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Microfine Toe Cap


Microfine Toe Cap by Haddenham
The Haddenham (formerly FarrowMed) Microfine Toe Cap is easy to measure, easy to fit, and ambidextrous. It can be trimmed to fit for a close fit to toes without fraying or rolling. It provides Class I compression (20-30 mmHg). The Microfine Toe Cap is comfortable and durable, manufactured with fine seams combined with ultra thin and smooth microfine material.

May be worn on the Left or Right foot.

Please Note: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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This product has 47 reviews.
 Great product; however it's too expensive to just buy one, because one should be the price of a pair. Not affordable. 
- Artis L Mcknight Ms.
 The thought of having something between my toes was a bit daunting. But the toe caps are thin enough that it doesn't bother me. Toe length was a bit long so I just cut them down till they fit. 
- Becky Millis
 Comfortable. I have swelling in my toes and this helps. I did not cut the toes to length, instead i 
- Ann Kalkofen
 They are a excellent product for my lymphedema it really works to bring my fluid down in my toes !!! I wish they sold them in pairs though they are a little expensive if you don't have good insurance to cover them !! 
- Mrs Amy S Espe
 The toes are long, and at first I tried to fold them down. That didn't work and so I just left them long. I was afraid to trim them because of the seams. It is on my right foot, and the label is on top, which makes it hard to hide (even if I cut it off, the part in the seam would still be there). But I am very happy with it for daytime wear. Easy to wash and dry overnight. 
- Annette Thornton
 They are fairly easy to get on, you must trim the toe lengths for your fit. They work keeping the swelling down, exactly what I needed. 
- Dan M Potter Jr
 My lymphededema is very localized to the toes so these toe caps really address the problem. They are pricey, but worth every penny. I really hope they continue to make them. 
- Cecilia C Meagher
 Works very well for toe reduction 
- Cathy J Elliott
 Very effective 
- Cathy J Elliott Elliott
 I love the Microfine toe cap! I wear it every day and my toes are no longer swollen. 
- Donna Mcmechan
 Very comfortable. I have only been wearing the top caps for 3 months. The material is holding up well and helps with my toe swelling a lot. I ordered an additional pair too. 
- Donna Kolinske
 This is exactly the product I was looking for. Previously I had ordered it through my lymphadema fitter, but was glad to be able to order it directly myself online. Fits just right, I'm very happy with it. 
- Ms Elaine Weil
 My father has lymphedema and the swelling in his toes started to get out of hand after his old custom fit toe caps started to loose their compression. We were hesitant to try these because they are not custom. These toe caps are great though. We were able to cut it to size without any unraveling (he prefers to have the last two toes free, so we cut off the last two toes). They are very stretchy, so fit perfectly. We even ordered a second toecap for his other foot. They are comfortable that he can wear them all night without needing to take them off. Perfect solution for us! 
- Robert Potts
 Works very well and is comfortable. Washes easily and line dries well. 
- Gloria Lotz Lotz
 My life was changed when I discovered toe caps!! I finally have some relief from the significant swelling that built up in my toes and foot. Plus you can cut them with scissors to fit the individual length of your toes and foot and they don't unravel! Genius! 
- Iris Frye
 I love this product! My physical therapist recommend this product to help reduce the swelling in my toes and forefoot on my left foot. So far it has reduced the swelling in the base of my toes and is giving me back my range of motion which great! Also my toe swelling is also going down to the numbers matching the toes on my right foot. We still have to work on having it reduce the big toe swelling and my forefoot but it is already making vast improvements. I am really happy with this product and think it's fantastic for people who have similar issues like myself. 
- Keri A Croy
 This product is perfect. I had to send back the extra small size and then quickly received the new replacement small size and it fits perfect. This product does not turn my toes blue and certainly helps with the swelling of same. Not constrictive and actually comfortable to wear. I'm just thrilled that I can now wear my regular shoes again!!! 
- Kristina J Ruppert
 I had to return my first one because it was too big. No problems with returning and getting a smaller size. 
- Kelly Magrum
 Have used before. work great 
- Larry Lippi
 These toe caps are amazing. They keep my toes from swelling and I love that they can be cut with scissors to customize the fit. I just ordered a second pair. 
- Mrs Lisa R De Grandy
 Provides a lot of comfort 
- Ms Lisa L Schwenk
 They're very good. I wish there was a volume discount. 
- Ms Lisa L Schwenk
- Ms Lisa L Schwenk
 I am impressed with the way the toe cap works to help reduce the lymphedema swelling in my toes. This product has been very beneficial. I would definitely recommend the toe cap for anyone having a problem with controlling swelling in the toes! I appreciated the fast shipping once I placed my order. 
- Linda J Bridges Bridges
 this is an excellent product for swelling in the toes and front of foot which I have. Since using this product I am able to wear real shoes again. I love this little piece of fabric..It is comfortable and can be trimmed to fit your foot. 
- Tanya Thomas
- Maitland Finley
 This will not replace a custom toe cap. BUT it works great while my swelling is under control. I use it to help control my toe swelling when I wear knee high boots (my cheat around wearing compression stockings). Usually my foot and ankle look great after a day in boots but my toes are puffy. Not so after wearing this toe cap. Easy to toss in the wash on gentle and dries quickly overnight. 
- Michelle Silbersack
 Thinking my toes would continue to be chubby from swelling, the toe cap has allowed them to almost look normal. Works great and is easy to put on. I will be purchasing another one soon so I can always have one on while the other is being washed. 
- Becky Millis
 Does the job, reducing swelling 
- Mr. Michael F Conroy Esq.
 it's a bit expensive for what size it is, but how else could you control control swelling in your toes? I've been wearing Pro 4 leg bandage system, and it was making my toes swell. this Microfine Toe Cap has been a gamechanger. I highly recommend it to deal with swollen toes. btw, it will fit left or right foot. We did cut about a half inch off each toe. and at almost $90 each, don't misplace them! 
- Neil Jameson
 I love this product. My toes stay more like toes and less like little sausages with the use of these toe caps. I learned, when cutting each toe to length, it is better to not cut enough and just keep trimming little by little because once one toe is a little too short you can't go back. 
- Pamela Johnson
 I love this product! I put this on first, followed by my compression stockings. The Microfine Toe Cap allows the stockings to go on very smoothly; I don't need to use the toe covers that are included with the stockings. Very importantly, the Microfine Toe Cap prevents the compression from the stockings from causing edema in my toes. The product is a little expensive ($171 for two items), but the cost is worth it. I consider the Microfine Toe Cap to be a compliment to my compression stockings. They go hand in hand (or foot in foot) together. 
- Patricia Egan
 This is an excellent, comfortable product to use if you experience swelling in your toes 
- Patricia A A Dow
 The product works very well. It is easy to put on first thing when I get up in the morning and helps my toe swelling. 
- Thomas S Grant
 I was skeptical about my doctor's recommendation for these toe socks to counteract my severe lymphedema and stasis ulcer. But after little help from other approaches I tried them and have become a convert. They work for me and I would recommend them to anyone with difficulties such as I had. Very good service from Haddenham as a bonus. 
- Dr. Richard G Schultz
 Excellent product 
- Ronald Lankford
 Excellent product. Nice fit with all types of shoes. Provides just enough compression for toes and front of foot. 
- Rhondda R Thomas
 Really has helped my toe swelling! 
- Rebecca S Sharp
 Love how it is adjustable to your foot and feels great. 
- Debra Rahmoeller Rahmoeller
 Excellent product,I wear this every day. I have sewn in a thin elastic band to go around my heel so that I can use with my sandals. This really loved a major problem for me. 
- Norma Schwartz
 They have a tendency to slide down on the toes. 
- Tawana D Edwards
 Just order a second one. Great comfort for toes, easy to put on. 
- Toni Lambert
 I have been using this product for years to keep my toes from swelling and will definitely buy again. 
- Patricia A Davis
 These, along with the compression socks, have really helped keep the swelling down in my husband's toes and feet. 
- Virginia Friesen
 It really helps keep the edema down! 
- Virginia Friesen
 Keeps my toes and foot from swelling 
- Ellen Wright Wright
 I have been wearing these for over 5 years and they are the best. Tried other brands and not satisfied with them, especially the color choices. The Sand matches my custom garments!!! So happy they are back in stock! 
- Karen Chirichello
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