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BiaSoft by Sigvaris
BiaSoft is a soft and durable fleece padding that is used underneath short stretch bandages to ensure even distribution of pressure in lymphedema and venous edema applications. BiaSoft can be machine washed and dried to repeated use.
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Individual Pieces
6cm x 3m 
10cm x 3m 
15cm x 3m 
6cm x 3m - case (10 pieces)
10cm x 3m - case (10 pieces)
15cm x 3m - case (10 pieces)
 I am relieved to find a product for padding under my wraps that is a long term product and not "disposable" as it gets expensive. The price is worth it. 
- Ms Abigail S Howes
 Very nice and soft wears well and washes well 
- Mrs Antje Johnson
 WE have not used it yet. Will try soon 
- Mr Ronald R Hirth Sr
 This is very soft fleece and works perfectly for compression padding. My therapist recommends this and was very happy to discover that I already have several rolls. 
- Kristian D Bendzunas
 I love this,product because it is so easy to use. It washes easily, it rolls easily, and in the long run it is cheaper than the other product. 
- Mrs. Julie Ann Sehmer
 This was the product recommended by the customer service rep when I needed to replace the product I was originally given by my therapist. Love it! 
- Joan Flentje
 I love this product for padding when i wrap my hubbies legs. works well and is the right length. 
- Doni A Hammar
 Easy to use Easy to launder and reuse doesn't fall apart like the cotton wraps. 
- Judy Byer
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