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Compression Wear for the Head

People who undergo surgical procedures of the head or neck may be required to use compression wear to encourage proper healing. Your doctor may prescribe compression wear specifically designed to help prevent the buildup of lymphatic fluid in the affected areas of the head, jaw or neck. Compression wear for the head is used to facilitate the natural healing process. It may be prescribed as an important aspect of post-surgical recovery.

Lymph is a clear fluid that plays an important role in maintaining the health of the body. It is a key component of a healthy immune system. Normally, lymph circulates throughout the body through a sort of parallel circulatory system, much as blood circulates through the primary circulatory system. Together the lymphatic vessels and lymph comprise the lymphatic system.

Circulation and drainage problems can develop in the lymphatic system as a result of traumatic injury, or due to surgery. Either of these may interrupt the normal flow of lymphatic fluid. When lymph fails to recirculate properly, a condition called lymphedema may result. To encourage lymph to flow out of delicate tissues and back into the lymphatic system, doctors prescribe medical grade compression. By gently squeezing affected tissues, these specially designed, durable, medical-grade garments can help prevent the swelling, tenderness and interrupted healing that may occur due to lymphedema of the head or neck.

At Lymphedema Products, we stock the Epstein Support from trusted manufacturer, BSN Jobst. Featuring adjustable hook and loop fastener closures, the Epstein Support garment provides gentle, but firm, compression to the tissues of the neck and jawline. Providing mild compression, this garment is one-size-fits-all. Lymphedema Products also offers the Facioplasty model, from BSN Jobst. Similar to the Epstein Support garment, the Facioplasty garment supports the tissues of the jaw after surgical repairs to the face or jaw, while leaving the upper neck area free. "Facioplasty" also provides mild compression. Either garment can also be used to help keep delicate dressings or moist compresses in place during healing.

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