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Dorsal Pocket Glove


Dorsal Pocket Glove by Sigvaris
The Pocket Glove Dorsum provides 20-30 mmHg compression from finger tips to wrist. The garment features a Dorsal Pocket to insert foam or Sigvaris ChipPad. It features full finger compression with attached donning loops for easy use. A uniquely designed palm padding reduces side-to-side squeezing for a more comfortable fit and the garment is ultra thin allowing for complete hand function when worn.
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Hand Piece
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
 For the lymphedema I had in my had it worked. I have the swelling the palm of my had and the back of my had. I wear it at night and add extra padding on the back of my hand. It has taken about 2 years to control but the results for me has been amazing. 
- Cathy J Williams
 Waited too long to get a new glove. Didn't realize how stretched out my old glove was. New glove makes my hand look great. Comfortable and easy to get off and on. 
- Paul Weber
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