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Comprifoam by BSN Medical
The CompriFoam open cell foam bandage is ideal for padding under compression bandages for phlebological and lymphological indications. It is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from compression bandages over extremities, thus preventing constrictions and ensuring an effective compression therapy. The non-slip texture of the foam also makes applying a compression bandage (such as Comprilan) easier. CompriFoam is also suited as padding material under plaster and synthetic casts in orthopedic applications.
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Individual Pieces
10cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm 
12cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm 
 It is totally perfect for protecting my Legs from the wrapping also protects my Legs when my Dog or Grandchildren run in to them.They are also Washable. 
- Heike Plumb
 Great product 
- Crissy Price
 This foam wrap works well over your stockinett and under your ace wraps to provide cushion and help prevent creasing ‚Äòhotspots'. 
- Donna Bondy
 Your company is the only web site that carries foam in a roll and is thin; all others' foam was much too thick to use under compression bandages! I was thrilled to find this product among your other supplies needed for us lymphedema patients! It comes in just the right length too - long enough to cover the foot, ankle, & leg up to the knee. Perfect! 
- Ms Elizabeth R Kessler
 Very good quality and holds up well with multiple uses 
- Patricia A Cole
 Does What it is supposed to do. 
- Mr James W Beliveau
 great time saver 
- Rebecca Sims
 This is the brand of foam I have always used for my lymphedema; I think it's great. 
- Miss Katherine E Kay
 Does what I want it to - protect my leg from the wrapping bandage 
- Ms Helen Maunsell
 The perfect size to wrap my legs and I love the amount of stretch they have 
- Vicki L Hale
 I have used this product on my wife's arm for over 2 years and it is easy to pull to the right compression and cover with the other wraps. 
- Thomas S. Nixon
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