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LoPress by Hartmann
LoPress is a short stretch compression bandage made from 100% cotton ideal for use in managing lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiencies as well as in post-operative treatment and vein stripping. The LoPress bandage features: (1) maximum resistance while reducing the risk of constriction; (2) inelastic weave providing flexibility of movement and resistance against wear from repeated use; (3) cool and comfortable design even during prolonged use; (4) ability to withstand numerous washings and deterioration from ointments and medications

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Individual Pieces
6cm x 5m 
8cm x 5m 
10cm x 5m 
12cm x 5m 
6cm x 5m - case (12 pieces)
8cm x 5m - case (12 pieces)
12cm x 5m - case (12 pieces)
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