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Juzo Dream Naturally Sheer w/Silicone Border


Juzo Dream Naturally Sheer w/Silicone Border by Juzo
Whether it's traveling to one of your dream destinations or just making through a long day at work, you have counted on one thing to carry you through - your legs. The new Naturally Sheer Stockings fit your fashion sense and lifestyle. They feature a classic sheer fashion appearance and excellent wearability. They are available in open or closed toe.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
Available Colors
This product has 11 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Thigh-High Stockings w/Silicone Border - pair
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2100DS-AG
20-30 mmHg Compression
Thigh-High Stockings w/Silicone Border - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2101DS-AG
30-40 mmHg Compression
Thigh-High Stockings w/Silicone Border - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2102DS-AG
 Fast, easy transactions. My "go to provider" for all my lymphedema products! 
- Carleen E Wheeler
 These are very attractive and hardly noticeable as compression hose. My lymphedema therapist had never seen ones that sheer. 
- Carol Kratch
 color is beautiful ,they are sheer for summer.I wear them a lot. Wish they were this sheer in 20/30 pressure. 
- Ruth Ralls
 Most beautiful stockings. Mywife loves them 
- Charles Pyle
 My physical therapist pointed me to the Juzo support stockings to help reduce swelling in my left leg after knee replacement surgery on May 11. She says wearing the stocking daily will reduce by half the length of time I will experience the swelling. Complications during the surgery damaged the tibial nerve, causing numbness and pain in the left foot--which also swells if I don't wear the stocking. The stocking itself is comfortable, and if I wash it out by hand every night and air dry it, the thigh band at the top stays sticky enough that the stocking doesn't drift downward. Getting it on over the numb foot and toes is the hardest part, as it is quite tight in that area. But I'm getting better at that! 
- Ms. Kathleen C Williams
 I returned these - no review. Nothing wrong with them - I just won't use them. 
- Margery A Cosgrove
 Esthetically beautiful, sheer, supportive. Only difficulty is getting it on...but with the help of gloves and plastic sock, no problem. 
- Nancy L Beck
 This is great. 
- Sue A Debevec
 fit and feel is superb. love the colors. 
- Stuart Van Kooten
 great service 
- Stuart Van Kooten
 absolutely love them! I can have the support that I need & still wear my cute sandles in the summer time! 
- Sherry Watkins
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