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Epstein by BSN Jobst
The Jobst Epstein Support provides even pressure to aid in controlling edema. It can be used to hold dressings or moist compresses in place without tape. It has adjustable hook and loop closures making it easy for patients to put on. The Jobst Epstein Support can be slit to expose the patient's ears.
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Head Garment (One Size)
Compression: Mild
 Seems to be helping 
- William A Abram
 Love this. I was using a wrap this was time consuming to put on therefore not using it as much as I should have been. With this it goes on and off quickly with the perfect amount of pressure. Now I can use it easily all day and night. 
- Beverly Mitchell
 This product is great for post neck cancer lymphedema. Very comfortable and easy for extended use. Really helps to keep skin soft and makes neck massage more effective for reducing visual effects. 
- Earle Parker
 Very good service. 
- Frank C Bobbitt
 Easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and quickly resolved my lymphedema. What more can I say? 
- Edward P Gellender
 Works well. I sleep in it and it also serves as a cushion for my CPAP mask. 
- Harry Stone
 This works as a compression device for my face and neck. Just like a compression sock on my leg, it helps move fluid, reduce swelling and stiffness. 
- Harry L Stone
 Fine product works well 
- James Grimm
 It seems to be doing the job and I am happy with the results. 
- Kermit T. Carr
 Very comfortable to wear. 
- Lisa J Beal
 Exactly as advertised. I wear it at night and it has helped the lymph drainage. 
- Ms. Carolyn S Whitener
 An excellent product and service. 
- Nancy Whitinger
 this is an excellent head wrap. I had surgery on my neck and it swells and when I put this on it takes care of everything. I highly recommend it. Great product and great company 
- Mr Jason A Fuda
 I had major surgery and I needed something for my neck to drain my lymph nodes. This is perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for. 
- Louis S Sciarrette
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