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LoPress by Hartmann
LoPress is a short stretch compression bandage made from 100% cotton ideal for use in managing lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiencies as well as in post-operative treatment and vein stripping. The LoPress bandage features: (1) maximum resistance while reducing the risk of constriction; (2) inelastic weave providing flexibility of movement and resistance against wear from repeated use; (3) cool and comfortable design even during prolonged use; (4) ability to withstand numerous washings and deterioration from ointments and medications

PLEASE NOTE: LoPress is currently on backorder until November 2023.

Please Note: This item is temporarily out of stock.

This product has 10 reviews.
 always good quality and the orders come in a timely manner. 
- Ada M Frost
 High quality. Best price and and works well. Legit. 
- Michael W Kukys
 Good Quality 
- Ms Elizabeth A Martin
 Good quality and good price. 
- Ms Elizabeth A Martin
 Excellent prices. 
- John C Bragg
 Sturdy and holds up in wash. Gives me the support I need 
- Dorothy A Bean
 this product was recommended to me by my therapist. product does what it says. 
- Emily K Stahr
 Happy with quality and price 
- Mrs Ruth A Saulisbury
 This bandaging is very nice and does the job perfectly. 
- Kristian D Bendzunas
 Excellent wraps. Hold up to the washing machine well. And the price is excellent for the quality. 
- Michael Gabbard
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