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Lymphoderm Lotion

Therapeutic pH

Lymphoderm Lotion by Therapeutic pH
Lymphoderm is an ideal skincare lotion for lymphedematous limb areas due to its special low PH formulation. Also, with the addition of Citronella as an ingredient, this lotion offers an insect repellant property not found in other lotions. Lymphoderm has a pleasant, mild grapefruit scent making it attractive for daily application.

PLEASE NOTE: Lymphoderm Lotion is currently on backorder until February 2023.
Individual Pieces
8oz Bottle (BACKORDERED until February 2023) 
16oz Bottle (BACKORDERED until February 2023) 
32oz Bottle (BACKORDERED until February 2023) 
16oz Bottle - case (BACKORDERED until February 2023) (8 pieces)
32oz Bottle - case (BACKORDERED until February 2023) (4 pieces)
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