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Juzo DreamSoft 2000


Juzo DreamSoft 2000 by Juzo
The Juzo DreamSoft 2000 Series is a premium compression stocking. It features an extremely soft and elastic knit that offers unsurpassed wearing comfort. Juzo 2000 DreamSoft stockings are available in a variety of fun seasonal colors and come in a large assortment of sizes.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
Available Colors
This product has 51 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings - pair
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2000DS-AD
Knee-High Stockings w/Silicone Border - pair
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2000DS-ADS
20-30 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2001DS-AD
Knee-High Stockings w/Silicone Border - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2001DS-ADS
30-40 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Stockings - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2002DS-AD
Knee-High Stockings w/Silicone Border - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2002DS-ADS
 My legs are so big and also so short that it has been difficult to find compression garments that fit without cutting into my leg. The petite IV was the perfect fit! Legs now feel wonderful and there is no cutting into the top of my leg! 
- Ann W Lowery
 These are comfortable and the fit is perfect. Very happy petite length are carried. 
- Ashley Dynek
 I wear the open toe compression hose. These are soft and comfortable. Some days I wear the thigh highs and other days the knee high - they are both comfortable. 
- Annette J Tidwell Tidwell
 I have used Juzo ted hose for many years; however, this year I tried another product. Yes, they were less money, but the ted hose was, also, less. I will not purchase any other ted hose, but Juzo, they are the best!! 
- Barbara L Wright
 Life changing ... once I mastered putting them on and taking them off, I found them to be incredibly comfortable and allowed me to be on my feet without leg pain for most of the day. I'm much less tired at the end of the day when I've worn the socks all day! 
- Ms Brooke A Taylor
 Great fit, great colors to choose from. 
- Bethany Green
 Juzo Soft are the best I've found. Comfortable and the elastic in the panty eliminates the totally unflattering transition from leg to panty of every other brand I've tried. 
- Nancy K Binkley
 I love these! Compression wear at its finest. 
- Ms. Carolyn Briede
 Love, Love, Love!!! 
- Ms. Carolyn Briede
 Great stockings as advertised 
- Carol J Brown
 The garment is very comfortable. The transition between the leg and panty is gradual which helps with comfort. 
- Catherine Vanleer Vanleer
 I always get this. Colors are fun . It is soft to the touch and last me 9 to 10 hours on my feet at work 
- Alida C Mooty
 Great product. Variety of colours. Just make sure you get the silicone band. Without it there is no stopping rolling of band. Also head the warning that may need a short or petite if you add the silicone band. 
- Alida C Mooty
 Great quality and fit from this brand - my favorite! 
- Debbie Hubbard
 Great product!! 
- Mrs Angela Egge
 Good Quality 
- Elba Del Castillo Jimenez
 This product was recommended to me by my lymphedema specialist. These are by far the BEST compression stockings I have ever worn. They are very easy to put on and don't fall down. Note: I purchased the Dreamsoft 2000 Knee High socks with the silicone border. 
- Frances Burrington
 The Juzo product was recommended by my lymphedema therapist and I have worn them for almost ten years. I would highly recommend these compression hose to others. 
- Glenda W Noles
 They are easy to put on 
- Helen E. Bonow
 These garments are so soft and they do the job. Great product. 
- Jacqueline Augustine
 They are comfortable 
- Joan Steinke
 Really like the comfort of these 
- Mrs Cheryl E Stottlemyer
 Very Comfortable 
- Mrs Cheryl E Stottlemyer
 I've been wearing JUzo dreamsoft 2000 in the lovely fashionable colors for three years now! ( compression therapy for 16). The fit is perfect, best product out there! ( I've tried other brands , these are the best for me) Started wearing compression hosiery for varicose veins and pelvic congestion syndrome at the age of 31 
- Mrs. Judy A Powell
 I love these! I'm all about comfort and these are comfy and not too hard to pull on. They aren't overly constructive on my tummy as some others are. I've ordered some of the fun colors they come in too, they're great looking. These are my everyday compression hose. I have other brands that are harder to get on which I can't do everyday. 
- Deborah Martinez
 I love these pantyhose. Excellent fit! 
- Karen Liebel
 Easily the best compression socks I have ever worn. Comfortable, graduated compression. And the fun colors! I have tried several brands and I am sticking with these. Love them. 
- Laura Macpherson
 Fast shipping. Great customer service. Product is amazing. Lightweight. Stays in place 
- Kristy Faria
 These are perfect. No sliding down. 
- Linda R Miller
 I love the tie dye compression stockings. makes having to wear them so much more fun. 
- Linda R Miller Miller
 Feels great and I get so many compliments on the tye dye. If you gotta wear it wear it with style! 
- Elizabeth Dennis
 love the new colors! 
- Marilynn Arm
 Colors and fit are the best! 
- Marilynn L. Arm
 I like to wear the colors by Juzo and these pantyhose are the best! 
- Marilynn L. Arm
 Nice color, good feel! 
- Marsha Greiner
 Good fit and very comfortable. Easy to take on and off. 
- Mary Ann Thiet
 Very Good 
- Ms Michele Grimaldi
 I have worn compression hose for about 15 years and they have ALWAYS cut my leg just below the knee. I had permanent indentions for years. Now with the silicon top they stay up andI am perfectly comfortable. Wish I found these years ago. 
- Mindy M L Beck
 I have worn compression hose for over 15 years. These are by far the most comfortable with the silicon top. 
- Mindy M L Beck
 I really love them. Will save up and order another pair. 
- Tammy S Nolin
 My only problem is I want more 
- Mary Burnett Mary Burnett
 I love them 
- Ocie Goodloe
 They are comfortable, nor do they fall down, but it gives me the support I need. 
- Ocie Goodloe
 I love the stockings. Best brand I have had. Would purchase again. 
- Betty Peterson
 fit as expected, very nice fit, top quality product 
- William F Pickles
 great product, fit perfectly, easy to put on 
- William F Pickles
 works well and love all the different colors 
- Marla S Whipple
 Good product, but compared to the previous pantyhose (exactly the same model and size) this one slides down. 
- Mrs Regina Velton
 Always a favorite 
- Edith Robbins
 I purchased a tie dyed pair, a closed toe pair and 3 open toed pairs. I just love them. I can switch them out and not wear any of them out to soon. 
- Tresia M Bond
 Easier than most to put on especially with the special insert included. Helps to keep down the swelling. Love the color choices. I started out with basic black. 
- Ellen P Wright
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