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Eucerin Lotion by BSN Medical
Eucerin is the #1 choice of physicians and pharmacists for treating dry, sensitive skin. Appropriate for any age, Eucerin is effective and safe in the treatment of dry skin associated with lymphedema, dermatitis, as well as preventing skin breakdown in the older patient. It helps alleviate dryness and cracking that can lead to infection and possesses a low pH which is useful when skin infection is a concern.

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This product has 6 reviews.
 I'm not young anymore and dry skin is a constant companion and the itching can drive you nuts. Eucerin stops the itching and lets me get a nights sleep. I have nuropathy in my feet and legs and eucerin seems to help with the this issue too. 
- William E Alt
 The lotion is soothing. 
- Ms. Barbara J Cutajar
 Thick and rich. I'd bath in it if I could. Great price too. 
- Bonnie L Mcgill
 Thicker lotion, very soothing! 
- Marsha Greiner
 Love Eucerin and it was recommended by my Physical Therapist 
- Trish Snyder
 Excellent lotion! Thick, giving good coverage. Has a very brief- lasting aroma. Bottle size allows for several weeks of usage. Best feature is the pumping; easy to pump with a generous quantity of lotion. 
- Mr Timothy L Walters
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