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Arm Lymphedema Bandaging Kit

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Arm Lymphedema Bandaging Kit by Lymphedema Products
This Arm kit provides all the bandages required during the clinical phase of treatment. The kit includes two complete sets allowing daily rotation of soiled or overstretched bandages while minimizing the requirement for daily re-washing and drying before each treatment.

The kit includes:

Rosidal K/Comprilan/BiaForm 6cm x 5m (2 units)
Rosidal K/Comprilan/BiaForm 8cm x 5m (2 units)
Rosidal K/Comprilan/BiaForm 10cm x 5m (4 units)
Elastomull 4" (4 units)
Artiflex/Cellona 10cm x 3m (2 units)
Mollelast 6cm x 4m (10 units)
TG-6 Size S (1 unit)
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Arm Kit 
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