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Lindi Body Lotion by Lindi Skin
This skin-quenching lotion delivers a combination of antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that nourish the skin while reinforcing its natural barrier to prevent moisture loss. Light, refreshing and luxurious, Lindi Body Lotion is superb for all-over, everyday use. It is best applied to wet or damp skin, right out of the shower.

PLEASE NOTE: Limited quantities are available.
This product has 7 reviews.
Individual Pieces
8oz Bottle 
 Very good product, you apply right from the shower on wet skin. Makes your skin feel really good. 
- Anita R Strauss
 The only lotion I can use on my hypersensitive skin. 
- Donna Dunn
 Only lotion I'd recommend ! 
- Donna Orem - Dunn
 My wife loves the product and how it works. What it has done for her, not only physically but psychologically has been fantastic. 
- Larry S Callaway
 I still am using the whole lindi body wash lotion and the balm and so far so good the horrible itching is gone I happy camper I he not tried the item for my face but will the rash is still there but I think that is caused by medication but it is under my clothes so it is ok but is not as red these products really have made my life much better 
- Kathy D Wolf
 love the lotion the rash I have the redness has went down a lot and I feel I can live in my skin doctors can not help it this is the only thing that has. 
- Kathy Wolf
 This lotion was awesome loved it! 
- Paula L Morganelli
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