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Elastomull by BSN Medical
This product is an ideal gauze for general use or as a specialty lymphedema bandage for wrapping fingers and toes (1", 2", and 3" sizes most appropriately). Larger sizes (4") are excellent for fixing foam padding and wound dressings to limb areas. Elastomull is virtually lint free, reducing risk of particle contamination.
This product has 46 reviews.
Individual Pieces
4cm x 4m 
8cm x 4m 
4" x 4.1yds 
4cm x 4m - bag (20 pieces)
8cm x 4m - bag (20 pieces)
4" x 4.1yds - bag (12 pieces)
4" x 4.1yds - case (96 pieces)
 It's excellent. 
- Angela Ladus
 was good for wrapping my fingers during treatment. The order came quickly and the cost by the dozen was reasonable. 
- Amanda Hinds
- Mrs. Amy N Lewis
- Ann Waller
 Great product, great price 
- Mr Stephen S Blanchard
 Happy with purchase and how quick the shipment was. 
- Roberta Vincent
 My physical therapist suggested trying this gauze to wrap my hand and fingers in at night. (I have a mild case of lymphedema which seems to affect mostly the hand, rather than the arm. It aches and swells some, especially in warmer weather.) I have been wrapping the hand in Elastomull the past 9 months at bedtime and it has really helped. I have found that Micropore tape, which I can also purchase from Lymphedema Products, holds it in place the best‚Ķjust a strip about 2 inches long‚Ķone roll lasts several months. 
- Catherine Dolan
 Works great 
- Charles M Carroll
 This product was recommended by my therapist and I have ordered it several times without any issues 
- Cheryl Bertin
 Having been using this as finger wrap for over a year, recommended by my physical therapist for my lymphadema 
- Cheryl Bertin
 This product is what my therapist used on me. Was delivered quickly. 
- Cheryl Bertin
 I have re-ordered this product several times 
- Cheryl Bertin
 Good product 
- Cynthia K Pierson
 Great quality. Just what I needed. 
- Cynthia K Pierson
 Perfect for wrapping toes and front of foot. 
- Dawn Davis
 very good for toe wrapping 
- Fares N Aris
 used to wrap fingers. price was reasonable in bulk. shipped quickly 
- Ms Frances B Patch
 just what we needed 
- Judy Ackerman Ackerman
 I got this to wrap my toes. It's very soft and comfortable. 
- Kristian D Bendzunas
 I've been using this product for o20 years. And will continue for another 20 
- Mrs. Tina Lieberman
 As expected. During COVID shutdown some suppliers were unable to ship, but LProducts shipped express to make up for the delay. 
- Janice I Barber Doyle
 This product is very soft and comfortable to wear on your toes. 
- Jean A Labarr
 Works as expected and reasonably priced. 
- Joyce Mcmahon
- Kimberly A ColÔøΩn
- Mrs Karen Lynch Trujillo
 Works great used for 20 years! 
- Elaine Padgett
 I use this product to wrap my fingers and it's great with my wrap. Again fast service and reasonably price by buying a carton. 
- Mrs. Lynn A. Carnevale
 Good quality and inexpensive 
- Michael J Kouw
 very soft and easy to use. 
- Marie Cornine
 Just as suspected. Quality and packaging of this item were in good order. 
- Anthony Desepoli
 It is an excellent soft wrap over the stocking and under the foam to protect the leg from any damage from the compression wraps I use on her leg. 
- Dale Neuman
 Recommended by our therapist 
- Anne Herzog Herzog
 It works great for toe wrapping. 
- Patsy S Baker
 Excellent quality and prompt service. 
- Penelope J. Cummings
 Therapists recommended 
- Phyllis E. Maynard
 I use the two inch Elasomull for wrapping my fingers and hand. It keeps the swelling out of my fingers and provides a comfortable surface for the wrapping with the Comprilan 
- Penelope Zimmerman
 Well designed and sturdy 
- Richard A Leidig
 exactly what I needed! 
- Elizabeth Self
 Great product! 
- Susan Staley
 This brand is nicer than the competitor because it doesn't shred and bunch up like the others I've used. It stays in place. 
- Lisamarie Nash
 works great for finger wrapping 
- Paige E Chamberlain
 The product was very soft and works very well for my use. Very comfortable. 
- Mrs Joyce M Henry
 Very soft easy to use 
- Ms Annette Harris
 I use this to wrap my fingers. The price was great, it was shipped quickly and I'm very pleased. 
- Valerie Todd
 works well for finger wrapping 
- Alison Mehlhorn
- Mrs. Linda L. Dewey
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