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Compression Foot Garments

At Lymphedema Products, we feature all types of medical-grade compression apparel. That includes gloves for the control of fluid buildup and swelling in the hands (compression gloves and gauntlets) and "gloves" for the feet such as the Haddenham (formerly FarrowMed) Microfine Toe Cap. Intended to work in concert with the FarrowWrap for feet and ankles, the Microfine Toe Cap is a customizable glove that will hug your foot snugly and firmly to help reduce toe, foot and ankle swelling. Simply don the item, measure toe length, remove, and trim away excess material to best fit your unique anatomy. You'll enjoy a snug fit with no fraying or rolling.

Customers like the ease and convenience of this garment for the control of fluid accumulation that may be localized in the toes. Rather than laboriously wrapping each toe individually, it's simple to slip this "glove" onto the foot and begin enjoying the benefits of Class I (20-30 mmHg) compression immediately. Comfortable, durable and effective, the Microfine Toe Cap is manufactured with fine seams combined with smooth, microfine, thin material for the greatest comfort. Designed to accommodate either foot, it's easy to tailor this garment to your unique contours, toe lengths, etc.

Satisfied customers often remark on the time savings realized by switching from products that require you to wrap toes individually, on a daily basis, to the Microfine Toe Cap. Can be worn as part of a comprehensive lymphedema compression therapy system, including compression stockings. In fact, some customers report that wearing the Toe Cap with compression stockings prevents fluid from being counterproductively squeezed down into toes.

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