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Artiflex is a multi-purpose under-padding bandage used to ensure even distribution of pressure in lymphedema and venous edema applications. Artiflex is ideal for conforming to odd shapes such as the ankle/heel and wrist/hand transitions and is also useful as under-padding for plaster or synthetic casts.
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Individual Pieces
10cm x 3m 
15cm x 3m 
10cm x 3m - case (30 pieces)
15cm x 3m - case (20 pieces)
 Therapy used them 
- Alice Landeros
- Alice Landeros
- Tywanda Y Allen
 It's good! 
- Ana Gonzalez
 Holds up well. 
- Christine Magnifico
 Good quality cotton product for use around my ankle before wrapping other product. 
- Mrs Arlene V Mckechnie
 Good product @ good price. 
- Mr George Jj Donovan
 soft padding with right degree of controlled placement; protects and holds covering garments. 
- Dr Jeffrey A Weisberg
 I use Artiflex as the first of two padding layers under my garments. The soft padding is good at protecting fragile skin, particularly over bony areas. 
- Dr Jeffrey A Weisberg
 Thank you for quality service, with a smile, felt over the phone! 
- Dr Baerta C Graff
 I love this product. 
- James Richardson Richardson
 l have used this product for 25 years. It gives a soft layer of padding for under the elastic wraps. l once used another product when l couldn't find Artiflex. Did not compare. 
- Barbara Arum
 Great product 
- Mrs Bonnie G Burna
 Like very much 
- Betty Hamner
 I use Artiflex along with Rosidal K wrap and Rosidal Soft wrap and have received great results. 
- Mr. Robert Robinson
 Great product 
- William F Bush
 This is an excellent product! 
- Dolores A Carlson
 Great product and my Lymphedema therapist always uses it when she wraps my legs. 
- Ms. Carol A. Colt
 Its is great when you have to wrap your upper extremity due to lymphedema. 
- Cheryl Roy
 I have used Artiflex for several years and have always been satisfied with the product. I use it as padding on my upper extremity before applying bandages as part of my Lymphedema therapy at night. 
- Cheryl Roy
 Works great 
- Charles M Carroll
 just what my doctor wanted me to use 
- Eugene Chesser
 I have used this item for many years. 
- Susan L Fakkema
 I have used these for years. 
- Susan L Fakkema
 Great product 
- Mrs. Christine R. Davis
 Love it 
- Mrs. Christine R. Davis
 Referred to me from therapist 
- Cheryl Bertin
 Exactly what my therapist uses and great prices and fast delivery 
- Cheryl Bertin
 Good stuff 
- Cynthia Strauss
 It is the only product (Artiflex cotton rolls) from Lympedema that I will use. I have to use 6 rolls every 3 days for my husband's wound care that was caused from his diabetes. It holds up for about 6 months before I have to use new ones. 
- Cherri E Ward
 I love the softness and easy rolling ability to apply this layer of my lymph bandaging. Artiflex provides quite a few re-usages prior to needing to be replaced Additionally I use Artiflex between skin & padding as I have sensitivities to some types of rubber. The Artiflex helps to prevent blistering. provided great customer service and deliver was far more rapid that I had anticipated. 
- Ms Helen D Triplitt
 Best for keeping the arm dry and getting any sores from the moisture 
- Mrs Margaret Lenkawski
 Pleased with results 
- Mrs Patricia Burke
 Fairly easy to use 
- Donna M. Camden
 It is an excellent product 
- Roy L Crocker
 Great ! Just what we needed.....THANKS. 
- James Wright Wright
 This product is great and has solved my problem...Thanks ! 
- Mr James B Wright
 The product is good and easy to work with. 
- Mrs Suzanne Juric
 Works well 
- Mrs. Bonita E. Huffman Huffman
- Cara M Gavin
 Like this comfortable foam wrap! 
- Geraldine Gallo
 This foam wrap is nice cushioning 
- Geraldine Gallo
 i am pleased with the product 
- Jd Christiansen
 Like the wrap, soft , works well 
- David Cook
 Exactly the product that is necessary for my wraps. It is durable and yet soft. I appreciate the good price and speedy delivery. 
- April A Frase
- Ms Isabel M Triana Triana
 The product is exactly what I ordered and it was a perfect pick and it is very high quality . Thank you , I look forward to dealing with you again ,and I would recommend your products to anyone that asks . 
- Audrey Arpin
 I have been using this everyday and we love it. So sofa and keeps my legs looking great 
- Jayne A Flynn
 I love this stuff, so soft and comfortable 
- Jayne A Flynn
 This cotton wrap holds up much better than other brands I've tried. Can be reused numerous times without breaking down. 
- Jeannie Parker
 excellent product, I have made great healing improvements in the past 10 days using this product 
- Rhea Cermak
 Very soft and does not affect the skin. Great for wrap adding under compression wraps. 
- Patricia A Johnson
 I like this brand of padding because it doesn't leave lint all over the house like some of the other looser kinds of padding 
- Ms June Fabre
 Some padding sheds small white particles, but this one doesn't 
- Ms June Fabre
 Helpful for passing delicate places under wraps. Surprising long lasting. I wash them in a bag on ‚Äúhand wash‚Äù and hang to dry . 
- Kari Formsma
 I love my product works great for me 
- Kathy S Moonier
 exactly what ms. Emily needed. 
- Mr. Kyle S Burson
 Great product ! 
- Elaine D Padgett
 Provides the right amount of support and structure 
- Leslie A Pascoe
 Was perfect for wrapping arm 
- Leslie A Pascoe
 Works good 
- Janine Lauritzen
 This was the product recommended when I was first diagnosed with lymphedema 13 years ago. It had become difficult to find in local medical stores and also more expensive. 
- Lena C. Baynes
 It's great and I use this product under my wraps which keeps together and not fall apart like regular cotton padding does. 
- Mrs. Lynn A. Carnevale
 I am very pleased with this product and it lasts longer under my wraps. I received this product very quickly. 
- Mrs. Lynn A. Carnevale
 works well with my wraps. have less indentations on my arm. 
- Linda V. Goossen
 Excellent product. 
- Ms. Louvenia Singleton
 The softest cotton for tender areas! I will buy it again. 
- Pamela Mayerle
- Marian Stahmann
- Marian Stahmann
 Very soft & comfortable 
- Marian Stahmann
 Excellent product 
- Michael A Weeks Mr
 We used them in the hospital 
- Mrs Deborah J Meredith
 good product 
- Norman W Miller
 helps with the wrapping 
- Gail Irvine
 Pleased w/quality. 
- Marilyn Phillips
 well made 
- Mary Lou L Cragg
 good price, durable and soft 
- Angela Linton
- Charles West
 High quality. Perfect size for my needs. 
- Nancy J. Foster
 I use this product as part of the daily manual wrapping process to help stimulate drainage for my legs and it works quite well. I learned of the Artiflex products from the occupational therapy/lymphedema therapy staff at our local hospital and have been using them ever since. 
- David A Newmyer
 This works well for padding under bandage wrapping. I have used this product before and it lasts well. 
- Patsy S Baker
 It's fine 
- Albert Preston
 Great product,easy to use 
- Elmer O Lusk Jr
 Item as ordered & fast delivery! 
- Cynthia Moore
 High quality product, works well. 
- Chris A Reed
 Great product and good price. 
- Donna Roggentine
 perfect for wraping lower legs 
- Mr Rrobert Harbaugh
 Works well 
- Peter C Ricardi
 I needed this for lymphedema therapy for my arm. This product is nice and soft and clings to itself. A nice comfortable layer before short stretch bandages are applied. 
- Rita Binkis
 Lasts a long time if carefully washed. Provides the padding needed for decongestion. 
- Cheryl Yarchuk
- Judi Hartsfield
 soft protection 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 Great for padding,, protection, and even pressure under game its. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 wonderful padding for any bandaging or compression wrap. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 My favorite of the soft padding rolls. 
- Dr Jeffrey A Weisberg
 Provides comfort and cushion between you and the bandages 
- Sharon Panozzo
 Artiflex is my best choice for wrapping my legs over the stockinette's and before the complain wraps. Excellent product and lasts a long time making it cost effective. I use Lymphedema for all my needs, excellent company and I highly recommend! 
- Joseph P P Long
 Works great! 
- Mrs Tami L Martinez
 This is great under demagrip -type products. It provides soft padding and seems to last forever. I especially like it on the nights I bandage over demagrip--no welts or sore places in the morning! 
- Mavis Delaney
 works very well for alternative for compression stockings 
- Brian Starns
 Worked great. As discribed 
- Sam Aziz
 very dependable . We've used this for years. 
- Marjorie L Mayfield
 Same supplies that the therapist recommended at a good price. 
- Mr. Robert J Duggan
 was stronger than I thought it would be. I was expecting light cotton but was pleasantly surprised. I will buy this product again! 
- Mrs Joyce M Henry
 I like this as it is light under my wrap. But it doesn't give the compression, that the foam does, but will still use it. 
- Donna R. Olson
 Just what the Doctor recommended 
- Guy L Shirk Ii
 Works great 
- Bob Thompson
 Working great 
- Mr Terence Peden Peden
 Very good product reasonably priced. 
- Patricia A Gill
 The product is good for the wrap of the legs 
- Chrisopher L Weaver
 Works as expected. Necessary for my legs. 
- Mrs. Bonnie Aamodt Aamodt
 Excellent under liner for leg wrap. 
- William Wester
 For what we have to go through for lymphadema, it is comfortable for bandaging and I think you have a good price. 
- Ms Deborah L. Craig
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