it at my workplace and at home, both, so as to keep my arm in good shape. 
- Ms. Linda B Turner
 Very soothing and not greasy at all. Mild scent. 
- Mrs. Pauline M. Slagis
 Excellent says it all. 
- Carol Quincey
 Very good product 
- Mrs Eileen R Wilson Wilson
 easy to apply, great fragrance and no sticky residue 
- Rita Maynard
 Love to have this product on hand. It is so good for my arm. 
- Robin Bayne
 Excellent but functional 
- Dr Ralph J Portier Portier
 My skin is back to normal using this. 
- Rosemary C. Pryne
 I use this all the time. It softens callouses and makes my feet and elbows feel great. I would recommend this lotion to anyone who has less than perfect skin. It will help!!! 
- Dr. Allison H Sauls Sauls
 I use this all the time. It softens callouses and makes my feet and elbows feel great. I would recommend this lotion to anyone who has less than perfect skin. It will help!!! 
- Dr. Allison H Sauls Sauls
 I would not use anything else 
- Dr. Allison H Sauls Sauls
- Sandra Clark
 It is great. Your legs feel wonderful under hose and wraps. 
- Shelba May
 This is the best product I have found for my lymphedema. It keeps the are moist all day. I ordered again 
- Sheryl Smith
 Truly one of the best products out there. Recommended by a hospital physical therapist after breast surgery and I can't thank her enough. 
- Violet B Hooker
 Like the feel of lotion and smell, very soothing, haven't seen all the redness on my legs gone, hoping soon they will show more improvement. I will continue to use the lotion everyday. 
- Sandra Hasbany
 I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Will definitely buy more when she needs it. 
- Ms. Susan L Sory
 Great product but had a difficult time gettin the pump nozzle to work properly 
- Lynnette L Smith
 goes on skin before bandages and feels so good, makes my skin so soft. I also use after my shower 
- Marylou Weber
 Love it. 
- Ms. Marlene Roberts-niazi
 Love it. Hope it keeps protecting my arm 
- Ms Stacy L Welker
- Susan Seeley
 love the product ---has helped my skin 
- Shelia Kaufman
 This is a must have in my practice. 
- Catherine Tatum
 Recommended by Lymphedema therapist. Keeps legs nice and moist under compression garments. 
- Susan Higgins
 I have had deep vein thrombosis twice in my right leg, once in my right foot, and once in my left leg. I could not have a quality of life without wearing these stockings. I use this lotion on both legs daily before I put on my prescription 30-40 compression hose. My legs stay soft and moist. Before this lotion my legs would get dry. Love this lotion 
- Mrs. Susan A Ammons
 Love this lotion. I wear strong compression hose all day. I cannot walk without them on. My legs and feet use to get so dry until I started using this lotion. Try it, you'll like it. 
- Mrs. Susan A Mcmanus-ammons
 Delivery was very prompt. Almost before I ordered it. LOL This is a great lotion for lymphodema patients. Soothes and softens skin very well and smells great! 
- Stephanie Wright
 Delivery was very prompt. Almost before I ordered it. LOL This is a great lotion for lymphodema patients. Soothes and softens skin very well and smells great! 
- Stephanie Wright
 My therapist uses this lotion on my legs. It smells good and makes my skin soft. And it is non greasy. 
- Mr. Lou F. Bickham
 It has helped my husband's legs tremendously. 
- Denise Dyson
 Really like the lotion. Very moisturizing. 
- Tracie Pettijohn
 It works great. Love it. 
- Teresa F L Birchfield
 Really creamy and rubs in easily. Very expensive and not covered by insurance. My ankles swell up a lot and get very dry. This helps alot 
- Mrs Juanita F Deweese
 Love this lotion.. it helps relieve some of the very painful spots in my legs and feet.. has a fresh smell.. i will keep buying this til i no longer have lymphedema just in beginning stages .. so hopefully it will soon be gone i highly recommend this.. a little costly for me being on disability but im trying 
- Mrs Patricia K Regalado
 Awesome product 
- Wendy Abee
 Keeps my leg from drying out so much. 
- Wendy L Abee
 Has helped my dry skin from lymphedema. My lymphedema therapist recommend this product and had been applying to my leg to do the massage. 
- Wendy Abee
 The lotion works really well skin with lymphedema problems. 
- Wendy Abee
 As expected 
- Mrs Shirley L Dorn
 I am very satisfied with this product. 
- Mrs Shirley L Dorn
 Love it! 
- Karen Maidhof Maidhof
 Has worked wonders. 
- Don C Harrison
 Yes this product is excellent. 
- Mr Richard E Reed
 I use this lotion under my compression stockings and it works great. Always put on right after showering and since I've started using it dry and cracked skin is a thing of the past. Smells good too! I would highly recommend this product 
- Anthony Stark
 Excellent product ! Not slimy, absorbs quickly and my skin stays moisturized longer than everything I’ve tried . I’m a pool swimmer with left leg Lymphedema after ovarian cancer surgery 5 years ago. Chlorine leaves my leg and feet very dry . I had a bout of Cellulitus last year and keeping my skin crack free and healthy is super important now more than ever ! The citronella scent is pleasing and lemony. Once applied the lotion is pleasantly cool and doesn’t hamper the donning of my thigh high compression garment like some others seem to. I’m in North Carolina and look forward to seeing how the mosquitoes react to the citronella this summer. It’s a true blessing when a product actually works to aid the effects of Lymphadema ! Lymphadema is not exactly a walk in the park one might say . 
- Lesley Keeble
 refreshing and soothing lotion for my legs. 
- Arthur Sylvia Sylvia
 Thanks a lot, i hope to order more products in the future. 
- Yvonne S. Fain
 Plan to buy again when its gone. That says it all. 
- Barbara Saccal
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