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Cellona by Lohmann & Rauscher
Easy to apply, this soft padding helps provide even pressure distribution of compression bandages and aids in the prevention of constrictions and pressure spots. Cellona conforms easily to body contours and the material's self adhesion helps to form a smooth surface. This padding is strong enough to permit circular layer application, yet is easy to tear. During long-term wear, Cellona retains its fullness providing continuous, even pressure distribution.
This product has 41 reviews.
Individual Pieces
4cm x 3m 
6cm x 3m 
10cm x 3m 
15cm x 3m 
4cm x 3m - case (90 pieces)
6cm x 3m - case (60 pieces)
10cm x 3m - case (40 pieces)
15cm x 3m - case (30 pieces)
 Excellent product. 
- Ms Lavonnie F Battle
 A perfect purchase. 
- Ann Waller Waller
 Great quality. Mad legit for wrapping limbs. Will only buy this product from now on. Does not wear out like the cotton type. 
- Michael W Kukys
 Happy with purchase and how quick the shipment was. 
- Roberta Vincent
 I really like and use this product daily 
- Bill J Paulsen
 Quality bandages. 
- Carole Kane
 Great product for our patients needs. 
- Deborah Bergman
 worked good 
- Donna Shaver
 Works good! 
- Donna L Shaver Shaver
 It was better quality than what I had seen prior 
- Ms. Deni A Diedel A.
- Mrs Kim Walley
 Very good product 
- Hector Lezama
 As expected. During COVID shutdown some suppliers were unable to ship, but LProducts shipped express to make up for the delay. 
- Janice I Barber Doyle
 We have been buying Cellona for the last 20 yrs. Love it. 
- James R Fouchey
 As always, very good product 
- James R Fouchey
 This has provides a great cushion under the bandaging. 
- Mr Keir Campbell
 This product is better than a cotten wrap. Its easier to use and does not streach like the cotten wrap it also retains its shape better it is more durable and can be used more times. 
- Kenneth Ramsey
 I believe this product can be used longer before you see any break down or pilling compared to other products we have used 
- Gale Burdick
 This purchase was a trial run and feel it is a better product than what we have been using. 
- Gale Burdick
 No problem with product. Be gentle with it for repeated uses. 
- Mr Michael F Matchael Sr
 Great product 
- Edward R Koziatek
 Excellent quality 
- Mrs Jill L Withrow Withrow
 This product works very well for me and holds its shape for a few months. 
- Sharon J Cusic
 Stays in place 
- Carol H Taylor
 Does not stretch like the cotton wrap, holds up really well, and does not fall apart. 
- Michael Gabbard
 I haven't used this yet. But I get the same thing from my therapist. He charges way more than Lymphedema Products does for the same thing. 
- Mrs Maria T Day
 The Cellona definitely makes wearing the short stretch bandages more comfortable. 
- Monica J Murphy Murphy
 Makes wrapping so much more comfortable! 
- Monica J Murphy
 Just an FYI. Back a couple of months ago I did order this and you substituted another product for it without informing me. I had used the other years ago and did not pay attention when I got the package.. Just discovered it this week. That is why I recently ordered this product agai. 
- Mary S Hoover
 Recommended by our therapist 
- Anne Herzog Herzog
 Theses are not as wide as the ones I usually use but I prefer these a lot better,they form to my legs better than the others and I can usually use these 2 or 3 times before discarding 
- Vicki L Hale
 Really like this; but next time I must purchase the larger size; still very nice. 
- Jan Matschull
 Therapist recommended 
- Phyllis E. Maynard
 Used/recommended by therapist. Met expectations. 
- Richard A Leidig
 I use this around my husband's ankles under Farrow Wraps. It buffers the place where the foot wrap and the leg wrap meet. My husband had complained about this area "burning" before I began using this cotton to wrap 2-3 times around the ankle. 
- Rose Wiener
 There's not alot to say about this. We use it as padding over the leg sleeve, and under the bandages. 
- Leann M Finley
 I use this all the time for Mom's leg lymhedema, helps to protect her delicate skin and the (bendable areas) ankle & knee area so her compression garments does not irritate or cut into her causing discomfort. 
- Lorraine Hanson
 Unlike some, I accept this product as being a "disposable" item. It is a padding to protect the skin from the harshness of the wrap that is to be applied over it and to that end it does its job very well. I'm happy such a product exists and am completely satisfied with it. 
- Thomas L. Stevenson
 It helps with padding. it is a great product to have for comfort. 
- Ms Annette Harris
- Vera Stankevich
 Soft but strong padding!! 
- Zulema Cordero
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