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Comprilan by BSN Medical
Comprilan is a short stretch compression bandage made from 100% cotton (contains no elastic yarns) and is specifically designed for the management of venous leg ulcers, lymphedema, and edema. Unlike long stretch bandages, Comprilan provides both compression and high resistance to stretch to increase venous and lymphatic return. Comprilan bandages feature: (1) air-permeable, latex-free, 100% cotton construction; (2) flexible, high wearing comfort suitable for sensitive skin; (3) short stretch, textile elastic ideal for double-bandaging techniques (4) lengthwise extensibility of approximately 90% that helps move lymphatic fluid out of limbs; (5) high working and low resting pressure; (6) a variety of widths to suit patients' needs
Individual Pieces
4cm x 5m 
6cm x 5m 
8cm x 5m 
10cm x 5m 
12cm x 5m 
10cm x 10m 
12cm x 10m 
4cm x 5m - case (24 pieces)
6cm x 5m - case (20 pieces)
8cm x 5m - case (20 pieces)
10cm x 5m - case (20 pieces)
12cm x 5m - case (20 pieces)
10cm x 10m - case (20 pieces)
12cm x 10m - case (20 pieces)
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