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Cellona by Lohmann & Rauscher
Easy to apply, this soft padding helps provide even pressure distribution of compression bandages and aids in the prevention of constrictions and pressure spots. Cellona conforms easily to body contours and the material's self adhesion helps to form a smooth surface. This padding is strong enough to permit circular layer application, yet is easy to tear. During long-term wear, Cellona retains its fullness providing continuous, even pressure distribution.
Individual Pieces
4cm x 3m 
6cm x 3m 
10cm x 3m 
15cm x 3m 
4cm x 3m - case (90 pieces)
6cm x 3m - case (60 pieces)
10cm x 3m - case (40 pieces)
15cm x 3m - case (30 pieces)
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