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Genital Lymphedema Bandaging Kit

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Genital Lymphedema Bandaging Kit by Lymphedema Products
This special genital lymphedema treatment kit and companion video was developed by Steve Norton, MLD/CDT Instructor, CLT-LANA and Executive Director of the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy to assist patients and therapists in the treatment of this difficult area. This kit includes:

"CDT Treatment for Genital Lymphedema" DVD
Elastomull 3" (4 units)
Mollelast 6cm x 4m (4 units)
Adhesive-Backed Hook Fastener 6" (1 unit)
Non-Adhesive-Backed Hook Fastener 6" (1 unit)
Velfoam 2" x 1y (1 unit)
Velfoam 6" x 1y (1 unit)
Lenkelast 6cm x 5m (2 units)
Lenkelast 8cm x 5m (2 units)

This kit is also available without the DVD.
This product has 3 reviews.
Genital Kit (with DVD)
Genital Kit (without DVD)
 Very helpful and the video was very good explaining the problem and what to do. 
- Al Jones
 It had everything I needed 
- Jennifer J Brown
 The wrapping materials that are included in the genital bandaging kit were everything that we needed to help my husband. Thank you for putting together this kit. It would be nice if something such as a catchers face mask could be bought already put together, that is what we had to build from the materials in the kit. 
- Mrs Verna C. Trimble
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