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Jobst UlcerCare by BSN Jobst
Jobst UlcerCare helps heal venous leg ulcers. Designed specifically to help manage venous leg ulcers, the stockings give you freedom from weekly bandaging visits. Jobst UlcerCare is a two-stocking system comprised of a liner and a compression stocking. Together they supply the gradient compression needed for a venous ulcer to heal. The light compression liner holds dressings in place, helps the compression stocking slide on more easily, and can be worn day and night. The open toe outer stocking with zipper is easy to put on. The stocking and liner are made from soft yarns for more comfort. The stocking features a reciprocated heel for better fit and wear. Jobst UlcerCare can be worn with your regular clothing and footwear. Two liners are included with the compression stocking.
Available Colors
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40 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Single Stocking (No Zipper)
Compression: 40 mmHg
Knee-High Single Stocking (Zipper on Right Side)
Compression: 40 mmHg
Knee-High Single Stocking (Zipper on Left Side)
Compression: 40 mmHg
 Love my jobst stockings,, 
- Marcia D Mcauley
 Very helpful in getting my leg wound to heal- the two part system was much easier to handle and greatly helped in positive resolution of my case 
- Mary Fisher
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