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Juzo Dynamic by Juzo
Juzo Dynamic stockings feature a durable, breathable knit and an inconspicuous appearance. Juzo Dynamic can be used for a wide range of applications and is available in a large assortment of sizes and styles.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
Available Colors
This product has 287 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 3511-AD
Product Options: NOT Available in Full-Foot with Petite Length
Knee-High Stockings w/Silicone Border - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 3511-ADS
Product Options: Max Size NOT Available in Petite Length
30-40 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 3512-AD
Product Options: NOT Available in Full-Foot with Petite Length
Knee-High Stockings w/Silicone Border - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 3512-ADS
Product Options: Max Size NOT Available in Petite Length
40-50 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings - pair
Compression: 40-50 mmHg
Item Number: 3513-AD
 Just what the Dr. ordered. Thank you. 
- Thomas Mcconnell
 They try to give people a discount. Mine is supposed to be about 3% at the silver II level. The socks are so over priced that I'd take it if I could. But the discount never shows at checkout although the category does. I've contacted them before and got no response. So yeah I'm bitter. 
- Joi Tripp
- Claudette O Floyd Floyd
 Great support. Comfortable to wear does not bind or ride up 
- Greg Green
 It is a great fit and is working well. Very good price and delivery is fast. 
- James Robinson
 This is my first time wearing these stockings. They are very comfortable and easy to get on. 
- Janean Brooks
 I have purchased the Juzo varin compression stockings from Lymphedema products for years due to the best quality and price on the market! Highly recommend this company and product. 
- Mrs. Wagdy A Rizk
 Once on, the support feels good on my legs. I bought the silicon bead top and do not see a need. If I purchase another pair I will skip. 
- Suzanna Trabucco
 I never buy anything but Juzo Dynamic. They wear well, launder well and last for a long time. Prices are good. 
- Margaret Mcmillen
 The garments are excellent quality. The wide band at the top prevents any slipping and is very comfortable. The open toe area band is firm enough to keep them in place, but comfortable. My therapist measured for the garments and I was close to a different size, which did not fit properly. Customer service was very helpful in exchanging for a different size, which fits better. Included in the package is a website with video tips for putting on and removing the garments. I am thankful for that literature, because I have little difficulty after watching the videos. The key to easier donning is turning them inside out and using the gloves. The gloves are a neccessity. I would recommend this product and this company. 
- Jodie Sather
 Well made, long lasting and comfortable to wear compression thigh-high stockings. 
- Mrs Sally A Mulholland
 The Juzo Dynamic compression socks are great. You develop new ways of putting on the socks and the special gloves really help. I am waiting for my pump but, in the meantime, the new socks are doing the job By keeping the swelling down. I highly recommend this product. 
- William Wester
 I have very heavy legs and I have a hard time getting then on. I bought size iv but I am thinking I should have bought a V. Is V the largest size you make? My therapist said that they are a fine quality stocking. 
- Amelia Dimarco Select
 Standard compression stockings I have worn for 22 years! 
- Alice L Watson
 This review replaces the one sent previously 
- Karen Cappella
 I absolutely LOVE the JUZO Dynamic line of compression stockings. The material is soft against my skin, I just love how they feel. The material is breathable also. 
- Alice L Watson
 I love Juzo Dynamic! I've worn these for years. The material they are made of feels good on my skin and is fairly durable. I do wish Juzo would improve the beige color to look more natural skin tone than they are. 
- Alice L Watson
 I LOVE Juzo Dynamic and have been wearing them for years for lymphedema. The fabric feels great on my skin. I would highly recommend everyone to get these. Also, the length (I wear short) is just perfect! 
- Alice L Watson
 Seems to be a high quality durable product. 
- Mr. Jerry W Repp
 Top quality products but pay careful attention to the sizing chart! 
- Ann D'hondt
 feels real good on my legs.. once I get them on. 
- Mrs. Anna Jeanette Kling
 Good support 
- April Hocut
 I have been wearing Juzo stockings 10 hours a day everyday for 2 years. They are durable and with care last about 6 months. I always have at least 2 pair so I can rotate them. The open toe work best for me to put on and take off. 
- Karen L Cottrill
 Great fit, does not bunch....thicker fabric, feels secure 
- Andrew S Grzeskowiak
 just what i wanted 
- Mr Rodney E Baer
 Furr tree s beautifully so far! Certainly hope it doesn't stretch out & become too long 
- Barbara M Prinzing
 The products we have ordered have always been of first quality, exactly meeting our specifications, and promptly delivered. We have no complaints whatever and plan to continue ordering from Lymphedema Products. 
- Bonnie F Schirk
 The product remains consistently superior. It fits well, washes and dries well, and lasts well. There is nothing about the product that I would improve. 
- Bonnie F Schirk
 Excellent product. It does exactly what is supposed to do. 
- Bonnie F Schirk
 I have Lymphedema, so I have to wear these everyday. 
- Joanne Larsen
 Exactly as advertised, fits well. 
- Bill Fritts
 easy to put on (with sleeve) and very comfortable to wear all day. 
- Mrs. Wendy H Mackey
 prompt shipping was appreciated - website easy to use. These are very satisfactory and is my second pair. 
- Mrs. Wendy H Mackey
 I was measured by people in medical supply, and what they said I needed would not stay up. So my husband an I measured and ordered the III Max and they fit like a glove. No more sliding down. 
- Marcia Bisher
 Great service 
- Marcia Bisher
 Stay up very well. Comfortable 
- Barbara J Wheatley
 The stockingngs are strong, light. But wear well and are durable. 
- Sr. Barbara L. Croom Asc
 They feel good and has good support 
- S Barbara Croom Asc
 I am very satisfied with my new stockings. However I returned a pair and I am still waiting for my refund. 
- Ms Betty L Weller
 It is an excellent product 
- Lyle Brooks
 Great product 
- Janean A Brooks
 Very satisfied with the Juzo compression socks. They are very comfortable once you get them on ! I'm 76 years old and I have a very difficult time getting them on by myself. Wish that they would come up with a better way for us seniors that need them 24/7 to get them on and off a lot easier. Other than that they are an awesome compression sock and have been for me. I will continue buying them as I need them until I can no longer get them o and off by myself. 
- Mr. Bill L. Mitchell
 I really like Juzo products and have used them for years now. They always have great prices to go with their great product in compression socks. I just purchased two more pairs of their Dynamic compression socks that they were running a promotion on of which I forgot to take advantage of by just entering a code for a sizable discount with code coupon of COOL which would have made my purchase even more sweet. Excellent quality ware like iron but they are very difficult to get on as I am 77 years old and haven't the strength needed to tug and pull anymore to get them on. The socks fit like a glove though which I need for my legs. Usually they are quick with delivery which I like very much too. I will continue to buy their product, Juzo compression socks..they definitely do the job for me that they were meant to do. Wouldn't do without them. They are a definite trouble savor for me. 
- Mr. Bill L. Mitchell
 Been wearing for about 10 years. What I need. 
- Robert E Wilson
 Have been wearing Juzo for about 8 yrs. They have fit my expectations. Would not consider another brand. 
- Robert E Wilson
 Great product ! 
- Lorraine Peters
 Is comfortable, Launders well (I hang to dry), durable, helps keep my lymphedema under control. 
- Bruce W Moore
 Occupational Therapist at City of Hope specified these. They fit very firmly but are still comfortable to wear. I wear mine morning till before bed shower including 15 mile getting back in shape road bike training rides and they stay in place well with just a little wrinkling behind the knee. The lymphoma left my left leg quite swollen and I'm sure hoping these help. 
- Bruce W Moore
 I am a long-time customer and have always been satisfied with the product, shipping and customer service. 
- Ms Dema J Mcpeek
- Connie Berry
 Very helpful, thanks. 
- Carl Baribault Baribault
 fits great and they are made very well. 
- Carmel M Cericola
 Yesterday I did this survey and said the size was shorter than I ordered. I am thinking that I should try to exchange these hose for the petite. My first three pairs are petite and are labeled "S". This last purchase is labeled "XS" and have inadequate toe space. 
- Mrs Celia C Maddry
 My legs feel very supported in Juzo hose. These last two pairs are XS. I asked for petite in length as I thought I had done on previous orders.Since I am wearing them, I intend to keep them. 
- Mrs Celia C Maddry
 The hose are the right fit. My problem was the time between ordering and receiving the hose. I have made a second purchase with Jessica's of customer service's help. However, I do not have a receipt for my second purchase. 
- Mrs Celia C Maddry
 Stockings are very comfortable and look great when wearing them 
- Freida Nichols
 Great product! Wears well & feels great! 
- T Celeste Fox
 Love my compression hose. 
- Mrs. Charlene L Leach
 Love the compression hose. They are comfortable and last forever. This is the first time I've bought black, and I'm so glad I did. 
- Mrs. Charlene L Leach
 Their products have always been excellent for me. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 used for years. great product and supplier. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett Barrett
 used for years. great product, excellent service from company. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 Great product. Excellent service for years. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 used the product for many years. excellent product and service. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 have done business with these folks using this product for years. Great product and excellent source for the purchase. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 have used the product for years, excellent - great service and fine quality. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 Juzo compression stockings always good buy - great value. used for years. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 The product and service supplied by the company is excellent as always. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 great product. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 As always, fast service and Juzo = good product. 
- Mrs Jb B Barrett
 This is exactly the style and texture my lymphedema therapist wanted me to have. Fits well, washes and dries well. I would love to get it in a dark navy. 
- Donna Conway
 My son wife order wrong size andtoo many I sent back them. But keep the one pack I open.i will be order. The right side on Saturday when son is here thank you 
- Ella Jackson
 The color is darker than I thought they'd be but otherwise they fit great! 
- Cheryl L Bliss
 is great. I ordered the wrong size and cannot wear them, too small. 
- Donna J Clark
 Great product 
- Ms Deeann Monk
 I like the fact I was able to put one stocking on myself. 
- Merrilee Currier
 I love them!! They fit perfect and are so comfortable I forget I have them on. 
- Debra Stevenson
 The product is wonderful. Please be advised that the Usual Turnaround Time for No Rush is a 1-10 BUSINESS Days Before The Product is Shipped. Plan on 10 Business Days Plus Shipping. 
- Bd Smith
 Love the quality & the price. 
- Diane M Carpenter
 My concern is if there is a way to get another paper foot cover that came with the hose that makes it easier to put the hose on your heel correctly and the remainder of your leg to the knee. The hose themselves are comfortable and surprised me that they are cool too for a first user. 
- Debbie Nowell
 Great product 
- Majorie P Walsh Ms
 Great, helpful product at the right price and delivery was faster than I expected! 
- Joe Konecny
 Love them! 
- Diane Dillenbeck
 Nice fit. Easy to put on. 
- Janet Glatfelter
 Products are excellent. We use them extensively. 
- Thelma K Aurand
 A sturdy pair of compression stockings. 
- Deborah Kogut
 Purchase these Juzo Dynamic compression socks several times. Great product! 
- Dorothy J Brown
 Purchased these for my husband. I have had a hard time finding the Juzo Knee high - 5 cm wide silicone tops which were prescribed by a lymphoma therapist. They have helped my husband who no longer has the swelling in his legs & feet since he has been wearing the Juzo Compression knee highs every day. 
- Dorothy J Brown
 These socks do a great job. Can really tell when I don't have them on. 
- Dorothy Landwehr
 They do what they are supposed to do! 
- Mrs Adrienne D Sellers
 Quality compression garment. I wear these daily so I generally buy several at a time about every 6 months for many years now. I would definitely recommend these if your medical condition requires compression hose. 
- Gary Strain
 I only need compression on one leg but these hose work very well. Having the fly is worth the extra charge as my garment stays in place much better not having to reposition following every toileting. 
- Gary Strain
 Very happy with the product 
- Mr Earl S Kluft
 Comfortable,easy to change.Thank you 
- Ms Mariya V Gaber
 I love this product.I would highly recommend everyone to get Juzo.Excellent service.No problem with exchange or return. Thank you so much!. 
- Ms Elena Y Anderson
 The socks are excellent. They work well with my feet. 
- Etoy Morgan
 I have been using Juzo stockings for years and this pair is equal to all that I have purchased in the past. Will see how it holds up. So far, so good. 
- Faith Krumenacker
 I am amazed at how well this helps my legs. they are really comfortable after you get them on. 
- Francis Brady
 This is a good quality product. It would be helpful if Juzo will make a variety of videos for lower and higher compression levels and use both men and women to demonstrate putting on the compression stockings. The videos I've seen depicted young women and some men with THIN legs and not dealing with lymphedema or blood clots in the legs and demonstrating lower level of compression stockings. Most people who use compression stockings have swollen and wide feet, many use 30-40 mmHg or higher compression levels and are in their 60's, 70's and over. Such videos with these features in my opinion will be very beneficial for customers. Demonstrating putting on the compression stockings and using different angles for each video will also be very helpful in my view. The videos will also need to address putting the compression stockings on by people with HIPS issues (pain, total hip replacement) or lumber issues (pain, laminectomy surgery). Correlate the compression stockings videos with the use of the donning and doffing aids also using different video angles, such front, back and profiles). Include many such videos on your web site. Instructional video will minimize customers returns and increase your company's profits while keeping your customers happy. Thanks. Francisc Haber 
- Mr. Francisc L Haber
 I tried other brands to make sure I was getting the best. After buying my first pair of Juzo Dynamic, I've stuck with them because they truly are the best. They don't sag; they last for a long time, and launder well. 
- Wanda J Fisher
 I love these Juzo Dynamic support socks. I have ordered several pairs for myself and for relatives over the past few years and they always wear well; sizing is always consistent; and they are a great value. 
- Wanda J Fisher
 I was previously in a "special made" pair of knee-high hose that cost me $420 a pair that slid down and had holes in each pair after about 2 - 3 months of wear and I still experienced some swelling. I decided to try the JUZO - 30-40 mmHG - 5cm silicone band - hose. WHAT A GOOD DECISION! They don't slide down; they launder beautifully; there are no holes in them; my swelling has not increased AND most importantly, I have purchased FIVE pair for the price I used to pay for the one pair I used to wear. Thank you so much for selling this wonderful product. 
- Wanda J Fisher
 Never had any problems with this product 
- Mr. Frank J Grosso Grosso
 Shipping was decent and the product is amazing 
- Michael Frattali
- Michael Frattali
 I've been wearing Juzo compression thigh high stockings for years and they never disappoint. Quality is excellent. 
- Lavonne Fritschy
 Have worn this garment for years, always great quality 
- Lavonne Fritschy
 Yes these socks are truly dynamic they do wonders for the wear. you get out of them but be sure you keep your toenails trimmed to keep the tears and runs down in them .thank you 
- Gregory Robinson
 Been wearing these for 17 years - work the best for me 
- Roselie Douglas
 This product came through just in time. Thank you all for helping my quality of life improve even more! 
- Anita Winfield
 hard to get them on my husband, but they work wonderfully 
- Ms Glenda M Laufer
 I ordered these on August 18th. It took almost four weeks to get them. The product is fine, but I can not understand why it takes so long. They are a standard size, not special ordered. 
- Janet Herndon
 Love them!! 
- Galiena Cook
 This stocking fits well, is of good quality, and provides the appropriate compression 
- Gretchen L Peel
 They are very comfortable and I been wearing them for 3 week and the swelling have stayed down 
- Delores Harper
 My first pair of 30-40 were without toes and some swelling would appear in my toes. These are a lot better. No swelling. But both pair helped my legs immensely. 
- Michael Herlan
 I purchased the knee-high stocking with the silicon bead top. This is my 2nd pair and I am sold on this product because of: comfort, ease to don, ease to remove, easy to clean. They are somewhat pricey but worth it. 
- Mr Ralph V Buck
 The support stockings are for my 90 yr old mother. She really likes the way they fit and support her lower legs. 
- Kurt B Herzer
 A very nice and easy to apply stocking. Unfortunately I need to order something in a higher compression. 
- Robert R Humberston
 Good quality materials and great workmanship 
- Joseph Vaughan
 My father has been using this product for the past 20 years, and has worked very well for his lymphedema condition. 
- Iris N Ortiz
 I eoikd tehommend. 
- Theodore Banks
 Them compression holds well and the socks stay in place. I am noticing a difference within a week. We had the Juzo soft before and the swelling began to return when I switched to the Dynamic. I think it was helpful. 
- Mrs. Anne Janelsins
 they are exactly what my husband is use to and they do the job on his leg. they fit like it is suppose to. 
- Janet M Dashiell
 These are great performing garments. I have made great progress using them. A little adjusting as you go along, but I can't complain about the performance. 
- Mr. James C. Cowan
 With my lymphedema issue, I must wear these everyday. They provide the support I need and make life pleasant 
- Mrs Barbara R Clark
 Very happy with the product. 
- Mr Joseph Colitti
 I have been using 30-40 for several years. They do help. They are a little expensive so I try to hold out as long as possible. But what isn't expensive these days. 
- Joan Delaro Delaro
 This has helped soooooo much 
- Mrs Jelisa M Norsworthy
 Nice product. As expected. 
- Gerald Arcangeli
 This Garment seems to be heaver and of better Quality than previous garments from another supplier. 
- John F. Como
 Love the Juzo Dynamic Max! Comfortable and easy donning. 
- Jamie G Harris
 They fit well, not uncomfortable to wear all day 
- James G Hoover
 These compression socks help to keep the swelling in my lower limbs in check. These are my 4th pair. 
- Regina L Gray
 They are great! The support I need and a price I can feel comfortable with. 
- Joseph C Johnson
 comfortable and really help, 
- Janet Abel
 Pain has decreased. 
- Joann Knapp
 Easy to order, received quickly, I reorder every 6 months 
- Mrs Joy C Roark
 Very comfortable 
- Mrs Joy C Roark
 It was as written 
- Mrs Joy C Roark
 The hose fit very well. 
- Judith Bryant
 Thank you, just what I wanted. 
- June E Bishop E Bishop
 very good, thank you 
- June E Bishop
 just what was needed, thank you 
- June E Bishop
 Thank you for the quality of the product and the ease of ordering and the speed of shipping. 
- June E Bishop
 good firm control, but not uncomfortable to wear for hours. 
- June Bishop
 I have worn Juzo Dynamic compression silicone band stockings for 10 years. They are very comfortable and wear well without losing compression rating. I only wear on one leg so they in effect are (BOGO) half price making the price sting a little less. 
- Joyce Berch
- John W Dickerson
 Great service and great product. 
- Katherine Marengo
 Great Transaction and Value 
- Beth Kohl
 This is a Blessing, to have a company like Lymphedema Products to service your needs. There Customer service do a Great Job, when you order a products. They will go out of there way to service you and if you have to return a product they help you all the way. 
- Mr. Derl Stott
 This product has worked well for me and the quality is exceptional. 
- Diane Mattick
 These stockings fit great and provide excellent support. Superior quality. 
- Ms. Kay T Lashbrook
 great product 
- Ms. Kay T Lashbrook
 Very good product. 
- Larry L Potter
 Excellent service. Thank you. 
- Laurie Z Hyland
 I have the knee-high stocking with silicon bead top. I just wish they were easier to get on, once on it makes my leg feel great. 
- Lori I Dumont
 They fit great and the shipping was fast. 
- Lisa Geist Geist
 great fit. love the open toes. 
- Nancy Joyce Harris
 Excellent stockings with the silicone band. Feels good to have compression stockings that don't roll at the top. I only wished I could of had wide calf ones. Love the choice of 3 length. 
- Lorette Clark
 working beautifully! 
- Catherine M Mcclure
 I am happy with my stocking. They are holding up well and are a fair price for the quality. 
- Mrs Margaret Difrango
 These compression stockings work well for me. I'm so glad I tried this brand at the recommendation of a lymphodemia specialist. And thanks to the representative who convinced me to try the silicone top. I had doubts, but now I can't imagine wearing anything else. 
- Margaret Webster-shapiro
 These are better than the last brand I used. And I love the silicone tops; it really helps. 
- Margaret Webster-shapiro
 I really like these Juzo stockings. They are comfortable, wash and dry well, give me the support and compression I need. The extra bonus is the silicone tops. Love them. 
- Mrs Margaret Webster-shapiro
 We have both the 20-30 and the 30-40 in black. We alternate them to keep the swelling down on his leg. They work exceptionally well and are not to much of a struggle to put on. Even with daily use the socks last for quite a long time. Made of a soft material, they are very comfortable and attractive to wear. Perfect 
- Ronnell J Rindal
 Fits true to size 
- Maria Jackson
 I have worn 40-55 weight compression hosiery for 31 years for lymphedema, and these are the best I have found. I like them the most because the compression changes are seamless as they move up the leg. Others I have tried have a compression change just above or below the knee, which caused me pain, swelling and discomfort. I sew them onto shapewear undergarments, as the tights style are way too long. I have long legs, but use the petite length because I pull them up as far as possible to get the greatest benefit for my particular situation. If you are a woman, I would advise wearing skirts or dresses with them for the greatest comfort and flexibility of your affected limb - both of mine are affected, but one is worse. These wash and dry very well - you can use a mesh bag, but I throw mine in with everything else and use a non-enzyme detergent like ALL Free and Clear. Good luck! 
- Ms Mary Simmons Motte
 Great fit, plus relatively easy to put on and take off, and quality materials and workmanship. 
- Michael Eleey
 was great. Loved the silicone dots at the top. They just wouldn't work for me as I have sensitive skin. 
- Gary G Miller
 Pleased with product. 
- Mrs. Margaret H Hood
 It came earlier than scheduled and so far they are very comfortable to wear. Probably will order another pair soon 
- Mr. Michael E Yabroff
 I wish they were easier to put on. But they do their job of keeping the extra fluid from my legs. Thanks Maggie 
- Margeret J Barrett
 Juzo dynamic is great for stage 1 and early stage 2 Lymphedema. Many sizes and length available. 
- Cynthia Hilferty
 Very good. Works as well as my $500 a pair custom made socks at a fraction of the cost, and these are machine washable and dryable. They are lovely. 
- Karen Woods
 Very good. Works as well as my $500 a pair custom made socks at a fraction of the cost, and these are machine washable and dryable. They are lovely. 
- Karen Woods
 Excellent product, but their quality control at shipping needs a little work. I ordered three beige and one black compression socks, received one pair of each color. A simple phone call to their office pointed out the problem and it was quickly resolved. 
- Michael L Williams
 Being new to compression products, I didn't know quite what to expect. However, this product is something I rely on everyday. My therapist showed me how to put them on easily and so that problem has been eliminated. I never realized how tired my legs were until I used these socks and I feel odd not wearing them daily. My legs feel so much better. 
- Lucy Mickler
 They are helping with my edema. 
- Mrs. Mildred P Smith Smith
 Arrived promptly 
- Ms. Mehjabeen Rahman
 Very comfortable and durable. 
- Mary S Mann
 I have been using Juzo compression stockings for many years. The color, length and compression is great. I have never been disappointed. 
- Mrs Sally A Mulholland
 Love my Juzo Dynamic compression stockings. They far outlast any other compression stocking that I have tried. I highly recommend this product. 
- Mrs. Sally A. Mulholland
 Good fit 
- Kurt And Nancy Johnson
 High quality! 
- Nancy Johnson
 Very comfortable and finally a knee high that doesn't roll and slip down! 
- Mrs. Nancy Johnson
 The customer service was great 
- Nancy Doggett
 Excellent product for the price. Very comfortable to wear. Easy to get on and off. 
- Jane Healy
 Wear well and easy to care for. 
- Dr Patricia M Haynor
 This stocking fits nicely, washes and dries well, feels very comfortable 
- Paula J Smith
 5cm borders are extremely effective. Socks are durable! 
- Albert P Tully Tully
 Great product. Somewhat difficult to put on as most compression wear is. However, using nitrile gloves eases the installation and once on, they are very comfortable. 
- Mr. Peter H Kauffman
 My compression socks, along with exercises I learned in therapy have helped control the lymphedema. 
- Mrs Julie Muirhead
 Exactly as described and was received quickly. 
- Wesley C Transue
 Great product!!!!!!!! 
- Priscilla Thomas
 An outstanding product when compared to others I have used. 
- Robert H Lowing
 Love my product, has helped my swelling tremendously. 
- Bobbi Bohanan
 Once one struggles through getting these on, they seem comfortable enough. I like the silicone band at the top - it keeps stockings in place and they don't slip down. I still have "body issues" wearing support hose to manage my lymphedema. These look more like panty hose than the knee-high Juzo support stockings do. Expensive, but probably worth the cost. 
- Denise Rainier
 I like the way they fit and feel. Was skeptical at first with the petite length, but they were just right. 
- Sandy Brownd
- Ron W Collins
 I've worn compression socks for years, but never tried the ones with the silicone upper bands before. These are the greatest ever. They stay in place and don't slip down the leg. The closed toe version are the most comfortable I've ever had on. 
- Ronald W Collins
 I have used the Juzo product for 37 years. I have no feeling in my legs or feet and have never had any problem with them. I wear them inside out so there is no issues with the seams. 
- Richard D Grizzell
 Perfect fit for my size for lymphedema 
- Mrs Deborah L Richardt
 They are effective in treating lymphedema 
- Mrs Deborah L Richardt
 Juzo Stockings fit well and wear well. I recommend them to those who need support stockings. 
- Richard F Schmoyer Jr
 Best feeling pair of compression stockings I have ever worn. The short length and wider band with silicone fits much better and they do not slip down. 
- Rebecca Hasting
 Easy to order and exactly what I needed! Thanks! 
- Ms. Rhonda Fenner
 Highly recommend this product. I chose the short version and they fit much better 
- Richard Jaross
 It is a great product. It contains my lymphedema swelling well enough that I have not needed to go to my physical therapist for these past 6 months of the pandemic. My leg looks almost normal, like the other one! 
- Rosalee Mitchell
 These have been a Godsend for my legs. After several bouts with cellulitis, this is the first remedy that has made it possible for me to work on the farm without the leg swelling continually. It even helped heal the wound from surgery to relieve the cellulitis issue. 
- Mr Roger H Schwenzfeier
 Got these at firs from Doc's office, but when tried to resupply (with another company's) kept getting wrong size/wrong item/etc. Have been delighted with service and product. Recommend for all who need. 
- Mrs Roberta G Perrell
 Very well made, makes a world of difference in managing my lymphedema. 
- Robert Sacha
 It's my standard compression stockings! 
- Richard Stuckhardt
 Great quality received in a few days will order from this company again 
- Miss Sue R Lehman
 This pair fit very nicely and stayed in place. I finally think I've found the right size for me. 
- Sandy Brownd
 I have lymphedema and I love it. It really helps contain my legs and I will be ordering another pair. 
- Amrita Saylor
 Love these compression stockings. I have Lymphedema and they are making a great difference in the swelling. They are the most comfortable compression stockings I have ever worn. They feel like a soft, snug-fitting sock. 
- Mrs Sheree M Crowder
 I have the 20-30. Only a little difficulty in putting on and taking off. Only negative is that they are a little pricy for a fixed income retiree. I will buy again 
- Donald C Jackson
 great transaction awesome feeling socks will buy again!! 
- Stephen S Kristoff Kristoff
 My favorite is the toeless compression socks with a silicone band. Love the toeless because I can wear my flip flops all summer and the silicone band because I use It Stays to keep the socks from bunching around my ankles and causing major discomfort. My legs actually DO feel better with my compression socks on. 
- Mrs Susan M Goldberg Goldberg
 This socks are essential to treating Lymphedema. One pair lasts about 5-6 months with care. 
- Mrs Susan M Goldberg Goldberg
 My first pair of compression socks had a defect. As soon as the company was notified, they sent a return address label an promptly sent a new pair of socks. No problem with the new ones. Really excellent customer survice 
- Susan Goldberg
 Couldn't be happier. The first pair were way too tight, couldn't get them past the toes. These fit perfect. Thank you Lymphedema Products for helping me get the size right. Fabric is smooth, and very comfortable. The Silicone border holds great. Keep up the great work. 
- Sean Murray Murray
 They are hard to get on and off but the job is done. 
- Stella Norise
 I have used these for several years. They are expensive but of good quality and wear well. My legs feel much better when i'm wearing these. The plain band top are more comfortable for me, but the gel top stays up better when they get older. 
- Minnie E Brantner
 The stockings are very comfortable and effective for support. A friend is handy when putting them on. I would recommend purchasing the 'slippie gator' when the friend is not available. 
- Rosemary Sterner
 Works very well. 
- Susy S Rothschild
 Better containment than other brands. Does tend to run long - I'm 5'7‚Äù and I wear a size small rather than a size normal length. 
- Mrs Janet Tafe
 Excellent product. Good fit. Good fabric and good quality. I just wish price was lower so I could afford to buy 2 at a time. 
- Terri A Shepherd
 Great fit. Makes my leg feel much better and reduces swelling. 
- Ann Boylan
 I have a 35‚Äù inseam and these thigh high socks work GREAT. 
- Terry Dahlquist
 I continue to be pleased with my garments. 
- Alice Michela
 Fit well every time and very comfortable. 
- Teresa A Johnson
 I purchased the product for my woman. I think it is helping to make her legs look more attractive. The stockings are not the only product used to help her however the stocking can be worn and she can be dressed any way she likes. 
- Clarence Toby Hughes
 I had to send the first pair back. They were way 2 tight just below the knee, even though I had been fitted for them. My extremely large top part of the calf of my leg and the shortness made this a very painful on my leg. The lady in customer service that I talked to knew immediately what I needed to swap for. 
- Toni Hill
 Excellent quality. These compression stockings keep their level of compression for the recommended period of time. I have been ordering from Lymphedema products for several years now. 
- Mrs. Traci A Rizk Rizk
 Excellent quality in the compression garment. Quick delivery time and they are the best prices on the market. 
- Mrs. Traci A Rizk
 Excellent service and a wide variety of compression products. 
- Mrs. Traci A Rizk
 I have ordered Juzo Varin's for almost 30 years now for my surgically induced Lymphedema. They are the best quality and stand up to daily use and washing, while keeping their compression strength. 
- Mrs. Traci A Rizk
 I have used this product for many years, ordering every six months as advised. The quality of the product is consistent with five stars as well as the service provided by Lymphedema Products. I will continue to use them as their prices are competitive with other lymphedema products on the market. Service is quick and I receive the products in the mail in a timely manner. 
- Mrs. Traci A Rizk
 I have used these Juzo Dynamic stockings for almost 30 years, ordering them every 6 months as prescribed for my lymphedema. I don't plan on ever switching. They are excellent value for the price! 
- Mrs. Traci A Rizk
- Tom Little Little
 Great product. Speedy delivery. 
- Vicki Stearns
 Quick shipping and arrived in excellent condition. I will be using this company for all my needs in the future. 
- Vicki Stearns
 These hold up well, launder well, and provide the support I need 
- Robin B Vanderroest
 Happy with it 
- Miss Veronica Davis Davis
 Love this Product 
- Purchasing Donna Viet
 Fit beautifully, very comfortable, thigh highs with latex dots at top and they don't fall down at all. Very happy with them. My legs feel so much better. 
- Mrs Colleen J Warner
 Very nice. 
- Mr. William B. Joiner
 The Juzo Dynamic stockings hold up much better than the equivalent ones in a major competing brand. Although the Juzo brand costs more, it is worth not having problems with the legs caused by cheaper stockings that wear out extremely fast. 
- Wilson E Buvinger
 These compression stockings feel like they are massaging my ankles when I walk. They help with the swelling and are very comfortable! I like the wide band at the top. You must get the Donner which helps you put on the stockings! It eliminates the pain of pulling the stockings on over swollen ankles/legs. It is so fast, too. 
- Linda B Wilbanks
 Received my stockings in a timely. They fit fine and keep the swelling down in my ankles. Have to order another pair. 
- Ms Constance P. Knodt
 am very pleased with the product for leg comfort (relief),been using and ordering from them for years. Excellent product and great service from these fine folks. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 These are great. Wish I could afford to buy more. My legs and feet feell so much better. Quick shipping. Ordered mine on a Friday and had them By Monday. 
- Ms Linda L Platzer
 I have been able to put them on myself and they stay put and are comfortable all day. They are machine wash and dry. Most of all they keep the swelling down and lessen the ankle pain. My last order came in a few days. 
- Shirley V Kulp
 The product is of the highest quality and filled all the specifications necessary for this customer. The ordering process and the delivery time were exceptionally good. 
- Bonnie F Schirk
 Keeps the swelling in my leg at a minimum 
- Rebecca Rubenstein
 These are comfortable and fairly easy to put on. They wash well. I am very pleased and will order another pair shortly. 
- Mrs. Wendy H Mackey
 The service is great on receiving these. They are nice and heavy, easy to put on even though I have arthritis in my fingers, and they stay up with no problem. I would recommend these to anyone. 
- Ms Bonnie L Nolan
 The policy of being able to return the socks if necessary is very helpful 
- Carolyn D Conner
 They are light yet have the compression needed. 
- Carol Ford
 used Juzo for years. good stuff. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 always great product and service. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 excellent products. very happy with them (even when no "sales" going on)! 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 have used these for years now. sales/service etc. excellent from the company - and the product is very fine. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 Have received similar purchases from them over the years - excellent product - highly recommend the merchandise and the sales/service. 
- Mrs Karen B Barrett
 This is a wonderful product. Also, I received my order in a very timely fashion. 
- Ms Diane E Lund
 Fits well. 
- Ms Diane E Lund
 Thanks I love my supports the timing of delivery was great with no problems. My hose is the best ever. you can wear them and forget they are support. 
- Evelyn Willingham
 very good service 
- Glenn Cloyd
 First time using Juzo products. Great quality and very good service! 
- Janet Palange
 Sizing works. Not too hard to put on. 
- Carol Dorf
 Much better then previous products of the same kind I used. 
- Leo G. Preuss
 I am pleased with the Juzo products. 
- Barbara Connor
 I feel after so many purchases you should recieve a discount. 
- Barbara Smith
 I feel after so many purchases you should get a discount. 
- Barbara Smith
 These are great. Sturdy enough to keep the swelling down. I was afraid to try the silicone tops, but they are great, and keep the stockings where they should be. I love that they are machine wash and dry and wash them with my usual delicate laundry. I bought several pairs so I don't have to wash every day. 
- Mrs Margaret Webster-shapiro
 excellent product and service 
- Mandi L Aldrich Peters
 I'm a therapist and always order Juzo Dynamic for my patients to maintain edema post lymphedema control, It helps alot. 
- Nader Ibrahim
 Quick shipping and accurate order. 
- Lori Groff
 Very good compression product plus soft on sensitive skin. Like the availability of so many size variations, almost like custom made. 
- Sandra Halka
 Maintains its memory. Love the non-slip silicone bands. Quick delivery. 
- Ms. Cynthia I Dale
 This pair of hose assists me to exercise most every morning with comfort. 
- Dr. Stephen R Nohlgren
 I like and need this product it keeps my legs From swelling twice the size of normal. Thanks!!!! 
- Tammy Johnson
 Service great. Helpful advice on choosing which product to use. It was just what I wanted/needed. 
- Theresa A Carroll
 Fits good keeps my swelling under controll 
- Sharon Raabe
 Soft, non binding. 
- Mrs. Traci A Rizk
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