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Medi Comfort Gel


Medi Comfort Gel by Medi
Medi Comfort Gel is ideal for gently cooling and comforting patients' skin while they wear compression stockings. Patients simply smooth the gel on arms or legs and rub it into affected areas every morning before applying compression garments.
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Individual Pieces
50ml Tube 
50ml Tube - case (6 pieces)
 Helped clear up the skin on my foot in about a week 
- John Radtke
 This is magical... it controls the redness and burning sensation and I can actually wear the compression stockings all day. Great product!! I bought extra tubes of both gel and cream and gave to a friend to try... that tells it all. 
- Ms Charlotte M Klassy
 Love it. 
- Ms Joy Groves Groves
 This product does what it says it will do. It has eliminated the irritation I had experienced under the gripper band of my compression garments and, so far, as promised, it has not damaged the garments. 
- Linda Pirkle
 Using this gel in conjunction with the cream made it possible for me to get thru wearing the thigh high therapy stockings for 6 weeks after my Venefit procedure without much pain/skin trauma. Had I not had these products getting thru the 6 weeks would have been very difficult and I am sure I would have not worn them every day as directed. 
- Zoe E Woolery
 This works very well on my legs under my compression stockings. My legs feel tingly and it seems to really help with the swelling. The only thing I don't like is that the tube is very small and I go through it quickly. 
- Ms Linda 7970 Red Oak Dr Radtke
 Easy to apply, nice feel. 
- Stephanie Grupe
 Very pleased with cream. 
- Virginia H. Pringle
 I was told about this product from my dr. I am amazed at how much better my legs got after only a few days! My case is light to medium and it's almost all cleared up now. 
- Renee Winn
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